15 Tips for Amazing Garden Cleanup

By Lisa S

Keeping your garden clean is as important as keeping your home clean. A clean garden refreshes you all the time. Unwanted plants, unhealthy soil, and waste material harm the garden area. That is why we bring to you 15 Tips for Amazing Garden Cleanup.

But, before you proceed with cleaning your garden, wear Garden Shoes. These shoes are water-proof and protect your feet while you tidy your lawn or garden.

1. Get Rid of the Dry Leaves

Garden Cleanup Tips :  Get Rid of Dry Leaves

The first step is to put aside all the fallen leaves. Believe it or not, scattered leaves create a mess in the garden. We understand that cleaning these leaves is not easy. Hence, we suggest a Cordless Leaf Blower to rake the leaves easily.

This is a fast and hassle-free method. The cordless leaf blowers use a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. A plus point is that these leaf blowers do not release harmful fumes as gas blowers do. If you ask us, we suggest Greenworks Brushless Leaf Blower.

Greenworks Brushless Leaf Blower

The bigger leaf piles give you a chance for rodents to hide and damage your garden. And once you are clear of this leafy mess, you have enough space for extra work.

2. Mowing the Lawn

Garden Cleanup Tips: Mowing the Lawn

Once you remove the leaves, it is time to remove the grass. There is no specific time to mow the lawn but now that you are cleaning the garden, do it too.

The grass decides the health of your lawn. The wet grass not only clogs the mower but gives space to weeds. Plants suffer from diseases the most due to the dry grass. If the grass in your garden grows long and fast, you need Lawn Mowers.

Having a Robotic Lawn Mower makes grass-cutting easy and effortless. You will not complain of back aches anymore.

Robotic Lawn Mower

If you are not comfortable with an automatic lawn mower, try out a Push Mower. Through this, you can mow the lawn manually. But remember, manual mowers are not great for overgrown grass or bumpy areas.

And use these tips to avoid lawn mowing mistakes and keep your lawn healthy. Hand Lawn Mower

3. Remove the Weeds

Garden Cleanup Tips: Remove the Weeds

Don’t we all hate these useless plants? Removing weeds is a time-consuming activity. If you remove weeds by yourself, do it after the rain as the soil is loose. Weeding out in loose soil does not need much effort.

But why wait for the rain to get rid of the weed? Use a Weed remover. It is easy, convenient, and lets your hands relax.

Weed Remover

After removing all these unwanted plants, you will notice some extra space in your garden. You can use this space to plant your favorite flowers or vegetables.

4. Trim the Hedge

Garden Cleanup Tips: Trim the Hedge

The trees in your garden need a shape too. To add that perfect shape to your lovely trees, try out a Hedge Trimmer. Please note that Hedge Trimmer and Hedge Cutter are different. A trimmer only trims and gives the shape to branches and bushes.

Hedge Trimmer

If there are many broken branches on the trees, use a hedge cutter. A trimmer is useful for removing small dead branches.

5. Say Goodbye to the Moss

Garden Cleanup Tips: Remove the Moss

Having moss in the garden may affect the health of your grass. Do you know that moss is a dominating species? Before the moss kills your lawn, you need to kill it. The moss is a Bryophyte that has no root, stem, or leaves. Even then, they are dangerous for your garden.

You simply cannot remove the moss with your hands. All you need is a Lawn Rake. This agricultural tool is powerful enough to remove the moss from your garden.

Lawn Rake

6. Wash the Area

Garden Cleanup Tips: Wash the area

If you have concrete near your garden or a platform to keep plants, you need to wash it. But how do you reach the corners of your garden? Use Pressure washers. It is now easy to clean grimy surfaces with the Craftsmen’s Pressure Washer.

Craftsmen’s Pressure Washer.

A longer hose of this pressure wash helps you reach the difficult corners. The lowest noise helps you avoid a headache.

7. Compost It All

Garden Cleanup Tips: Compost It All

By now, if you have a big collection of dry leaves and grasses, make compost of it all. The dry leaves and fruit/vegetable peels give you the most nutritious soil. You can make a compost pit of all these items and prepare the soil for the next year.

The brown leaves are rich in carbon and green plants have enough nitrogen. When you mix these, you get the best compost.

8. Change the Soil

Garden Cleanup Tips: Change the Soil

Are not we all aware that plants need change? Sometimes, the soil lacks the properties to support the plant. Hence, make sure you put in new and good quality soil.

If your plants have had the same soil for years, change the soil right now. Like humans, plants also need a new and clean environment. Bad soil does not provide essential nutrients to plants. Nutrients are the key to healthy plants.

9. Clear the Gutters

Garden Cleanup Tips: Clear the Gutters

Water makes its own path in the ground. While you water your garden or while it rains, water creates gutters. These gutters may have stagnant water where mosquitoes and insects live. Thus, it is necessary to clean the water gutters in your garden.

The gutter may clog the water and it then leads to diseases in humans. Also, the gutter may create an obstacle for bad water to flow out and good water to flow in.

Garden Cleanup Tips #10. Protect your Plants

Garden Cleanup Tips: Protect Your Plants

There are plants that need too much sunlight. As the season changes, you need to place plants in sunlight. Accordingly, you will have to shift the plants. You will also have to change the position as per their requirement.

Some plants cannot survive in extremely cold conditions. If you have such plants, place them on your balcony or near a warm place.

Garden Cleanup Tips #11. Collect all those Empty Pots

Garden Cleanup Tips: Collect Empty Pots

When plants die, we think of collecting the plant later. That later never comes. So without procrastinating, collect all the empty plant pots away from your garden.

If you wish to grow a plant in any of these pots, do it right away. Make sure to clean the pots before adding any new plants to them. You can paint the pots to add a new look to your garden.

What you can do is, paint the pots with weather-specific colors. If summer is about to begin, you can paint the pots with bright colors.

Garden Cleanup Tips #12. Irrigate the Garden

Water is life. Don’t make your plants starve for water. Hydrate the plants on regular intervals. Once you end up cleaning the garden, water very little. Allow the garden to dry out for a few hours. Now that your garden is free from moss and large grass, let it breathe.

After a few hours, irrigate your garden properly. Let the plants absorb water properly. You should wash the plants while you water them. Washing the leaves removes pollutants from the plants. It also removes spider webs or any other dirt.

Use a smart sprinkler controller to water the garden. Set the timer while you relax.

smart sprinkler controller

Garden Cleanup Tips #13. Keep Your Plants Safe From the Invaders

Garden Cleanup Tips: Keep Your Plants safe from Invaders

It is not over if you remove the weed once. The weed will grow back in no time. Henceforth, use a Weed Killer. You can buy any weed killer chemical from the shop. If you need it urgently, use vinegar or bleach. These are easily available at our homes.

Vinegar, as people say, kills the weed permanently. It is a cost-effective option against artificial chemicals. You can also use undiluted bleach. Apply it to the weed-affected area. Once the weed turns brown, remove it with the weed remover.

Garden Cleanup Tips #14. The Garden Décor

Garden Cleanup Tips: Add Garden Decor

A clean garden definitely calls for a great party. Before the grass and moss grows back, have a gala time in your garden. You can place an outdoor dining set for a family party.

If you are looking for a permanent décor piece, place a hardtop gazebo in your garden. These are permanent and look classy in the garden.

For a temporary option, you can buy a retractable pergola.

These pergolas come with a retractable canopy that you can adjust as per the weather. If it is cold in your area, place a patio/garden heater near your gazebo. The patio heaters are portable and have a stylish look.

Garden Cleanup Tips #15. Put It All In Place

Garden Cleanup Tips: Put it all in place

What about all these tools and equipment you are to use while garden cleaning? We understand that garden cleaning is tiring and you have no energy. But, trust us when we say this. Do it now. Gather all the tools, clean them up, and keep them back in place.

If you keep on delaying, the next garden cleaning season will arrive. And if you don’t clean these tools, they may not last long.

Overall, these 15 points will help you as a checklist. To help you find the best products for garden cleaning, we are adding product links.

This article covers all the important tips and product lists that will save you time and money. Another free tip here – you must clean your garden after every season change. Just like you set up your outfits season-wise, set up your garden too.

If you think any important tip should be on the list, comment below and let us know.