BHY Battery Leaf Blower

5 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers of 2024

By weiver

Ditch the traditional wired leaf blowers. Relieve yourself from fumes and loud noise. Check the best cordless leaf blowers.

Top-notch Blower- Greenworks Brushless Axial Blower
It’s more powerful than my corded electric blower.
Best for Value- Enhulk Brushless Leaf Blower
The blower is very easy to use and nicely balanced in hands.
The Quietest- WORX Turbine Two-Speed Leaf Blower
Medium strength. Suits my purpose. Not loud like my neighbor’s blower.
Most versatile- BHY Battery Leaf Blower
This leaf blower does a great job on leaves and pine needles.
Most Cost-effective- BLACK+DECKER Cordless Leaf Blower
Easily cleans off the dust and leaves from our porch and drive.

A cordless leaf blower is portable and easy to use. It works on rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries. In comparison to gas blowers, cordless blowers are good for nature. They do not release harmful fumes.

You can clean your lawn in less time with battery leaf blowers. They are easy to maintain. Let us help you pick a premium leaf blower.

Item 1- Greenworks Brushless Axial Blower


Have you been looking for a cordless blower for camping and worksites? This blower gives a strong clearing performance. It provides 140 MPH air speed and 585 CFM airflow.

The integrated LED light rotates at 360 degrees giving 2000 lumens of light. The brushless motor switches on with a single push button. Greenworks gives a three-year warranty to its customers.

You can control the airflow with cruise control. The variable speed trigger allows you to control the speed and control it when needed.


  • It is light-weight than other leaf blowers
  • The blower is very powerful
  • It allows you to blow leaves on both dry and wet concrete
  • It has dual ports for rapid charging
  • Cushioned over-mold grip for finest hold


  • It has a loud sound
  • For some users, the battery ran out faster

Item 2- Enhulk Brushless Leaf Blower


The Enhulk blower is one of the best Cordless Leaf Blowers out there. This one is a multi-usage cleaning kit. For dust-cleaning, debris, pet hair, or spider webs; this is the ideal blower.

The jet fan design optimization is perfect. The fan design makes sure you get the efficiency at its peak.

You can switch between Turbo or Eco mode with one button. Turbo mode is high-performance and has fast cleaning. It offers airflow up to 430 CFM.

If you want to finish lighter work, you can select Eco mode. The airflow of Eco mode is 330 CFM.


  • The turbine fan technology maximizes airflow
  • The ergonomic handle gives enough space to maneuver
  • LED indicator shows battery level
  • Free battery replacement within two years


  • The battery is not long-lasting
  • Buyers say that the speed switch needs changes

Item 3- WORX Turbine Two-Speed Leaf Blower


If you no longer wish to use heavy cleaners and blowers, try out the WORX Turbine blower. With a weight of 4.9 pounds, it is the most exquisite blower ever. The rubber control grip prevents hand fatigue.

Cleaning the corners is a tough task. But say no more. The two-speed leaf blower has Pavement mode and open lawn mode. The second one provides the max airflow. You can expand the power of a single battery. Hence, you need not buy many batteries.


  • It has great features in the price range
  • It provides 2 power options for the best airflow
  • You have 7 variants to choose from – battery and cleaning kit


  • The blower is not enough to clean the debris
  • This one is not a good option for smaller yards
  • The battery takes more than 5 hours to charge

Item 4- BHY Battery Leaf Blower

BHY Battery Leaf Blower

What? A blower with 6 different adjustable speeds! Yes. And we are not kidding you.

BHY leaf blower comes in two tubes. These tubes are removable and give strong power.

To adjust the wind, you can select the appropriate speed of the blower. The speeds allow you to clean spider webs and debris, too.

In case there are hard-to-clean surfaces, the blower blows the dust from such corners. A little setback here is that the battery light shows only when it is fully-charged.


  • It has two section tubes
  • You get six adjustable speeds
  • It has many color options available
  • The trigger lock allows easy blower controls
  • The company provides free service up to 12 months after buying the product


  • Customers have complaints that the section tube slips off
  • It is bulky in size
  • It does not work well in bigger areas – as per some users

Item 5- BLACK+DECKER Cordless Leaf Blower

BLACK+DECKER Cordless Leaf Blower

If you need a leaf blower for a tiny space, BLACK+DECKER Cordless Leaf Blower will be a better choice for you. With its air speed up to 130 miles per hour, it provides a battery voltage of 20 volts.

It goes well with the power tools. This particular leaf blower is useful for the home and lawn. If you are looking for an easy-to-handle leaf blower, choose BLACK+DECKER.


  • It has a low-noise design
  • It is not heavy at all & weighs 3.7 pounds only
  • You get a cordless Lithium-ion sweeper and 20V battery at such a reasonable amount
  • The quality of the blower is sturdy


  • This is good only to blow light dust and leaves
  • This won’t work on medium or larger areas
  • It is only a sweeper

Our Winner: Best Cordless Leaf Blower

In the long run, Greenworks Brushless Axial Blower will work the best for you. The blowers are all about getting rid of leaves and dust. So, a powerful blower that is easy to manage is all you need. The pricing of this cordless leaf blower is relatively good.

Well, we always keep in mind that the budget needs consideration. Not to hurt your pockets, BHY Battery Leaf Blower gives the best features at such a low price.

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Cordless Leaf Blowers

1. Size of the Lawn and Blower
  • The first thing to remember is that cordless leaf blowers come in a variety of sizes. The size usually depends on the lawn or project size. It is not necessary that a big leaf blower will be powerful for bigger lawns.
  • See the review below to understand the size of the blower.
  • For areas that are large enough, it is better to buy an electric leaf blower. Battery-based leaf blowers do not provide much strength to clean the large debris. The cordless leaf blowers can help you get rid of spider webs.
  • Cordless blowers are capable of removing dirt from corners. This is not possible with electric leaf blowers. You can clean hard-to-reach surfaces through cordless leaf blowers.


  • Blowers do not clean all the areas. They are space-specific. Not all blowers are good for pavements. Hence, depending on what is your area of cleaning/blowing; you should buy a respective leaf blower.
2. Weight of the Blower
  • Cleaning the lawn is boring and time-consuming. No one enjoys hurting their arms while cleaning. Light-weight blowers keep your hands fatigue-free. Heavy leaf blowers are hard to use and manage.
  • There are many lightweight cordless leaf blowers to choose from. These blowers have a rubber grip that allows a good hold. When the grip is strong, the blower does not slip away from the hand.
3. Sound/Noise Level
  • Some leaf blowers produce a lot of noise and this can be super annoying. Check if your country or city has any noise pollution regulations. If any, you definitely need blowers with low noise. Check the decibel rating for your locality.
  • Loud noise can also be a problem if you have old people or infants at your place. Certain noises trigger the pet animals. Thus, it is a must to make sure that the cordless leaf blower produces the lowest noise or no noise at all.
4. Battery and Run time
  • Cordless leaf blowers operate on batteries. The life of the battery should last till your work ends. Assume that you are cleaning the leaves and dust in your yard. And the battery of the leaf blower keeps draining faster. How many times will you charge the blower?


  • That is why it is mandatory to look for blowers with powerful batteries.
  • Run time: let us assume you are using 430 CFM (cubic feet per minute). If your leaf blower battery drains out quickly at this speed, why would you buy it? Hence, check the run time. See whether the cordless leaf blower runs for 50 minutes, 30 minutes, or only 15 minutes.
5. Type of motor
  • The two types of motors are – Brushed motor and the Brushless motor. All 5 cordless leaf blowers have a brushless motor.
  • Brushless motors give a long life to the machines. Such motors also reduce unwanted sound and increase the reliability of the product.
  • More often, we find brushed motors in electrically equipped devices. It provides minimal speed and requires a lot of maintenance. The only advantage is that these motors are low-cost.



Still not sure what to buy? According to us, the best leaf blower is the one that is powerful and has a long-lasting battery. Also, do not buy such blowers that end up giving you hand fatigue.

If you are looking forward to buying more items and are seeking a review, look here.