5 Best Pressure Washers of 2024 (And Buyer’s Guide)

By Lisa S

Get rid of grimy surfaces using the Best Pressure Washers. Save your time and energy with the easy cleaning tool.

Best overall- Craftsmen Pressure Washer

The pressure washer is nice and quiet which I like. Easy to assemble and great

Most ConvenientWholesun Pressure Washer

Nice size and organized package for light use, as it says.

Most Compact- Paxcess Pressure Washer

Best investment for me. Cleaned the driveway, cleaned my patio and my car

Best Budget- Teande Pressure Washer

Lightweight, powerful, and easy to operate. Can’t go wrong.

Best Under $100- Fancyall Pressure Washer

Very easy to assemble and nice design. Not too bulky and not too small. The pressure is exactly what I thought it would be!

A Pressure Washer is useful in cleaning filthy areas. The pressure washer uses an electric or gas motor to force high-pressure water. This water comes out from a concentrating nozzle.

This forceful water puts pressure on the accumulated grime on the floor, patios, or even cars. Check out the Best 5 Electric Pressure Washers to clean dirty surfaces.

Item 1- Craftsmen Pressure Washer

Craftsmen Pressure Washer

The Craftsmen’s Pressure Water tops our list for so many reasons. It is easy to assemble, and manage, and lasts longer. This Pressure Washer helps you clean the filthy areas without any challenge.

You can clean up to the 2nd floor from the ground. This is possible with its 25 feet long hose. This hose is kink-resistant. The maximum pressure it exerts is around 2400 Pound per Square Inch.

It also lets you carry the hose on the Pressure Washer’s onboard storage. The storage has enough space for nozzles, cords, and cleaning liquids.


  • It is not loud as other electric or gas Pressure Washers
  • The pressure it exerts is strong
  • It is compatible with cleaning patio furniture


  • Too heavy weight for an electric Pressure Washer
  • According to the customers, the hose quality is not up to the mark

Item 2- Wholesun Pressure Washer

Wholesun Pressure Washer

For hard-to-clean surfaces, this one is perfect. It exerts a maximum pressure of 3000 Pound per Square Inch. If you live in a 2-story building and want to get rid of the mosses, you need this Pressure Washer.

A safety feature is always a blessing. The feature is the ‘Automatic Complete Total Stop System’. The TSS turns OFF the pump motor when you are not using the trigger gun.


  • The ergonomic handle makes it easy to move the Pressure Washer
  • The company provides a 2-year warranty. 30-day no-risk return (not available with other brands) is available
  • You get to choose from three different colors- Red, Green, and Blue
  • It supports a dual water supply – from a pool, bucket, or even a faucet


  • The house is only 20 feet long.
  • Onboard Storage for extra nozzles is not available
  • Users are not happy with the hose adapter

Item 3- Paxcess Pressure Washer

Paxcess Pressure Washer

Who does not enjoy using a compact device? This one is great for those who avoid using bulky cleaning tools. Paxcess gives you comfort while you get rid of the rid. You ask how? It is because of its sleek and flimsy design.


  • The hose length is 26 feet. This is longer than many other hoses that come with the Pressure Washer
  • The maximum flow rate is 2.5 Gallons per Minute which you may miss in other Pressure Washers
  • The electric cord has a GFCI circuit breaker. Through this, you can connect the cord to any exterior outlet
  • The package involves a professional leak-proof connector


  • Buyers say the hose is not flexible and hence hard to put it back in the reel
  • The Pressure Washer material is plastic and thus it cannot perform heavy-duty cleaning
  • The wheels are stiff and do not turn well

Item 4- Teande Pressure Washer

Teande Pressure Washer

Getting rid of concrete dirt is not an easy task. But Teande Pressure Washer gives you a chance to experience effortless cleaning. With the 1800 Watt power motor, you can get rid of the stubborn stains of rust from steel, or oil stains.

The disgusting part is to clean the tires that get dirty with mud. Save money by not giving your car to professional car washers. Because this pressure washer is capable of removing all the mud away.


  • The power cord is 35 feet long
  • The upgraded motor has a noise-cancellation design. The sound it produces is between 30 dB-60 dB
  • The extension spray wand allows you to clean deep corners


  • The utmost pressure it exerts is only 1350 Pound per Square Inch. So, you can use it for simple to medium cleaning only
  • The house is too small. It is only 16.5 feet long. Many hoses measure 20 feet or more

Item 5- Fancyall Pressure Washer

Fancyall Pressure Washer

Changing the nozzles every time for water pressure is boring. To ease the task of nozzle-changing, Fancyall Pressure Washer brings an all-in-one nozzle. You can simply twist to adjust the water pressure.

This Pressure Washer manages to clean all stubborn stains. It removes grease and grime. Interesting feature – the detergent tank releases the right amount to avoid wastage.


  • You need not change nozzles to change the water pressure. It has a single all-in-one nozzle
  • The Pressure Washer is the most affordable – under $100 only
  • You can choose between a standard and an upgraded version


  • The maximum pressure it supports is 1950 Pound per Square Inch. Hence, this is great for medium-level cleaning tasks
  • The hose length is 20 feet which means it is not too long
  • The warranty period is only 12 months
  • The hose is stiff

The Best Pressure Washer

Out of all the five Pressure Washers, Craftsmen Pressure Washer is our favorite. If you want a powerful electric Pressure Washer, you should invest in this one.

The Best Pressure Washer

You get to choose from 4 variations – one option is to buy only a washer. The other three variants include wash soap, washer cleaner, etc. along with the washer.

Best Pressure Washers Buying Guide

Length of the Hose

  • A hose is a rubber or plastic tube through which the water flows. The hose connects to the main body of the pressure washer.

  • Determining the length of the hose is essential. A shorter hose cannot reach more distance like the 2nd floor. Even for cleaning deep corners, it is better to have a longer hose.
  • The length of the hose varies from 16 to 26 feet. Paxcess Pressure Washer provides the longest hose of length 26 feet.
  • The hose has to be sturdy enough so you can roll it back to the reel after each use. A stiff hose does not fold/roll and thus, you cannot put it back on the reel.

Onboard Storage

  • Many pressure washers let you have onboard storage. The onboard storage is nothing but the space to keep your extra material. The material may include detergent, extra nozzles, wiping cloth, or any such item.
  • Now you can carry the cleaning items on a portable pressure washer. Craftsmen Pressure Washer has spacious onboard storage.
  • Won’t it be easy for you to carry cleaning items on the pressure washer itself? Such purchases not only make your work easy but let you enjoy the cleaning process as well.
  • Imagine carrying things in your hands and also moving a pressure washer. Discomfort max, right?

Warranty Limit

  • The warranty offers you a sense of satisfaction. If you receive a defective part, you can claim the warranty and replace it. Customers end up receiving defective nozzles or most commonly a hose.
  • Most companies do not provide a warranty. Some of the companies offer a warranty period of fewer than 12 months. customers face problems with a replacement once the warranty period expires.
  • Very few brands like Wholesun Pressure Washer, assure a warranty of 2 years. They avail of a 30-days no-risk return. The return is valid if you are not happy with the way your pressure washer works.

Nozzle Adjustment

  • The pressure washers, in general, have four nozzles. Depending on how much flow you want, you have to change the nozzle. This may not be convenient when you want to change water pressure constantly.

4 Quick Connect Nozzles

  • To ease the process, you can use an all-in-one nozzle adjustment solution. One twist and you can change the water pressure. Fancyall Pressure washer has an all-in-one nozzle.

Power Cord Length and Connection

  • A power cord or electric cord makes sure you can connect to a power supply. Shorted cords can hamper your cleaning. Thus, buy pressure washers with length power cords. One suggestion is Teande Pressure Washer. It has a power cord of 35 feet.
  • On the power cord, look for a GFCI circuit. GFCI is a ‘Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter’. Having a GFCI allows you to connect the cord to all the exterior outlets.

GFCI Protection Plug


A pressure washer enhances your cleaning methods. You can choose any of the pressure washers from the list above. Of course, there is more to everyone’s needs. You can go through other pressure washers available online.

But, don’t forget to read the buying guide. It will make your purchasing easier.

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