5 Best Benchtop Mortiser of 2024

By Lisa S

A portable and lightweight Benchtop Mortiser is an important tool. You can now easily drill holes in the wood without waiting for a carpenter. To reduce your confusion, here are the 5 best Benchtop Mortisers.

Best Overall- Powermatic 701

I’ve coveted this mortiser for a long time. It’s definitely a top-of-the-home workshop end.

Best Design- Rikon

The machine itself is decent and the XY table is great.

Best Size- Jet JBM-5

It’s nice and heavy and feels solid. It’s accurate and easy to use.

Best Features- Shop Fox

Very happy with the purchase work’s great

Best Price- Vevor

It is solidly built and has most features that I’d like in a mortiser in this class.

A Benchtop Mortiser is useful in drilling. The mortiser helps you in making square or rectangular holes in the wood. You can use this machine on any wood.

The mortiser is compatible with teak, oak, and all other woods. These mortises are safe and do not produce more noise. They also do not generate a lot of dust.

Item 1- Powermatic 701 Benchtop Mortiser

Powermatic 701 Benchtop Mortiser

The Powermatic mortiser is perfect for any heavy-duty work. You can change the versatile reversible handle from one side to another in no time. The in-depth line allows you to stop at the proper spot to drill the hole.

The motor of this Benchtop Mortiser is too powerful. With 1725 RPM it uses 115 volts of voltage. The mortiser includes a chisel/tool holder on the machine. This allows easy access to change the tools speedily.

What We Like

  • 2 styles are available
  • This Benchtop Mortiser has a double-lock system which prevents the mortiser from slipping
  • The brand provides a 5-year warranty
  • Assembling the machine is easy
  • The mortiser is sturdy

What We Don’t Like

  • Many customers say the head and clamp wobble a lot
  • The motor makes a loud clicking sound
  • It is a little heavy

Item 2- Rikon Benchtop Mortiser

Rikon Benchtop Mortiser

What makes this Benchtop Mortiser unique is its x-y design system. The x-y system gives you a precise position on the wood. The motor of this machine is strong. It allows you to cut the toughest wood without stalling.

This machine has great control. You can use the front controls to move the table forward or backward. It also allows you to move the table sideways.

What We Like

  • It does its job perfectly
  • For the price range, it gives you a compound table as well
  • It assists safety with its gas-filled stabilizer. It helps you control upward & downward chisel motion

What We Don’t Like

  • There are no variants in size/design
  • The bits are not of good quality
  • This is a heavy Benchtop Mortiser
  • Some parts are of plastic material

Item 3- Jet JBM-5 Benchtop Mortiser

Jet JBM-5 Benchtop Mortiser

This is the most compact Benchtop Mortiser. The materials it uses are cast iron and steel. And for the price range, this is a sturdy and durable option. The rack and pinion head adjustment give you accurate position control.

The handle is long and so, you can reposition the machine for easier operation. The hinged doors make the drill chuck easily accessible.

What We Like

  • The package includes 3 chisels
  • You also get 3 bits and a chuck key
  • This mortiser is light-weight
  • You get a 5-year warranty from the company
  • It comes with a powerful ½ HP motor

What We Don’t Like

  • For some users, adjusting the fence was hard
  • The motor is a little noisy
  • Turning on the chuck is challenging
  • Many customers say this Benchtop Mortiser has a limited use

Item 4- Shop Fox Benchtop Mortiser

Shop Fox Benchtop Mortiser

The Shop Fox Benchtop Mortiser is popular for its swiveling base. This feature allows you to have extra height while mortising larger stock. It has double support columns that hold the wood firmly.

The mortiser has a ¾ HP motor. It is an enclosed fan-cooled motor. It features an aluminum-finned design for a long and cool running mechanism. With 110 volts it delivers 3450 RPM. The brand assures a 2-year warranty.

What We Like

  • The fence and the base are of good quality
  • The fence has a micro adjustment
  • Assembling the mortiser is easy
  • Overall, this one is stable and durable

What We Don’t Like

  • Some buyers say the casting is rough
  • The cord has a plastic sheath rather than a rubber
  • The Capacitor housing and switch are loose
  • Many users say they have issues with the gas spring

Item 5- Vevor Benchtop Mortiser

Vevor Benchtop Mortiser

This one is a multi-functional mortiser. This is definitely a steal deal for the price range. The design of the Vevor Benchtop Mortiser allows you to drill various types of holes. These include round, square, and milling slots. You can also drill the steel plate with this one.

You can also drill other metals and grind the wood. The spindle turns at 1700 RPM with its copper motor. To ensure secure operation, the machine has a security switch.

What We Like

  • The package includes multiple accessories including a tenon cutter and drill chuck
  • The quality of main body of the mortiser is solid and durable
  • The setup saves you a lot of time

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users are not happy with the quality of the chisels
  • You will have to buy the bits that are ¾” shank
  • It does not hold the depth adjustment in place

Our winner

After analyzing the 5 Benchtop Mortisers, we like Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser the most. The powerful motor is a USP. Also, the brand offers a 5-year warranty which is absolutely beneficial.

Powermatic Benchtop Mortiser

If we are to choose a secondary yet reasonable option, it will be Vevor Benchtop Mortiser. The muti-functionality is a plus point. And you cannot miss the price. This one is cost-effective and stable.

Benchtop Mortiser Buying Guide

Fence of the Benchtop Mortiser

  • If the fence is large, spacious, and flat, the mortiser operation becomes easy. Rikon Benchtop Mortiser allows you to adjust the fence front and back.
  • The flat fence lets you use the mortiser effectively. You can place any wood material on the flat fence and have a smooth drilling process.
  • The fence adjustments may take a lot of energy. Hence, buy a Benchtop Mortiser that has easy fence adjustments.

Motor of the Benchtop Mortiser

  • A motor is the soul of the mortiser. A powerful motor is useful in getting hardwood. The power of the motor depends on the size of the mortiser. It may also be from one brand to another.
  • The measuring unit of the motor is HP, i.e. Horsepower. A powerful motor measures around ¼ HP to ¾ HP.
  • You need to remember that not all powerful motors are good for the woods. Sometimes extremely powerful motors are not good for softwoods.

Accessories of the Benchtop Mortiser

  • A Benchtop Mortiser cannot work without its accessories. These accessories include chisels, bits, and other parts.
  • Some brands sell only the mortiser. Jet JBM-5 Benchtop Mortiser sells chuck keys, chisels, and bits along with the mortiser. These accessories are essential to have a smooth mortising experience.
  • It is better to purchase the accessories along with the mortiser. The chisel holding panel may have the size of its own chisels. You won’t be able to keep other brand chisels in it.

  • Not all bits and chuck will be compatible with your Benchtop Mortiser. Thus, make sure you buy a complete kit or buy items from the same brand.

Quality of the Benchtop Mortiser

  • The overall quality matters a lot. What if your Benchtop Mortiser does not handle heavy wood? Or what if it is not durable?
  • The Benchtop Mortisers with cast iron and steel material is of sturdy quality. These last long and manage heavy wood.
  • If the quality of the machine is not durable, the parts will keep falling off. This may create a disturbance in your work. So, make sure to buy a good quality Benchtop Mortiser.

  • It is not necessary that only the heavyweight mortisers last long. These are portable and can be lightweight also. But this feature does not affect the quality of the Benchtop Mortiser.

Warranty of the Benchtop Mortiser

  • Brands like Powermatic and Jet offer a 5-year warranty, while Shop Fox offers a 2-year warranty. The warranty helps you cover the damage to the product.
  • Many times we do not realize that some parts are loose. They fall off after heavy work. For support or exchange of such items, a warranty is important.
  • Such long-term warranties are a benefit. Imagine you don’t do any hard woodwork on the mortiser for a year. And then, when you do you realize that the parts are weak. Rather than worrying, you can just use the warranty.


If you are about to open a small carpentry business, you should buy a Benchtop Mortiser. Investing in one will help you drill holes in the wood without any hassle.

This is an item that anybody can use without specialization. Having one at home saves you time and money as you need not depend on external help. For more such helpful items, read our reviews.