5 Best Outdoor Dining Set Of 2024

By Lisa S

An outdoor dining set can revamp your patio like never before. Enjoying breakfast with clean air and a soft breeze makes the day better. We have a compilation of the 5 best outdoor dining set for you. This compilation will help you choose the best patio dining set.

The Best Dining Set- Hanover 7-piece Dining Set

Nice practical set. A good deal for the price. Table assembly was quick and easy.

Most Classic- Christopher Knight Home Dining Set

We really like this set. It’s true to color and easy to put together.

Most Stunning- PHI Villa 5-piece Dining Set

I highly recommend it! The chairs are holding up well so far.

Most Simple- Lokatse Home Outdoor Dining Set

Considering the craftsmanship and style, it’s fairly sturdy.

Most Affordable- G GVM-US Patio Dining Set

Overall a good value and product. This set was very easy to assemble as every part had a mark and the directions were easy to follow.

If you are aiming to add décor to your patio, we suggest an outdoor dining set. You will find a 2-piece dining set to a 7-piece one in this list. According to the space, you can choose a perfect patio dining set.

Aren’t we all fond of sunrise, sunsets, and our loved ones? Don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy family time along with nature.

Item 1- Hanover 7-piece Dining Set

Hanover 7-piece Dining Set

If your patio/backyard is large enough, you may need a 7-piece outdoor dining set. Hanover presents to you a brilliant dining set from their Montclair dining collection. The table is 40” X 66”. It comes with 6 chairs.

The chairs are comfortable and the fabric is thick. This thick and soft fabric allows you to sit on the chair for a longer time. Thus, it does not add to any discomfort.


  • 4 different colors are available
  • You can choose if you want an umbrella with it or not
  • The set includes 6 cushions & 6 pillows for the chairs
  • The chairs have a swivel and so they rotate 360 degrees


  • Users say the welds are sloppy
  • According to some customers, the table rusts too soon
  • This dining set is not weather-resistant

Item 2- Christopher Knight Home Dining Set

Best Outdoor Dining Set: Christopher Knight Home Dining Set

For all the love of aesthetics, this outdoor dining set is beautiful. If you wish to add something eye-catching to your patio, add this dining set. The frame material is Acacia wood and the leg material is iron.

This dining set does not include an umbrella. Also, there are no holes in the table to attach the umbrella stand. If that is okay with you, you can invest in this patio dining set.


  • The package contains cushions for the chairs. These cushions are water-resistant
  • Iron legs make the base sturdy
  • The chairs have a hand-craft design


  • Color may vary in reality as the frame material is wood
  • As per the users, this dining set may not last for more than 2 years
  • This dining set may need extra care

Item 3- PHI Villa 5-piece Dining Set

Best Outdoor Dining Set: PHI Villa 5-piece Dining Set

Looking for a 4-chair dining set? We got you. Check out the PHI Villa 5-piece Dining Set. This outdoor dining set includes an umbrella as well. The foldable dining set uses the material of powder-coated aluminum. The chairs recline, too.

But before you buy this one, go through some pros and cons of this dining set.


  • It comes in 6 different varieties to choose from
  • The chairs are foldable and thus save space when needed
  • The umbrella is wind-proof and UV-resistant
  • The chair reclines in 7 levels and so you can attain the best backrest

Adjustable Backrest with 7 Positions for PHI Villa 5-piece Dining Set


  • The base of the umbrella does not come with the package. You only get a canopy. You will have to purchase the base separately
  • The legs of the table have metal and thus it can be a little heavy

Item 4- Lokatse Home Outdoor Dining Set

Best Outdoor Dining Set: Lokatse Home Outdoor Dining Set

If metal is your choice for patio items, this outdoor dining set is for you. This dining set has 4 chairs and comes in classic black color.

The cushions that come with this set are thick and velvety. Such cushions provide support and comfort to your body. Alongside, these cushions are compatible with longer sitting hours.


  • You can choose cushions out of the 3 colors – blue, beige, and gray
  • The square coffee table has an umbrella hole
  • The brand offers a replacement and refund within 30 days of purchase. Other brands do not offer any such customer service


  • If you are looking for a big table with 4 chairs, this one is too small then
  • The color of the table and chairs is not the same
  • Chairs and tables have metal material and thus might be heavy

Item 5- G GVM-US Patio Dining Set

Best Outdoor Dining Set: G GVM-US Patio Dining Set

If your patio space is too small, add a 2-chair outdoor dining set. This wicker dining set table has a tempered glass top. Even if you don’t have a patio, you can place this dining set on your balcony.

The design and the price of this outdoor dining set are good. The chairs and the table have similar patterns and color combinations. This makes the set look decent and put together.


  • The tempered glass top adds uniqueness to the dining set
  • PE wicker and coating material withstand harsh climatic conditions
  • The seat cushions are removable and machine-wash friendly
  • The quality of the outdoor dining set is sturdy


  • Users say the holes to align and assemble the set are not proper
  • Assembling the dining set takes time
  • You cannot attach any umbrella or canopy to the table

The Best Outdoor Dining Set

If you wish to buy a spacious outdoor dining set, buy a Hanover 7-piece Dining Set. It comes with an umbrella. It allows you to enjoy the patio time during rain and summer also.

Best Outdoor Dining Set

But, if you want to save money and buy a smaller dining set, check out G GVM-US Patio Dining Set. It fits well in your Bistro Balcony and smaller lawns.

Best Outdoor Dining Set

Best Outdoor Dining Set Buying Guide

Size of the Patio and Dining Set

  • It is a no-brainer that your dining set size depends on the size of your patio. You can place a full-fledged dining set or a coffee table depending on the space.
  • A large size dining set table is 40” X 66”. It accommodates 6 chairs. This is generally a better size as it keeps some space for other elements in your patio.
  • The coffee tables are either square or round. They consume less space and look good on balconies.

Seating Capacity of the Dining Set

  • Seating capacity means the number of chairs. For big families or often friend visits, 6-8-chair dining sets are a good option. Christopher Knight Home Dining Set comes in 6 chairs and the table is wide enough.
  • If you want a medium-sized outdoor dining set, PHI Villa comes with 4 chairs.

Material of the Outdoor Dining Set

  • Generally, the frames and base of the outdoor dining set differ in material. Iron is the material for legs while wood, aluminum, etc. is a common material for the frame.
  • If you are particular about deep cleaning every day, buy a metal outdoor dining set. This is easy to clean and takes no time. But, if you are willing to buy an artistic piece, invest in a wood dining set. It requires maintenance but looks aesthetic.

Umbrella/Canopy of the Outdoor Dining Set

  • An umbrella in an outdoor dining set is really helpful. If you like spending most of your time on the patio, you need it. Having an umbrella protects you from tanning in the sun. It also protects you from harmful UV rays.
  • On rainy days, the canopy allows you to enjoy tea on the patio. A single umbrella or a canopy saves you from adverse weather changes. Also, it saves the whole of your dining set.
  • If you are about to place the dining set on an open patio, you will need a dining set with an umbrella.

Umbrella Hole

  • Some outdoor dining set tables only have an umbrella hole. This is for those who place the dining set under a pergola.
  • In the hole, you can attach a rod for lights or décor. And if you wish to move your outdoor dining set to the open garden (rarely), you can place an umbrella.

Cushion and Pillows

  • The chairs of the dining set include cushions. These cushions may be detachable or fixed. Detachable cushions are easy to wash. As they are removable, you can wash them in machines and even change the cover.
  • The fixed cushions are a challenge while cleaning. You can only add a cloth on the seat but can’t change the cover.
  • Pillows support your back. Thus, having a comfortable pillow is essential. Back supporting pillows are not available in all the chairs. So if back-resting is your priority, choose the dining set wisely.


We always prefer suggesting multiple variations to our readers. We hope these varieties in the outdoor dining set help you choose the best one. Outdoor dining sets are best when you want to hold a patio party. Don’t worry about the changing weather anymore.

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