5 Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers of 2024

By Lisa S

Water your garden without stressing yourself. We came across the best smart sprinkler controllers for you. You can compare them and choose the best one.

Best OverallAeon Matrix Smart Sprinkler Controller

I really love the easy setup and how well it works with the Apple home kit.

Best SplurgeNetro Spark Smart Sprinkler Controller

This great sprinkler system works in sync with the city rules and weather.

Most unique- Orbit B-Hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

I like the ability to control this device from my phone from anywhere. It is easy to program.

Most Standard- Inkbird Smart Sprinkler Controller

Amazing product with great features such as adjustments for rainy days. Wireless connections and much more are available.

Best Value- Wyze Smart Sprinkler Controller

Inexpensive, high-tech and works great.

Our phones control our lives these days. Then why not let your phone control the water sprinkler as well? Water your lawn with a smart sprinkler controller.

A smart sprinkler controller uses intelligent techniques to water the lawns. It allows you to set a timer or you can switch it ON/OFF through your phone.

Item 1- Aeon Matrix Smart Sprinkler Controller

Aeon Matrix Smart Sprinkler Controller

Sprinkling water yourself is a time consuming task. So, to save you time and energy, an automatic and most advanced sprinkler controller is all you need. It is smart and modern. The system makes sure that there is no watering when it rains.

This is the Yardian Pro Model by Aeon Matrix.

It controls the time, temperature and uses water in an efficient way. The easy installation saves you time. It saves you money by reducing the water bill.

What We Like-

  • You can operate it with onboard instant buttons when your WiFi is not working
  • It has a wider range so you can connect it to a home router
  • You can set up yard type and adjust programs on the type of soil
  • LEDs show your zone activity

What We Don’t Like-

  • Many users say that it does not work well with an in-ground well pump
  • Customers say it was hard to set up the system on an iPhone
  • Current time control cannot be more than 5 minutes

Item 2- Netro Spark Smart Sprinkler Controller

Netro Spark Smart Sprinkler Controller

Netro is one of the trusted brands. This smart sprinkler controller works excellently. You can connect a single zone to the master valve. It comes in 2 variants – a 16-zone variant and an 8-zone variant.

You can set up voice control. The smart sprinkler controller is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. It combines your yard data and weather information. This data is then used to form a custom schedule.

What We Like-

  • It uses the latest weather feature
  • The system is quick
  • The LEDs display the network status; whereas, other brands only show ON/OFF status
  • The design is compact

What We Don’t Like-

  • You can set it up in indoor areas only
  • The only way to control it is through the app
  • It does not allow zone mapping in the app
  • Sensor terminals are not present

Item 3- Orbit B-Hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

Orbit B-Hyve Smart Sprinkler Controller

The name itself suggests the pattern. It has a design like a Beehive. It is the winner of the CES Innovation Award. It has an easy installation and ultimate control.

It has a 3-color Digital display that shows the timer status. You can use the ON/OFF button if you do not wish to use the app. It has an EPA WaterSense certificate to save water.

The only problem: this Smart Sprinkler Controller only works with 110 volts.

What We Like-

  • The design is interesting
  • The sprinkler controller is weather-proof
  • The scheduling feature is simpler than other apps

What We Don’t Like-

  • Disconnects with the wifi many times
  • Users are not happy with the forecast system
  • Customers faced issues while syncing the software to their phone

Item 4- Inkbird Smart Sprinkler Controller

Inkbird Smart Sprinkler Controller

If you want an indoor Sprinkler Controller, look for Inkbird Smart Sprinkler Controller.

For remote monitoring and seasonal adjustment, this is the best Smart Sprinkler Controller.

You can select either auto watering or manual watering mode. It allows you to set up days – odd/even, or days of the week for watering.

What We Like-

  • It has non-volatile memory to save all your settings for a longer time
  • 4 cyclic options are available to set up irrigation
  • The app allows you to add family members so anyone can control it in your absence

What We Don’t Like-

  • Setting up many zone controls is difficult – say the users
  • The temperature is set to Celcius and users could not change it to Fahrenheit
  • It does not support 5G

Item 5- Wyze Smart Sprinkler Controller

Wyze Smart Sprinkler Controller

We have an option for those who do not want to spend much on a sprinkler controller. Wyze Smart Sprinkler Controller is sleek and modern and that too under $100. The black color adds to its standard look.

Good thing to know about this product: It is Climate Pledge Friendly. You can create fixed timings to water your plants or garden. It allows selecting sunrise or sunset settings also.

The smart sprinkler controller comes only in an 8-zone variant. It has 4 buttons that you can use to operate. The buttons help when you do not wish to use the app.

What We Like-

  • It has dynamic weather skip feature- rain/wind/low-temperature/saturation skip
  • The app algorithm calculates a 5-day weather forecast
  • The app has 3 schedules – Offline (no Wifi), Fixed, and Smart (operate from the app)

What We Don’t Like-

  • Only one zone runs at a time
  • The app asks you for multiple subscriptions
  • The scheduling feature is weak

Which one is among the Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers?

Aeon Matrix Smart Sprinkler Controller (Yardian Pro) is perfect as per our comparison. The features are excellent and the pricing is great.

Buying Guide for Best Smart Sprinkler Controllers

Type of Installation

  • You can install the Smart Sprinkler Controller either
  1. Indoor
  • If you buy a sprinkler controller and place it inside, then you will have to face issues. While operating manually, the person will have to enter inside. This can be a problem if any outsider is operating.
  • In harsh weather conditions, placing the controller indoors acts as a safety measure.
  1. Outdoor
  • Outdoor placement of Smart Sprinkler Controller allows access to anyone operating it. The problem occurs in rough climatic conditions. You need to add a protection box for the Smart Sprinkler Controller.

2. Type of Control

  • Our discussion about the Smart Sprinkler Controller implies that they operate through apps. But not all the smart controllers work through the app.
  • The Smart Sprinkler Controller has manual buttons as well. If the wifi does not work, you can use the buttons. Some Smart Sprinkler Controllers function through smart speakers. The connection with Alexa or Google gives hassle-free usage.

  • Smart Sprinkler Controllers let you set up various modes of operation. These modes include manual, timer, and speaker modes.
  • The apps allow you to set the timer allowing you to rest. The automatic mode checks the weather and functions accordingly.

3. Number of Zones

  • The Smart Sprinkler Controllers have different zones. These differ from 6-zone devices to 12-zone devices. The zones tell you the selected area they will water.
  • More zones create problems with the main valve to water efficiently. This is better only if you have a larger area to sprinkle.
  • For smaller gardens or limited plants, you can buy Smart Sprinkler Controllers with 6 or 8 zones.

4. Watersense Certificate

  • Such certificates have become compulsory in many countries. The nations are now focusing on protecting nature. This is why EPA/ Environmental Protection Agency-certified devices are preferable.

  • Buying a certified brand gives you the assurance of sustainability. EPA makes sure that the Smart Sprinkler Controllers use less amount of water.

5. Extra Features

  • Smart Sprinkler Controllers have many features that you cannot neglect. Wireless connectivity is one of those. Imagine having a smart controller that is not at all smart. If it does not connect to the wifi, what is the use?

  • Other features that play an important role are App support and voice control. Read the review added below to see problems users face with Applications. An app with many glitches is annoying.

  • Make sure to buy a Smart Sprinkler Controller which gets regular app updates.
  • Many Smart Sprinkler Controllers have poor software. Software issues lead to poor weather forecast checks. No one wants their sprinkler to work untimely.

Hence, check for all the advanced features. Only then invest in a good Smart Sprinkler Controller.


If your expectation differs, you can check out other Smart Sprinkler Controllers. To get clarification, tally your needs with our buying guide.

The product that tops our list is Aeon Matrix Smart Sprinkler Controller. For a pocket-friendly option, we suggest Wyze Smart Sprinkler Controller.

We compare many tech gadgets for you to save time. It also helps you buy the best product. Invest in the right items with Review Roller.