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7 Best Boxer Briefs in 2024

By Lisa S

So: you’re stuck at home because of the pandemic. Do you know what you should be, aside from the basics like safe and healthy?


And if you’re reading this after the coronavirus pandemic has subsided…then you should still be comfortable!

And few comforts are more taken for granted, or more essential, than having comfortable boxer briefs.

The seven items on this list are great options if you are looking for new boxer briefs, and I encourage you to look at each one.

But before we get to the list itself, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about choosing the best pair for you.

How do I choose the right boxer briefs?

You don’t need me to tell you that this doesn’t have a simple answer. Personal preference matters a lot.

Luckily, even if you’re not sure what your preferences are, you can figure out fairly easily: by reflecting on what you currently wear, and what you like or don’t like.

There are certain qualities which are fairly basic: a product that won’t tear for a while is good, as is one that won’t ride up.

Most guys would prefer to have a dry time with their boxer briefs, and luckily every item on this list has some sort of moisture-wicking feature (except for our #7 and #6 options).

Beyond that, though, it’s up to you: you may want a more natural and breathy fabric, like cotton, as most people seem to prefer.

Or you may prefer a synthetic material that is better for exercising.

Now that we’ve got all this out of the way, let’s dive in!

Item 7: 5Mayi Men’s Underwear Boxer Briefs

best boxer briefs-5Mayi

This option comes from a brand a lot of you probably haven’t heard of before.

5Mayi isn’t bad, it’s only here because it’s not AS good as everything else. It’s generally received as comfortable, and offers you a lot of choice if you’re buying online.

The main things that hold it back? Price and rating, frankly.

If you’re curious, you can see more about our 7th place option in detail here.


  • Despite how it looks in the picture, the fabric is largely cotton.
  • Fairly wide range of colors are available, including some unusual colors like maroon and purple.
  • Also, a wide range of sizes (starting from Small and extending to 4X-Large).


  • Despite the fact that this has a sizable amount of reviews, those reviews are propping up a 4.3/5 rating, which is the lowest on this list.
  • Kind of expensive, which is one of the main points holding this back. The range doesn’t sound too bad outwardly, at $17.99 to $27.99, with most of the options being 5 packs. But in practice, a medium-sized 5-pack will be about $22. If you get the 6-pack option in medium, the price jumps to $27.
  • Consistent complaints about quality, most notably that they tear within a relatively short time span after purchase.
  • Does not have a designated moisture-wicking feature, though the product is advertised as generally keeping things dry.

Item 6: Calvin Klein Underwear Men’s Cotton Classics Boxer Briefs

best boxer briefs-calvin klein

The reason Calvin Klein’s boxer briefs are in 6th place is pretty simple:

Though they’re solid in terms of quality, they’re expensive. Even as far as quality goes, I’m not convinced it’s really that much better than some of the top options here.

The main draw-in is the power of Calvin Klein’s name and logo on the waistband.

But don’t take my word for it. You can check out these boxer briefs for yourself here if you think I may be wrong.


  • Unsurprisingly, the name “Calvin Klein” is a considerable positive point here. Most of the boxer briefs on this list come from famous brands, but Calvin Klein is a tier above in how it’s generally perceived. Meaning, if you want to impress a partner or just feel high-end, this is great.
  • Entirely cotton, and the quality is pretty assured.
  • There’s a very wide range of colors here. Reds, shades of blue, shades of grey…you can even choose between options with differently colored waistbands or entirely solid-colored boxer briefs.
  • On that note, there are also a few different styles and fits to choose from here.


  • Unsurprisingly, these are kind of pricey. These start at $18.99 and extend to $103.94, and for only a 3-pack. If you choose a medium-sized 3-pack, the typical price would be about $27, and that’s if you have Prime (the list price is closer to $40).
  • True, 4.4/5 with the backing of over 3,000 reviews isn’t bad. But honestly, given the price and the power of the brand name, I’d expect a higher score.
  • Does not have a listed moisture-wicking feature.

Item 5: Champion Men’s Boxer Briefs

best boxer briefs-champions

At the end of the day, Champion Men’s boxer briefs are not fine. Meaning, you’ll likely be satisfied if you get them.

But the reason they’re in 5th place on this list, is that they’re a bit more expensive than some of the other options here, and don’t have as many pros to prop them up.

But you can see for yourself if 5th place is fair here.


  • You’ll see why I’m not weighing this product’s score higher in a sec, but it is true that it’s been rated at 4.6/5 stars, which is higher than several of the boxer briefs on this list.
  • The price isn’t bad, but it does depend on what you get. The start of the range is $14.99 and the end is $33.42, and these come in packs of 5, so OVERALL it’s not bad. But again, more on that soon.
  • These are mostly cotton, but only at 58%, meaning there’s still a fair amount of synthetic material in there (polyester and spandex). This sounds like a con, but a lot of people like having a mix of cotton and synthetic fabric. It’s a good middle ground.


  • While the rating is high….there are only just over 800 reviews for this. Which is still a lot, but pales in comparison to the THOUSANDS of reviews that every other product here has. This being the case, it’s a little harder to trust the score.
  • Related to that, this is the only product here to not be an Amazon’s Choice brand. That does NOT mean it’s bad…but it does make it weaker compared to what’s on this list.
  • The colors are limited: just black, navy, and gray.
  • On that note, the sizes are limited too, though admittedly it’s not that bad: they start at Medium, and go to XX-Large.
  • Although the price is OVERALL okay, a Medium or Large sized 5-pack will be about $20. That’s a few bucks pricier than our higher-up options.
  • This doesn’t have any Amazon Prime benefits…it doesn’t matter if you don’t have Prime, but if you do, that means there’s no 2-day shipping option or extra benefits.

Item 4: New Balance Men’s 6” Boxer Briefs

best boxer briefs-new balance

The thing about New Balance’s line of Men’s 6” Boxer Briefs is that they’re geared towards athleticism and activity.

Meaning these are built differently than normal underwear: they’re compression-style boxer briefs, which are mostly synthetic and cling close to the body.

Essentially, if you want normal underwear, this is going to be less favorable. But in terms of what this is geared towards, New Balance is a great option.

You can see the product here.


  • On the higher side in terms of the number of reviews, at over 5,800. This backs up the rating…which is also higher than what quite a few on this list have, at 4.6/5.
  • There’s a very wide range of appearance options: a lot of different colors, but also a lot of different prints. And yes, if you only want solid colors, you can do that too.
  • Like I said, good for athletics or those who expect constant movement and exertion. And yes, because of the synthetic material—which I have listed as a con.
  • If you want compression-style or more athletic boxer briefs, the pricing here is pretty good.


  • Per the previous “pro,” the price is good IF you want this style of boxer-briefs. But if you want boxer-briefs in general and the style is less important, these are more expensive. The pricing range is $14.98-$59.99. If you get a medium or large-sized pack, it’d be about $17. Plus, these aren’t packs of 5 or 7, but packs of 3…meaning this is notably more expensive than the options higher on this list.
  • Again, the material is good IF you want athletic boxer briefs. But it’s entirely synthetic (90% polyester, 10% spandex), so if you want ordinary boxer briefs, these might be okay…but you may as well get cotton or something widely considered preferable. Especially if the price is lower.
  • The size range is a bit limited, starting from Small but only going to X-Large.

Item 3: Gildan Men’s Covered Waistband Boxer Brief Multipack

best boxer briefs-gildan

Gildan Men’s Covered Waistband Boxer Brief Multipack is basically a solid set of boxer briefs. The price is good, and it’s generally been received as high quality.

The only thing holding this back is the rating and some limitations on options…though these are NOT major issues.

It’s ultimately a straightforward product, with the one unique point being its waistband. You can see for yourself in the picture below, or by looking at the product for yourself here.


  • Limited range of colors. Though personally, I like the tone of the colors.
  • On the higher end, in terms of the number of reviews (over 5,500).
  • Lets you choose the amount of underwear you want in your package. The default option is 5 boxer-briefs, but you can also choose 4 or even 10.
  • Entirely cotton.
  • As with the top two options on this list, one of the best deals here. The price range itself is so low that it tells you all you need to know: $13.99 to $22.99. But to give you an example, if you ordered a medium-sized 5-pack, it would be just $14.97. If you chose a medium-sized 10-pack, it would be $22.99, which is a GREAT deal per price.


  • Despite the overall high rating and super high review count, this is rated at 4.4/5—good, but not as good as 4.5 or over.
  • Range of sizes is a bit below average: from Small to XX-Large.
  • The waistband isn’t the elastic stuff most underwear has. This isn’t necessarily a con, as some may love this feature. However, a lot of people are unfamiliar with this style and that makes it riskier, especially if you prefer the reliability of an elastic waistband.
  • Perhaps related to the previous point, there are some consistent complaints about the boxer briefs not staying in place. But these are quite small in number.

Item 2: Hanes Men’s 5-Pack Sports-Inspired Cool Dri Boxer Brief

best boxer briefs-hanes

Hanes Men’s Sports-Inspired Cool Dri Boxer Briefs are good for activity or ordinary use.

These boxer briefs made it to 2nd place because they’re comfortable, of solid quality, and affordable. There are some cons…but they’re pretty minor.

You can check out the product yourself here.


  • Is mostly cotton, though it still depends on what you get.
  • Although it’s mostly cotton, it’s still friendly towards activity and sports, which is a nice compromise that isn’t super common.
  • Has one of the better Amazon set-ups, in terms of shipping: Prime members may get some discount, plus it ships within 2 days and returns are free.
  • Basically, a very good price. The range is wide: from $14.89 to $72.99, but in practice, a Medium or Large will be $15.99…and these come in packs of FIVE. Which means as far as the options here go, this is one of the best deals.


  • The colors are a little more limited, though I don’t expect it to matter too much.
  • On the note of colors, if you look at the picture above, you’ll find that all the pairs come with a stripe down the side of the leg. Sometimes the stripe will be the same color as the main color, but sometimes it’ll be a different looking color. This results in a stripe that may be annoying to people who just want a single color, period.
  • Rated 4.4/5. Yes, this is still high, especially considering the 5,000+ reviews—but it’s a bit lower than what we want to see.

Item 1: Fruit of the Loom Men’s Coolzone Boxer Briefs

best boxer briefs-fruit of the loom

The reason why Fruit of the Loom made it to first place is pretty simple: it offered the best value purchase.

In other words, proportionate to what you get, the price is fantastic—and to boot, it’s quality is pretty well established.

View our #1 pick for yourself here.


  • Has a range of leg lengths available: short, regular, or long leg fits. Three may not sound like a lot, but compared to the other options here, which are usually one length, it’s great.
  • Pretty solid range of colors, and the size range is decent (from Small to XXX-Large).
  • The fabric is mostly cotton. I understand not everyone loves cotton, but it seems for the most part people consider it a higher-quality fabric—and many of the items here are not mostly cotton.
  • While all the items on this list have a lot of reviews, making their rating more credible, this item has over 9,600 reviews—making its high 4.5./5 score one of the most reputable.
  • Overall, great value for the price: these come in packs of 7 with a price range of $13.98 to $40.00. A medium-sized pack of 7 would be about $14, $20 if you get all the colors.


  • Some consistent complaints that the leg bands are constricting.


Well, there you go!

These are the seven best boxer briefs online, with the determining factors being value and quality.

Of course, that doesn’t mean this list will be perfectly accurate for everyone.

If you want the power of a luxury, high-end brand name, then obviously Calvin Klein will stand out, for example. And if you want something for your active lifestyle, then New Balance is great.

But if you’re unsure, or just want decent boxer briefs for an affordable price, the top three items should do it for you.