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7 Tips For Deep-Frying That You Should Know Before Cooking

By Payal

Fried food is intimidating. The heavenly aroma, along with the thin brown crispy layer on the top, acts as a perfect starter. If you have a house party coming up, we will suggest you master frying art using the following seven tips.

These would give you the crispiest food every time and excite the taste buds of your guests.

Use the following tricks to avoid soggy food and get that perfect crunch every time.

Tip for Deep-Frying 1 – Utensil Selection

Utensil Selection

It is an essential part of the whole deep-frying process. If you have an electric deep frying machine or an air fryer, things will become relatively easy for you. But, if you do not have that, a regular wok or a frying pan can do the job. Ensure that the utensil you choose is resistant to heat, or else it will not give you quality results.

  • Go for a pan that has a wide mouth and deep bottom.
  • The body of the pan should be capable of tolerating such a high temperature.
  • Also, make sure that the pan size can adjust to the amount of food you are frying.

If you think of buying a new pan for frying your food, go for the medium-sized one. It is ideal for families and small house parties.

Tip for Deep-Frying 2 – Selecting the right oil

Selecting the right oil

As you know, oil plays an essential role in the whole frying process, and hence it is vital to make a wise choice. So for oils that have higher smoking points to get better results.

Avoid flavourful aromatic oil like olive and coconut. These oils would get infused with the food, giving you a strong flavor and aroma of the same.

Go for neutral oils like refined sunflower oil or soybean oil.

Tip for Deep-Frying 3 – Temperature Management

Temperature Management

One of the most important factors to consider is to manage the temperature of the oil to fry food perfectly. Keep the oil’s temperature to medium-high when you place the batter into it. It would make sure the oil does not spill on your body causing burns on your skin.

As soon as you place the batter in the oil, increase the temperature to get crispy and golden brown. After a minute, bring down the temperature to medium-low so that the food inside the batter gets adequately cooked.

  • Keep the temperature of the oil medium-high while putting the batter in it to avoid splatter.
  • Increase the temperature so that the batter gets crispy and golden brown.
  • Now turn the heat to medium-low so that the food gets cooked from inside.
  • Finally, turn up the heat again to ensure your food has a proper color.

Remember, the lower temperature would make the food soggy, while a very high temperature will burn it.

Tip for Deep-Frying 4 – Quantity Management

Quantity Management

As much as it is essential to know which oil is the best for frying your food, it is equally important to manage the oil quantity to fry the food. To select the right amount, you should focus on two things,

  • The oil should not overflow from the pan while frying.
  • The oil should not cover the entire food during the process.

So look at the quantity of the items that you need to fry. Based on that, select the right amount of oil. If you have a bigger portion of food items for frying, try to work in batches.

Tip for Deep-Frying 5 – Avoid overstuffing

Avoid overstuffing

Please make sure not to overstuff your utensil with food, or else you will not be able to fry them properly. It will release water into the oil that would impact its overall texture, preventing you from getting the desired results. With overstuffing,

  • The temperature of the oil might reduce, and as a result, you will get soggy fries.
  • You will not be able to move and flip the items properly, which will give you unevenly fried food.

If you have a small pan with a greater quantity of food to fry, do them in batches. The process might consume more time, but the result will be perfect.

Tip for Deep-Frying 6 – Salt in Oil

salt in Oil

The food mustn’t absorb all the oil while getting fried so that it becomes perfectly crispy. One of the best ways of doing so is adding two pinches of salt to the oil. It would prevent the oil from getting absorbed and remove the oil’s flavor/smell, if any, from getting infused with the food.

Tip for Deep-Frying 7 – Do not cover

Do not cover

Make sure while and after you fry your food, do not cover it. The vapor from the food will get trapped and, in turn, would make the fries soggy. Keep the items uncovered and ensure a closer look during the whole process.

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