7 Things to Know Before Buying a Golf Rangefinder

By Payal

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Golf rangefinder is a useful equipment for all golf players, who want to play it accurately. Currently there are two types of rangefinders available in the market- GPS and laser. The GPS ones work more accurately as it maps out all exact points and you might need to pay a monthly subscription fee.

Laser rangefinder, however, do not map the course. They take more time to identify the range compared to the GPS one, and its accuracy depends on the device user. So if you are a golfer, who takes the game seriously and ready to invest in it, then rangefinder is a must buy for you.

Your rangefinder does not have to be all fancy. Choose something that would cater to your requirements and will be easy to use. In this article, we will talk about seven things that you should know before buying the perfect rangefinder to level up your game.

1. Accuracy


Your accuracy to fire the golf ball is vital in the game- it would make or break your career. The golf rangefinder plays a critical role in improving your accuracy. It helps you to map the correct point from a given range, so that you can play that perfect shot.

Thus before you head out to buy that rangefinder, be sure about the accuracy it provides. It would help in improving your game; you would never be able to enhance your accuracy skills without the right range finder.

2. Slope Reading

Slope Reading2

It is first essential to decide whether you want a rangefinder with slope reading or not. Do not invest in this feature if you can go without it. The slope reading helps you to differentiate between an accurate and poor shot, which in turn can be beneficial for your game.

Rangefinders with slope reading are not allowed in professional golf games. So if you want to use it to improve your golf playing skills in general, ensure that the rangefinder device you are going to buy comes with the slope reading feature.

3. Magnification


Magnification is one of the most important features that would improve your shot’s effectiveness. Laser rangefinders can provide some great magnifications, upto 7X in no time. The more magnified your view is, the more unobstructed your view would get and a clear view helps a golfer to play better.

The magnification is one of the features that is worth your investment. Generally, you would find rangefinders that have 6X magnification, but shedding those extra bucks for a 7X magnifier might benefit you greatly. So before you buy, make sure the magnification feature of the device is in place.

4. Usability


Ease of usage is one of the main factors for you to consider before buying a golf rangefinder. It is especially true for someone who has not used many rangefinders in the past. Having trouble hitting the right spots with a laser rangefinder is the last thing you would want, so it’s important to understand how easy the device is to use.

If you are a new golfer who have just started with the game, initially you might find it difficult to acquire the distance to the right target. You will need to get the right distance every time you use the rangefinder. That would obviously come with practice and experience.

5. Readability


Having a good LCD screen is a must have in any rangefinder. People tend to ignore it when they go on to buy the device, but it is not a feature that can be ignored. A good LCD screen would not only provide you with better experience but it will make things convenient for you.

Ensure the digits on the screen are readable easily. It has been found that mostly people find it easy to read red numbers, so you can try that. However, remember that the better the screen or readability is, the higher is the price of the golf rangefinder.

6. Different modes

Different modes6

Finding the target from a distance with a rangefinder can be a challenging task especially if your hands are shaky. To solve this problem, some devices come with the stabilization technology that would help the users to get a stable view of the surrounding.

The stabilization technology tracks and connects the target, which enhances the overall quality of the game. You can also find devices with scan mode wherein it fires lasers continuously till you reach the target, which solves the stability issues. Make sure your rangefinder has these features for your convenience.

7. Battery life

Battery life7

It is more convenient to work with rangefinders that come with longer battery life. You would be able to concentrate in your game without worrying about battery draining and charging hassles. You can find golf rangefinders that come with the best battery life within your budget.

Usually, you would get the device that has 8-10 hours of battery life. When you are going out to buy the device, ensure it provides at least this average battery backup which would make things much easier for you.


These are some of the most important aspects that you should consider in order to choose the best golf rangefinder to level up your game. Whether you should opt for GPS or laser variant depends on your preference and budget. The former provides more accuracy but you would have to pay a price for that.

Golf rangefinders would help you to speed up your game. Once you are accustomed to using, it would take a few seconds for you to measure the distance to your target and get your golf ball there. So to enhance the overall quality of your game, rangefinders prove to be a good investment.