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10 Mistakes to Avoid When Using Robot Vacuum

By Payal

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Cleaning your home is a necessity and it has become more evident after the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from using strong chemical cleaners to disinfect your home, you should also employ robot vacuum cleaners. They are powerful and capable of killing most of the microorganisms, which can be a threat to your health, if proper measures are not taken against them.

In this article we will talk about some mistakes that you should avoid while using robot vacuum cleaners. These tips will also help you to use the machine perfectly, so that you can get the most efficient cleaning which you have always wanted.

Mistake 1- Cleaning at night

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There are different types of robot vacuum cleaners, which use various sensors to navigate around your home. If your cleaner does not have self-generated lights, then they must be using optical sensors to move around. If so, then schedule your cleaning sessions in the mornings.

If you are not sure what type of sensor your robot vacuum cleaner has, try to notice if it is getting stuck a lot, especially in the evenings. If the navigation issues still persist, you can wipe off the sensors of the cleaner with a clean soft cloth.

Mistake 2- Not emptying the bin frequently

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Many of you might have noticed that instead of cleaning, your robot vacuum drags dust around your home. This is not a fault of the product. The bin size of the robot cleaners is really small and hence you should empty it regularly for efficient cleaning.

You can schedule to use the vacuum while you are home. It would give you the chance to empty the bin as soon as the cleaning is done. Practising this will also keep the roller brush of your vacuum clean.

Mistake 3- Keeping your things all over the floor

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If you love coming to a clean home after a hard day’s work, then it is essential that you use the robot vacuum cleaner in the right way. Check the floors of your house quickly, to see if any unwanted things are lying on the floor, including cords, trail of curtains or small objects.

If you do not have time to check it, make sure to organize your items in a throw away place. Things lying all over the designated cleaning area of the robot vacuum cleaner, would not only make the cleaning work inefficient but it might cause harm to the device too. So a brief cleaning will be helpful, ahead of your robot vacuum.

Mistake 4- Not charging it enough

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Robot vacuum cleaners make your life easy and convenient, but you will need to look after its requirements too. Make sure that your cleaner is charged enough to work properly. Keep the charging dock on a flat surface, which is easily accessible too.

Also, ensure to keep the area of the charging dock clean and free from all types of dust. It would keep the product safe and more efficient for better usage.

Mistake 5- Keeping the rugs on the floor

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Sometimes, the tassels of the rugs get tangled with the main brush of the robot vacuum cleaner and can create a mess. If you have such rugs on your floor, do not forget to tuck the tassels away before you start to work with the cleaner.

The robot cleaners also do not work well on thick shag rugs. Placing the machine on the thick rugs would result in the main brush pulling the rug rather than dirt. So, if possible, take off the rug from the floor before the cleaning session starts.

Mistake 6- Not building proper barriers

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No matter how well your robot vacuum cleaner works, there might be some parts of your home where you would not want it to enter. You can do that by setting up a barrier. The nature of the barrier would depend on the type of cleaner you have.

If you have an advanced model, then you can set up a virtual barrier using the app. For lesser developed models, you can use physical barriers such as baby gates.

Mistake 7- Not taking the chairs off

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If you are thinking about using your robot vacuum to clean under the tables, then make sure to put away your chairs at first. You can flip them over on the table, just like they do it in restaurants.

If that is too much work for you, consider putting the chairs a little away from the table, while the vacuum works. Giving the vacuum cleaner an obstruction-less path will enhance its efficiency.

Mistake 8- Not checking the wheels

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If your robot vacuum cleaner is stuck or not moving properly, the first thing you should do is check the wheels. Most models come with removable wheels, which means you can remove the wheels and check for debris. Also check for hair and other dirt particles.

Remove all the foreign particles and before popping the wheels back in, make sure to wipe them with a clean cloth.

Mistake 9- Not getting the replacement parts from manufacturer

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Like any other electronic device, your robot vacuum cleaner too will need replacement parts at some point of time. You can always buy these parts at a lower cost from a third party, but doing so will not only void your warranty but might compromise the machine’s work quality.

So, invest in replacement parts from the manufacturers- they are long-lasting and effective. It would also help you save money in the long term.

Mistake 10- Not adjusting the suction power

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Many vacuum cleaners let you adjust the suction power and you should do it properly. Go for lower suction in smooth surfaces like floor, and higher suction on carpets and rugs to maximize the cleaning efficiency.

Even Though most robot vacuum cleaners offer a smooth transition, you should check the guide to get a better understanding about how your cleaner works.


You should be patient and relaxed with the way your vacuum cleaner is working. It might take some days for you to get the hang of it, but once you do, the product will make your life very convenient. Just relax and let the robot vacuum cleaner roam in your home and do its work.