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Gaming Monitors vs. Regular Monitors

By Payal

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Post the COVID-19 lockdown, people have been spending more time indoors. They have started working, studying and even getting entertained online. Online games have become quite popular recently. To have the best gaming experience, “gamers” have started using different equipment.

However, not everything associated with “gaming” can help you to become a better gamer. RGB lighted headsets, super fancy looking chairs would increase your pocket pinch but would not help you with the game. So what are the things that can prove to be helpful for you to be better at gaming? Perhaps, a gaming monitor?

We get a lot of questions from people asking whether buying a gaming monitor is worth it. They have regular monitors for their work or study. Whether those monitors could give them the true “gaming experience”. If you too are confused about the same, this article is going to be very helpful for you.

How are gaming monitors different from regular monitors?

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There are certain features that differentiates a gaming monitor from a regular monitor, like:

  • Higher refresh rate – It refers to the number of times the image can be refreshed on the screen in one second. The higher the refresh rate, the more frames per second will get displayed on the screen.
  • Lesser response time – The response time refers to the time taken by your screen to shift from one color to another. The higher the response time, the messier the images would get.
  • Lower input lag – The input lag refers to the time difference between the GPU’s image generation and its appearance on the screen. The higher the input lags, the more annoying it would be for gamers. Hence, dedicated gaming monitors come with lower input lags.
  • Smoother gaming experience – With the amazing features of gaming monitors, you will be able to play any game smoothly.

You can always purchase a gaming monitor and can do your other work on it, without an issue or vice-versa. But if you are wondering whether gaming monitors are better than the regular ones, then the answer lies in your purpose. If you are buying it ardently for gaming, then gaming monitors would undoubtedly give you a better experience.

Your gaming computers offer a better display. They will be able to keep up with the high end graphics, without tearing the screen and you will not get any motion blurs too.

It is essential to note that gaming monitors are always more expensive than the regular ones. It’s high-end specifications help it to run faster than the regular multimedia monitors, and hence the price.

How are they similar?


Gaming monitors might be better than the regular ones, but not always. There are instances where the gaming monitors are just as good as the regular monitors.

For example, regular monitors sometimes offer the same resolution as the gaming monitors, which is 1920 X 1080p. Graphic designers, video editors often use them. You would also get a better color reproduction aspect in regular monitors, which means static images can be viewed in higher quality.

Regular monitors are perfect for tasks other than gaming, like daily internet browsing, video rendering, and so on. One can also play less demanding and slow paced games on the regular monitors.

The features to look for in a Gaming Monitor

Investing in a monitor can be a tough decision if you do not know what features to look out for. We hope now you have understood the similarities and differences between a gaming and a regular monitor. here are a list of features that you should look out in either of them:

  • If you are a dedicated gamer, then bigger monitors are indeed better for you. Go for models that are higher in size and come with the resolution of 1920 X 1080p. Depending on your desk space and budget, go for the biggest gaming monitor available in the market.
  • There are different panel technologies, which can bring in a lot of difference in your gaming experience. The Twisted Nematics are cheap, and come with higher response and refresh rates. The Vertical Alignments have a high contrast ratio and it displays robust colors. The In-Plane switching technology, on the other hand offers better color quality, with wider viewing angles.
  • Your gaming monitor should also come with a greater number of video inputs. The higher and the varied number of ports it has, the more convenient it would be for you.

Should I invest in gaming monitors?

If you are a dedicated gamer, you can consider investing in a good gaming monitor according to your budget. Set up a budget and then make a choice as it would ease your work out. However, make sure that they have the above properties and features. You can buy gaming monitors designed for your needs, from the wide array of choices available.

But, if you are a light gamer, then regular monitors would work just as fine for you. The choice would depend on your expectations and preferences.