5 Best Wine Coolers of 2024

By Lisa S

Setting up a bar is always fun. But what is even a bar without a Wine Cooler? Either for your home or for the lounge, a wine cooler is a great choice. Opening the refrigerator multiple times does not give you a chilled wine.

Here are the Best Wine Coolers that you can add to your bar area.

Best Wine Cooler- EdgeStar Wine Cooler

Good product for the price. Maintains relatively stable temp.

Most Compact- Rovrak Wine Cooler

It keeps the wine cold so it does its job.

Best Design- Schmecke Wine Cooler

Good all around. Quiet and efficient. Looks attractive too.

Best Splurge- Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

Keeps the temperature with very little noise. The blue light is a nice touch at night as well.

Most Cost-Effective- Kalamera Wine Cooler

Liked everything, especially the temperature display on the door.

Thinking of setting up a mini bar at home or the office? Get a Wine Cooler. If you love wine, this is something you will love. A wine that is too warm or too cold does not give the best taste. Refrigerating the wine can be annoying.

Getting a Wine Cooler will just give you the right wine temperature that you can enjoy. We are recommending 5 of the best wine coolers. From your budget options to wine bottle capacity, we have it all for you.

Item 1- EdgeStar Wine Cooler

Looking for a bigger cooler? The EdgeStar Wine Cooler has the capacity to store 44 wine bottles at once. These bottles should be of standard size, i.e., 750 ml 2.75” Bordeaux Bottles.

This wine cooler comes with 6 removable shelves. Thus, to store bottles with big sizes, you can remove these. It has compressor-based cooling and the temperature range is between 60 to 65 degrees F.

The wine cooler has blue LED lights for interior illumination. It also comes with a lockable and reversible door.

What We Like

  • Metal shelves with wood trim assure the durability of the wine cooler
  • The wine cooler does not make a lot of noise

What We Don’t Like

  • You cannot install it under the counter
  • You need to leave a lot of space behind the cooler hence not for compact spaces

Item 2- Rovrak Wine Cooler

Looking to set up the bar in a smaller space? Use the Rovrak Wine Cooler for wine cooling. It is compact in size and fits up to 18 wine bottles. It comes with a frost-free setting as well. Freestanding and Built-in are the 2 placement methods available.

The temperature range is wide. The temperature range is 41-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

This wine cabinet is thermostatic and thus it maintains the ideal temperature. The interior LED light is soft blue in color and thus is not harmful.

What We Like

  • You get to choose from 4 variants
  • It takes a shorter re-cooling time and has a faster cooling speed
  • Child lock is available as a safety option
  • It comes with its own carbon filter
  • Produces noise less than 40dB

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users say the temperature keeps fluctuating
  • The shelves are too close to each other according to the buyers
  • The quality is not up to the mark

Item 3- Schmecke Wine Cooler

Are you too conscious about the look of the wine cooler? You are not alone. We understand that basics are not your choice. The Schmecke Wine Cooler comes with a stylish look and holds 34 wine bottles at once.

The temperature range is 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit. This wine cooler has a double-paned thermo-pane glass for UV resistance.

It helps with interior insulation and maintains the overall flavor of the wine. You can change the settings using the touch panel.

What We Like

  • 2 colors – black and steel are available
  • The brand assures 1-year warranty on the wine cooler
  • It has 7 removable shelves
  • You can choose between Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature units

What We Don’t Like

  • As per some users, the racks are too small
  • It does not hold bigger bottles
  • Some customers say that the wine cooler can hold less than 34 bottles only

Item 4- Antarctic Star Wine Cooler

This one has the capacity to hold 36 wine bottles of 750ml standard size. The temperature range is 40-61 degrees Fahrenheit. It is CFC-free and has polyurethane foam with 65W insulation power. You can store your beer and soda bottles as well.

This wine cooler has a touch control panel and digital thermostat. It comes with a double-paned glass door along with a stainless steel door handle.

The stainless steel shelves are adjustable yet sturdy. The 3D air cooling system maintains a constant temperature. It has a freestanding feature only and you cannot use it as a built-in.

What We Like

  • 4 sizes are available
  • The overall quality is top-notch
  • It is small in size and therefore you can place it on the countertop

What We Don’t Like

  • According to some buyers, the compressor makes a lot of noise
  • Customers are not too happy as it cannot hold the temperature

Item 5- Kalamera Wine Cooler

For a budget-friendly option, we have Kalamera Wine Cooler. It can hold 24 wine bottles at once. The temperature range is 41-64 degrees Fahrenheit. The wine cooler has a special steel frame and 2 layers of tempered glass.

It comes with 4 chrome racks that are detachable and have a stopper. The internal white lights add to the aesthetics. You get a touch control board to adjust the settings.

What We Like

  • 2 sizes to choose from
  • The size is compact and the design is sleek
  • The quality of the wine cooler is outstanding
  • It has a minimal noise
  • The wine cooler maintains the constant temperature

What We Don’t Like

  • Customers say the wine cooler door does not have any lock
  • Some buyers say it is challenging to fit in the champagne bottles
  • You cannot change the unit from Farenheit to Celcius

The Best Wine Cooler

Who does not love some wine and chill? What about a glass of chilled wine? Get your hands on the EdgeStar Wine Cooler. With 44 bottles storage capacity it is one of the best options. The metal racks are sturdy and durable.

Want a chilled wine on a chilled budget? Go for the Kalamera Wine Cooler. It comes with aesthetic white lights in the interior and 24 bottle holding capacity. The compact size consumes less space and looks sleek and classy.

Wine Cooler Buying Guide

Bottle Holding Capacity

  • People buy the wine cooler depending on its bottle-holding capacity. But do all wine coolers hold the wine bottles in that capacity? See the review in the image below.

  • Did you get our point through the review? Hence, we suggest you check for the exact bottle holding capacity. The capacity also depends on the number of racks. While some wine coolers have 7 racks, many of them have 4 racks only.
  • It is a good idea to buy a wine cooler that has removable racks. Rack removal allows you to keep bottles standing as per the need.

Material and Quality

  • Cheap quality material affects the durability of the wine coolers. These items should be long-lasting just like regular refrigerators. Stainless steel is a sturdy material. Therefore, buy a wine cooler that uses steel as the main material.
  • In wine coolers, racks have a lot of importance. For good quality racks, buy steel or chrome racks. They last for years and can hold heavy bottles as well.

  • Try to avoid plastic racks. Plastic racks damage in no time especially when they are removable. Constant removal and cleaning are intolerable for plastic racks.

Temperature and Cooling

  • If you think a wine cooler will cool your wine well, you are wrong. There are wine coolers that do not support temperature after a certain level. But, some wine coolers can also convert your wine into ice. None of us want it, right?

  • The wine coolers have temperature adjustment settings. The range lies between 40-72 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature of the wine is just a few degrees below room temperature. Most people prefer 50-59 degrees F as the ideal wine cooler temperature.
  • It is obvious that you need to set the temperature of the wine cooler depending on the area you live in.

The door of the Wine Cooler

  • Preferring a sturdy door is a must. What you should also consider is a double-paned door. This feature protects the interior of your wine cooler from harmful UV rays. The UV rays tend to affect the taste and color of wine after a certain limit.

  • That is why using a thermopane door is necessary. These types of doors maintain the constant temperature supporting the insulation.

  • Make sure the door has a safety lock. This comes in handy if you have kids at home. Another point to add is to have stainless steel doors. Steel makes the doors durable. These doors also close easily and make the wine cooler air-tight.


What’s stopping you from buying a wine cooler? We have some great suggestions for you and we hope you like them. A party is incomplete without wine and so are our blogs without the Buying Guides.

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