5 Best Portable Power Station of 2024

By Lisa S

Do you keep wandering often? Let electricity/power follow you. A portable power station provides power wherever you carry it.

If you are about to buy one, check the pros and cons of the 5 best power stations. Also, don’t forget to read the buying guide for the best buy.

Best Overall- Chins Portable Power Station

Good so far… Will add another one soon … thumbs up to this product.

Most Powerful- Jackery Portable Power Station

Absolutely THRILLED by the performance of the Jackery Explorer 1000. Highly Recommended!

Best Design- EF Ecoflow Pro Portable Power Station

It charges extremely fast. The price is also really good!

Best Model- EnginStar Portable Power Station

This power station operates in a way that allows exactly that operation. It easily supplies the wattage needed by the refrigerator.

Best Value- FF FlashFish Portable Power Station

This seems to be well-built, and very portable. It’s actually kind of cute!

For RV travelers or workshop owners, having a power source is essential. You need not depend on others or stop at places for charging your devices. Having a portable power station makes it convenient for you to have a power source.

If you own a workshop, you would always need some extra power source. For people who work on the go, how do you charge your devices?

Item 1- Chins Portable Power Station

Chins Portable Power Station

The Chins Portable Power Station uses a semi-solid lithium-ion battery. It is a type of liquid electrolyte that avoids battery damage or failure. It maintains the stability of the battery and improves its performance.

This one has a capacity of up to 2146WH. It is suitable for equipment like electric ovens, refrigerators, and other larger appliances. The weight of the power station is 16 kg. A power station is a brilliant option for home power backup and for RVs.

What We Like

  • The powerful and long-lasting battery is a point you cannot miss
  • The Bluetooth function allows you to check the battery from your mobile phone
  • It has 3 power sockets
  • The power station supports heavy appliances

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users have a complaint about the voltage
  • This power station is heavier than its counterparts

Item 2- Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station

This portable power station is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It uses solar power through its 100W solar panels. Thus, the MPPT technology gives 23% higher conversion charging efficiency.

MPPT- Maximum Power Point Tracker

Experts believe that MPPT is better than PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology. It is because the MPPT devices are more efficient as they provide maximum power voltage.

What We Like

  • This power station produces very little noise
  • The package includes a car charger cable and a SolarSaga Parallel Adapter Cable
  • It has a BMS technology that prevents the battery from getting hot and ensures optimal battery performance. (BMS = Battery Management System)
  • The power station provides over-current and short-current protection

What We Don’t Like

  • The display backlight does not have a “permanent ON” option”
  • According to some users, it takes a lot of time to charge itself
  • The company does not provide any warranty or after-sales service

Item 3- EF Ecoflow Pro Portable Power Station

EF Ecoflow Pro Portable Power Station

The River Pro model by EF Ecoflow is great for camping and RV. It can power up to 10 devices simultaneously as it has multiple power outlets. It has 3 pure sine wave AC outlets. The power station offers up to 720WH power.

The X-stream technology charges your power station from 0 to 80% in just an hour. This power station charges multiple appliances that use power below 1200W. If you add a River Pro Extra battery to the power station, you get double power.

What We Like

  • The brand provides a 24-month product guarantee
  • The package includes a car charging cable, an AC charging cable and a DC charging cable
  • This power station is compatible with solar panels

What We Don’t Like

  • The app is not user-friendly
  • It may not be much compatible with heavy appliances like refrigerator
  • The charging of the power station does not last too long

Item 4- EnginStar Portable Power Station

EnginStar Portable Power Station

You can charge this power station in 3 ways. You can charge it through the solar panel with an MTTP controller. You can also charge the power station with the 12V socket of the car or a portable power bank with an AC outlet.

If you are looking for a portable power station that can charge laptops, mobiles, etc. this is a great option.

What We Like

  • You get to choose from 2 color options
  • While the other power stations have only 3, this one has 8 charging ports
  • The superior protection system allows voltage and temperature control
  • The company assures a 30-day free product return facility

What We Don’t Like

  • It cannot charge heavy devices like refrigerator
  • It can charge devices that use less than 300W power
  • You need to buy the solar panel separately

Item 5- FF FlashFish Portable Power Station

FF FlashFish Portable Power Station

The E200 model from FF is popular for its compact size, low price and outdoor mobility. You cannot charge the power station and use it at the same time. The power station gives you low-voltage and over-charging protection.

This is a 200W portable power station with a 110V AC outlet. It has 2 DC ports and 3 USB ports. If you often go to adventure camps, this mini-sized portable power station will be useful for you.

What We Like

  • 2 power options to choose from
  • This one is lightweight
  • The company provides a 12-month warranty
  • The price is pocket-friendly

What We Don’t Like

  • This power station is compatible with Flash Fish solar panels only
  • It is not useful for blenders, hair dryers or pressure cookers
  • The solar charge is not built-in. You need to add it externally

Our Winner

Who according to you wins? We like the Chins Portable Power Station the most. It fulfills all the criteria of being the best portable power station. The battery backup is really good.

Chins Portable Power Station

It supports heavy appliances and hence, it is great for household appliances as well. For a compact and budget-friendly option, we suggest FF FlashFish Portable Power Station. It is perfect for charging smaller appliances and short trips.

Portable Power Station Buying Guide


  • Portable power stations use batteries as the main source of power. A long-lasting battery allows you to charge multiple devices. You also need not charge the battery many times. Lithium-ion batteries are the most common.
  • Make sure you buy the power station which has BMS. BMS is Battery Protection System. Jackery Portable Power Station uses this system.

  • It prevents your battery from getting too hot. It also maintains the voltage and avoids short current.
  • Through this, the battery life improves 2 times. It also assures that your connected devices are safe.

  • LiFePO4 battery is better than other batteries. It is a Lithium-ion Phosphate battery. It has a 4 times better lifecycle than lithium-ion polymer batteries.

Output Capacity of the Power Station

  • The output measurement unit is WH (Watt Hour). The portable power stations have AC sockets which look like our wall sockets. USB A, and C sockets are available. Depending on the type of cable you own, you can charge your devices.
  • Output Capacity = Watts needed X Usage Hours
  • Through this formula, you can take a rough idea of how much capacity you need. Portable power stations come in different output capacities. These include 200WH to 3000 WH.
  • Output capacity decides if you can use heavy appliances on the power station.

  • If the power station has an output capacity of 200-400WH, it does not support heavy devices. You cannot use a microwave or refrigerator on such power stations.

Charging Ports

  • The reason why you buy a portable power station is this. Having multiple charging ports is necessary. When you go camping or for an adventure, you might need to charge many devices.

  • From your phone to your laptop or cooking appliance, a power station charges it all.

  • A power station gives you ports that support type-C cables, car cables, and other cables. It is necessary to buy a power station with many ports.

Charging Source of the Power Station

  • A portable power station works on the battery. But how do you charge its battery? There are 3 ways to charge the battery of a portable power station –
  • Solar Power – this is possible when you use solar panels to charge the battery. Brands provide a solar panel cable. You can connect the panels and battery through the cable.
  • Car Power- you get a car cable with the package. You can connect the car to the battery and charge it.
  • Wall Power – this is the easiest way but has its drawbacks. This is possible only when you are at home or in a hotel. You will have to charge the battery at your home only. But what if the battery drains out when you are traveling?
  • This is the reason to buy a portable power station, it has a triple charging facility available.


That was it for our 5 Best portable power stations. These should be with you if you go camping often. If you live in an RV, this is a must for you. Refer to our Buying Guide for more details.

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