5 Best RV Covers of 2024 (Plus Buyer’s Guide)

By Lisa S

Protect your RV with the Best RV Covers. Find out the best ones here.

The Best RV Cover- KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover

Best cover I’ve ever had!

Best Design- Umbrauto Camper Cover

I’m very impressed by this cover. The quality of the material and stitching is good.

Best Fit- FRUNO Oxford Travel Trailer RV Cover

The product is very lightweight and easy to install the top of the cover is thicker than a typical canvas cover

Best Material- RVMasking RV Travel Trailer Cover

I think this is a great product made pretty well with pretty good materials

Best Value- VINPATIO RV Cover

Great RV cover! Came with good instructions and so many parts! Super value too.

Protecting your Recreational Vehicle increases its life span. It also saves you a lot of money.

You ask how?

A Travel Trailer Cover/ RV cover protects your RV from any scratches or damage. We bring to you a list of the top 5 Travel Trailer Covers/RV Covers to choose from.

Item 1- KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover

KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover

Harsh sunlight damages the color finishing of the RV. Protect your camper van with Anti-UV upgraded RV Travel Trailer Cover.

King Bird is a well-known brand in RV covers. They are popular for always upgrading the cover designs.

To cover the top of your RV, you need a thicker cover. This particular coverage provides extra thickness and strength. It makes sure that heavy hailstorms do not damage your RV’s roof.

What We Like

  • It has 6 air vents on both sides.
  • 6 size options are available depending on your RV size.
  • It has a 5-layer white composite fabric to protect against snow and hails
  • The cover has extra straps for protection against the wind

What We Don’t Like

  • Customers say that the zipper is not durable
  • For many users, the strap came off in a few days

Item 2- Umbrauto Camper Cover

Umbrauto Camper Cover

If you are looking for trailer covers that look stylish, here’s the one. The camper cover has an extraordinary design. Though it is not a universal fit; there are 10 sizes to select from.

The company gives extra accessories with a trailer cover purchase. These include – 1 storage bag, adhesive repair patches, and ladder cover. It also comes with 2 extra wind ropes and 6 sponge-design gutter covers.

This too has an Anti-UV material. It has 4 zippers to open the doors of your RV.

What We Like

  • This cover has 7-ply thick fabric for protection
  • For better air permeability, it has 6 vents
  • The cover has 4 reflective strips to avoid the collision at night
  • The brand provides 3 years of replacement warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • The zipper is not sturdy

Item 3- FRUNO Oxford Travel Trailer RV Cover

FRUNO Oxford Travel Trailer RV Cover

Your RV needs protection at all costs. It is a no-brainer that snow creates moisture inside the RV. You allow the RV engine to rest. But, your RV needs care even while it is off the road.

Premium quality Trailer RV Covers keep your camper van moisture-proof. FRUNO uses one such oxford material.

It uses 150D (Denier) Oxford cloth for the cover. This yarn thickness reduces the possibility of seam cracking.

What We Like

  • The Travel Trailer RV Cover is of Polyester. It assures high-quality
  • The company provides a 5-year warranty and 30 days money back guarantee
  • The RV cover is light-weight and so a single person can handle it

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not provide 100% protection against UV rays
  • It is up to 2000 mm water-resistant
  • The straps are not on a proper line

Item 4- RVMasking RV Travel Trailer Cover

RVMasking RV Travel Trailer Cover

Mask up your RV with RVMasking’s RV Travel Trailer Cover. Its 6 layers of the top fabric and 3 layers of side fabric make the cover tear-resistant. Not only the RV cover but even the straps are waterproof.

The installation is simple. The elastic hem in the corners gives a snug fit to your RV. It has 3 zippers to open the doors.

This RV Travel Trailer Cover is not too expensive. But for the price range, it offers a great RV cover.

What We Like

  • You have 12 different sizes to choose from
  • You get a warranty card that assures 3 years of replacement
  • The material is of good quality
  • The package includes 4 tire covers

What We Don’t Like

  • Users say putting on the cover on the RV is time-consuming and not easy at all
  • For many buyers, the size is not accurate
  • Straps are of cheaper quality

Item 5- VINPATIO RV Cover


Not everything that you buy needs to be pricey. A cover that protects your RV or camper van has to be sturdy. VINPATIO RV Covers are good quality even if the price is low.

You pay a minimal price and get extra items like tongue jack covers and extra straps. Just like many other Travel Trailer RV Covers, this one also has 6 air vents. 3 air vents are on each side.

What We Like

  • The RV cover is cost-effective
  • In this price range, 10 different sizes are available
  • The 6-ply fabric (non-woven) has a built-in waterproof membrane
  • The fabric is breathable

What We Don’t Like

  • The maximum height for an RV to fit in is 118 inches
  • The material is not too heavy- may not be good for heavy winds
  • The zipper does not last long

The Best Travel Trailer Cover/RV Cover

Out of the 5, our first choice is KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover. The quality and accessories are perfect for the amount.

KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover

But, if your main attraction is design, then you can buy an Umbrauto Camper Cover.

Umbrauto Camper Cover

Buying Guide for Travel Trailer Cover / RV Covers

Size of the Travel Trailer Cover / RV Covers

  • Recreational Vehicles can be small or too big. Travel Trailer Covers have specific sizes. These sizes should depend on the size of your camper van.
  • See the available sizes in the image below-

How to measure your RV?

  • Measure the total length of your RV. Do not include a ladder, extra boxes, tires, etc.
  • Measure the total height of the camper van.
  • Note down the additional attachments- box, ladder, and similar items.
  • Compare the size with the measurements available online.
  • It is not necessary that you will get the exact size. Some brands have different size charts. Hence, prepare yourself to receive one size smaller or bigger.

Material Quality of the Travel Trailer Cover / RV Covers

  • Fabric is the second important point to consider. Poor quality material won’t protect your RV. The common materials you generally find in an RV cover are-
  1. Polyester- this material is good for sunny and dry climates. It assures your RV gets protection against ultraviolet radiation. But, a drawback is that polyester is not waterproof.
  2. Polyethylene- is strong and water-resistant. For climates with heavy or wet winds, this is a good material.
  3. Polypropylene- though most common in making RV covers, it is not completely waterproof. The application of PU coating makes this material waterproof.
  • Apart from the type of material, the quality has to be brilliant. Thin covers do not last more than a month. Thick covers with many layers provide excellent protection to the RVs.

3. Number of vents in the Travel Trailer Cover / RV Covers

  • People often do not think about ventilation while buying RV covers. These vents are not for us, but for the Travel Trailer Cover. These vents make sure that winds do not damage your RV cover.
  • Another advantage is the water-resistant fabrics. These fabrics need air to get rid of moisture. Without vents, your RV cover can start stinking.
  • The vents do not let the wind get under the cover. Because this can lead to tearing of the cover, vents are important.

4. Warranty Period

  • Consider the first point of the buying guide- the issue with the size. If you receive the wrong size, you need a replacement. In the same way, if the belts, buckle, or anything faces damage, the cover needs replacement.
  • Remember that not all companies provide a warranty. If they do, they last for a few months only. Hence, the RV cover from the brand gives a long time warranty.

  • If you receive a defective RV, companies provide a warranty of 3 years to replace those. But be aware of scams. There are people who do not get customer support for 3 years.

5. Other Features

  • Zipper Quality- If the zipper breaks or does not work well, your Travel Trailer Cover is of no use.

  • Front and Rear Tension Panel Adjustment- a custom fit assures the panels are safe. The too tight or too loose fit can damage the panels during rains and wind.
  • Wheel Covers- you need not buy wheel covers separately. The RV cover includes the wheel covers as well. Buying a combo pack saves you money. You also get assurance that the sizes won’t differ.


We are here to suggest to you the best. We conclude that number 1 is KING BIRD Travel Trailer RV Cover.

But you can check out other RV covers as well. Go through the pros and cons to see what fits your needs.

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