Swansoft Electric Pruning Shears

5 Best Electric Pruning Shears of 2024

By Lisa S

Gardening is a hobby of many people. But maintaining the trees and cutting the branches is the most difficult. Say goodbye to hard branches with the easiest Electric Pruning Shears.

These 5 Electric Pruning Shears are a time savior. Also, they cut the branches without hurting your hands.

The Best One- JooMoo Electric Pruning Shears
The product is so easy to use and it is super efficient!
Best Features-Komok Electric Pruning Shears
Easy to use, convenient, and a great storage case.
Best Size- K Klezhi Electric Pruning Shears
The shears work great, and I have no pain in my hands after 3 hours of work.
Best Battery- Swansoft Electric Pruning Shears
It cuts through surprisingly thick twigs and branches! It is very easy to get the battery in and out.
Most Cost-Effective- Koham Electric Pruning Shears
It makes me able to do yard clean-up work about three times faster. I love it.

Are you tired of cutting the branches of trees with a lot of effort? You can save time and energy by using Electric Pruning Shears. These are powerful and sharp enough to cut the hardest of the branches.

Maintain your garden with the least effort and best shears. Additionally, your hand will have no pain while you use these ones.

Item 1- JooMoo Electric Pruning Shears

JooMoo Electric Pruning Shears

Have you been looking for sharp and powerful pruning shears? See this one by JooMoo.

The Bypass Blade length is 2.7 inches. The thick blades use SK5 high-carbon steel for extra strength. The blades are capable of cutting 40mm diameter branches in no time.

This one comes with 2 sets of 25V rechargeable batteries. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh which gives up to 6500 trims. It has an LCD monitor that displays usage and battery.

What We Like

  • These pruning shears include safety features. The alarm rings if your finger touches the blade and then the machine stops running
  • The ergonomic handle is anti-slip and thus provides a friendly experience
  • The pruner has a 75-inch extension pole as well

What We Don’t Like

  • The display was not working properly for some users
  • The Pruner is not water-proof
  • The blades are irreplaceable
  • According to some customers, the battery life is too short

Item 2- Komok Electric Pruning Shears

Komok Electric Pruning Shears

For the best features, check this one by Komok. The blades of 1.29 inches come with a DLC non-stick coating. The coating reduces friction and thus the blades glide smoothly through the woods. The blade material is rust-resistant.

You can use it for 4-5 hours by using a single battery. Double-battery makes the pruner last for 8-10 hours. The cutting diameter is 32 mm. These Electric Pruning Shears have a brushless motor that provides more strength.

What We Like

  • 2 color options are available
  • The package includes gloves, a tool case, and a tool kit
  • With the safety button, the pruner will go into standby mode for 120 seconds
  • The Electric Pruning Shears are lightweight
  • The brand offers an 18-month quality warranty and 30 days refund guarantee

What We Don’t Like

  • Oil container was leaking in pruners bought by some customers
  • The blade pin is not sturdy
  • According to some users, the Electric Pruning Shears are not durable

Item 3- K Klezhi Electric Pruning Shears

Komok Electric Pruning Shears

If you have been searching for a compact size in Electric Pruning Shears, here it is. Though compact, it can cut branches of around 32mm in diameter. For reliability and high speed, this one has a brushless motor as well.

The colorful LED monitor displays battery life, number of cuts, and cutting power. While the handle uses alloy steel material, the blades use high carbon steel as the main material.

What We Like

    • 4 different styles are available
  • The package includes a hard case to store the pruner and other items
  • The blades are invertible to manage smaller or bigger cuts
  • It comes with a finger protection function
  • The rubber grip provides an anti-slip feature

What We Don’t Like

  • You will have to buy an extension pole separately
  • For some buyers, this one was a bit heavy
  • The LED display screen size is small

Item 4- Swansoft Electric Pruning Shears

Swansoft Electric Pruning Shears

For longer battery life, we suggest Swansoft Electric Pruning Shears. The SK5 blade can cut 38mm diameter branches easily. With just 2 hours of charging you can use this for 6-8 hours.

To cut the thicker twigs and branches, this one is the best option. In no time, you can clear the unwanted branches from the trees.

What We Like

  • Each Swansoft item comes with a unique code that the company verifies before shipping it
  • The tool kit and batteries come in the package
  • The brand offers a 1-year warranty on the Electric Pruning Shears
  • The customers are happy with the powerful pruning of this pruner

What We Don’t Like

  • It is heavy and weighs 1 kg
  • You do not get the extension pole along with the package
  • This one does not have a safety feature

Item 5- Koham Electric Pruning Shears

Best Electric Pruning Shears

This affordable pruner can cut 25 mm diameters effortlessly. The brushless motor assures extra durability and sharpness. Once you charge the battery, it will last long for up to 6000 trims.

To charge the batteries simultaneously, you get 2 charging ports on this pruner. The charger of this one has UL certification that assures charger safety. The package includes 2 lithium batteries, a lubricating oil bottle, and 2 tool kits.

What We Like

  • You receive a 1 year guarantee on this product.
  • This one has a light indicator
  • It is powerful and sharp for heavy branches
  • Buyers say that the Pruner is fast and thus garden cleaning (twig cutting) takes no time

What We Don’t Like

  • For some buyers, the battery did not last for more than a year
  • No safety option is available in this one
  • It heats up a lot as per some customers

The Best Electric Pruning Shears

Which one did you like? Well, our vote goes to JooMoo Pruning Shears. The features are great and you also get an extension pole.

For an affordable choice, we suggest Koham Pruning Shears. A 1-year warranty is also available for this product. The blades of this one are fast and strong. A brushless motor serves an extra point.

Buying Guide

1. Manual Pruners vs Cordless Electric Pruning Shears
  • Using manual sheers is an old tradition. It takes a lot of energy to hold the pruners and move your hands for twig cutting. You cannot cut big branches with it.
  • It also takes a lot of time. Though these are very cheap in price, they are not very user-friendly.
  • On the other hand, cordless Pruning Shears do not have any cords. They operate on batteries. These are portable and can reach any height. As these are lightweight, they have become a big choice for users.
  • Especially for people with arthritis or old age, this is a versatile option.
2. Battery life
  • When we talk about cordless Pruning Shears, the battery is important. As the battery provides continuous power to the pruner, cutting is dependent on it.
  • Better the power, the sharper the cut. Hence, always choose the one with the best battery life.

Amazon review

  • These usually come with dual batteries. For higher power, you can insert both batteries at once. Otherwise, it can operate on a single battery as well. While one is in charge, you can use another one.
  • Make sure that the battery lasts for 7-8 hours if you have a farm or an orchard. For smaller gardens, 3-4 hours of battery life is sufficient.
3. Warranty
  • While some customers get happy after seeing the features, many want the warranty. The warranty assures replacement and helps in times of damage
  • Manufacturing defects may come up within a month or so. Having a warranty comes in handy at this moment.

Amazon review

  • But, you need to check what products fall under warranty. Many brands do not offer a warranty on blades. The warranty is available only on the body of the Pruning Shears.
  • If you get the warranty on the overall gadget, well and good.
4. Blade Quality
  • The whole strength and power of the Pruning Shears lie in the blades. Weaker blades will never cut thicker twigs or branches. For the same, you will need sharp and powerful blades.
  • There are 2 blades that come in a Pruner. One is a fixed blade while the other is a moving blade. Make sure that the moving blade is free and moves smoothly. The blade material should be rust-resistant.

Best Electric Pruning Shears

  • Many Pruning Shears come with a safety option. Make sure your gadget has this one. It adds value if you have kids at home or someone old in age is going to use it.

Amazon Review

  • The alarm rings if your finger touches the blade. As soon as the alarm rings, the pruner stops working.


If you have a garden or an orchard, maintenance can be a pain. But technology can help you with tough cleaning. To clean the leaves from the ground, you can use a cordless leaf blower. These are lightweight and accessible.

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