Aplusone Smokeless Electric Grill

5 Best Electric Grill of 2024

By Lisa S

The fast-paced world keeps us on our feet all the time. It also does not allow enjoying the meals. This is when an Electric Grill proves its worth. Whether you love to cook or eat, this one thing is all you need.

An Electric Grill is portable, cooks fast, and is convenient to use.

Best Overall- Char-Broil Electric Grill
It is the absolute best I have seen.
Best Size- Napoleon TravelQ Electric Grill
Compact size! No need to buy propane! Grill perfectly!
Best Design- Aplusone Smokeless Electric Grill
I love that I can cook whatever meat I want indoors rain or shine.
Best Splurge- T-Fal XL Electric Grill
This is a very nice kitchen appliance. It cooks raw foods perfectly every time.
Most Affordable- Cuisinart Versastand Electric Grill
It’s perfect for people who like me do not like using barbecue with butane

Cooking or only eating; what is your type? Regardless of what category you fit in, an Electric Grill is going to be a time saver for you. Get your food ready to eat in no time. You can carry the portable Grill if you enjoy camping and barbeque.

Here are the 5 Best Electric Grill options that you should not miss in 2024.

Item 1- Char-Broil Electric Grill

Char-Broil Electric Grill

If you are looking for a bigger Grill, this is it. To switch it ON all you need to do is just plug in and push the start button. After it turns ON, adjust the temperature as per the requirement and it is ready.

This Grill is perfect for parties. It has a large cooking area. The 270-square-inch grilling zone comes with a 330-square-inch cooking area. For indirect cooking, you get a warming zone of 60 square-inch.

What We Like

  • 3 different styles to choose from
  • It has a Digital Control System. It automatically adjusts the heat and monitors the temperature
  • It allows easy cleaning with the Auto-Clean mode
  • The stainless steel warming tray is stain, scratch, and rust-resistant

What We Don’t Like

  • Some customers feel the separate temperature controls would have been a plus point
  • The quality of this Grill was not satisfactory as per some buyers

Item 2- Napoleon TravelQ Electric Grill

Napoleon TravelQ Electric Grill

For those who want a compact Electric Grill, check out this one by Napoleon. Though the size is compact, you can grill up to 17 burgers at once. This one has the Accu-Probe temperature gauge. The gauge gives proper readings.

With the help of these readings, you can set the temperature for roasting. You can set the temperature using the control knob. The knob is simple to use just like the gas grill.

What We Like

  • The side handles help in easy movement of the Grill
  • 2 cooking grills come along in the package
  • It has a windproof design that holds the heat for a long time
  • It is Non-Stick
  • Many customers praise the overall quality of this Grill

What We Don’t Like

  • As per some users, the temperature is not stable and thus needs timely settings
  • This one takes some extra time to heat

Item 3- Aplusone Smokeless Electric Grill

Aplusone Smokeless Electric Grill

The Aplusone Electric Grill eliminates smoke and odor. This is one of the best Grills for indoor purposes. The oil steam purification system eliminates oil and fine particles. This feature makes the grill plate environmentally friendly.

Best Electric Grills

The Teflon coating on the pan or grill plate makes it easy to clean by using a sponge, soap, and water. To use the grill, you only have to add water to the oil tray. Then, switch ON the Grill and place your food items.

What We Like

  • You can choose from 3 colors
  • It has a suction fan that removes the smoke through the vent holes
  • You can also clean the oil tray as the grill is removable

What We Don’t Like

  • You need to buy the grill Lid separately
  • After cleaning you will have to reassemble all the parts well or else the grill won’t heat up

Item 4- T-Fal XL Electric Grill

T-Fal XL Electric Grill

What if you get to cook poultry items to sandwich and burger on a single grill? It is possible with T-Fal’s extra-large Grill. The die-cast Aluminium plates are non-stick and thus cook food effortlessly.

You can cook fish, pork, and even shellfish on this Grill. This one comes with a manual mode and 4 temperature settings to cook vegetables.

Depending on the thickness of the food, it automatically cooks food as per the program set. The drip tray comes in the package.

What We Like

  • You can choose from 3 available styles
  • It is dishwasher safe
  • It comes with 9 auto cooking programs
  • For easy monitoring, it comes with an indicator light and a beep sound
  • You can use the frozen mode to cook frozen food

What We Don’t Like

  • Not many customers like the preheat temperature
  • The seasoning flushes off the cooking surface into the drip tray

Item 5- Cuisinart Versastand Electric Grill

Electric Grill

If you were searching for an affordable Grill, here it is. It is also smaller in size and light in weight. It comes in a unique briefcase-style design that is easy to carry anywhere. It has a 145-square-inch grilling area with a porcelain-enameled grill grate.

You can carry it in your RV or for camping and this one does not require a lot of space. From 8 burgers to 4 pounds of fish, you can cook it all at once.

What We Like

  • You can buy any of the 3 styles
  • Stand adjustment is available for 3 different positions
  • It is simple to clean

What We Don’t Like

  • As per some users, the drip tray does not catch all the drip
  • The grill plate did not last long for some buyers
  • Heating quality is not up to the mark according to some customers

The Best Electric Grill

Which one did you like the most? We vote not for one but two. Char-Broil Electric Grill has to be number 1. Though big in size it is portable. It can cook multiple items at once and hence is a great option for parties.

Best Electric Grill

For an affordable and compact option, we have Cuisinart Versastand Electric Grill. Easy cleaning and a stand are 2 of the amazing features.

Best Electric Grill

Electric Grill Buying Guide

1. Size of the Electric Grill
  • Before you buy an Electric Grill decide the purpose of buying. If you love to host parties and chill with friends you of course need a bigger size. But, if you enjoy spending time alone or have a smaller space at home, buy a compact one.
  • Buying a bigger Electric Grill allows you to cook a lot of food in less time. You can cook fish, burgers, sandwiches, and even pork at once. It saves enough time for you to enjoy yourself with your friends.

Best Electric Grill

  • Apart from this, it also helps in saving energy consumption.
  • There is no doubt that smaller Electric Grills are best for compact spaces. But if you have guests over, cooking time may increase. Buy the one that is accurate for your requirement.
2. Length of the Cable of the Electric Grill
  • Sometimes we forget to check the cable length of our devices or machines. Realizing it later is a lifelong pain. That is why we suggest you check the cable length before spending your money.

Amazon Review

  • Imagine having a smaller cable and being unable to reach the power socket. But how will you know what cable length is perfect? It is simple.
  • Before buying an Electric Grill decide the place where you will place it. Check if the space has a nearby electric outlet. Measure the distance and then buy the Electric Grill.
3. Food Quality and Time
  • There is always a debate among buyers between a Gas Grill and an Electric Grill. While some say Gas Grills cook the best food; some admire Electric Grills. If you live in a place where you cannot use coal, only an Electric Grill can save you.

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  • Always look for the time it takes for pre-heating. Many Electric Grills stay hot after switching it OFF and keep the food hot as well.

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  • Long heating/cooking time can be annoying. And so can the raw food. Thus, check all the details carefully.
4. Overall Quality of the Electric Grill
  • Most Electric Grills use Aluminum or stainless steel as the main material. The vital component here is the grate/grill. Make sure the Grill has a non-stick feature. It has to be scratch and rust-resistant.
  • If the coating starts melting then all of it will affect your food making it harmful. We advise you to wash the grill once before using it. This is the best way to check the quality of the grill.

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  • The extra coating or layer will start peeling off and won’t affect your health.


Is camping one of your activities on the adventures list? You should surely carry an Grill along. Enjoy the BBQ along with nature. The portable grills are easy to carry and compact sizes take less space.

If you own an RV you can carry a Grill in it without any effort. Electric items need protection just like your RV. Check out the Best RV Covers for extra safety of your items and RV here.