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7 Best Smart Mirrors in 2024

By Alex B

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Hansong Large Bluetooth Mirror
“Speakers work so GOOD; Lighting is AMAZING and you can change the tones.”
Best Budget: FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror with Lights
“The price is amazing! I was nervous about the bulbs being small but the lighting is amazing!”
Best Splurge: GESIPOR Smart Lighted Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirror
“The built-in light and the anti-fogging function make it so much easier to do my makeup.”
Most Advanced Features: HiMirror Mini Premium X: Smart Beauty Mirror
“It’s a really great high tech beauty equipment.”
Best for Computer Geeks: Vilros Magic Glass Mirror and Frame
“Overall, it’s a cool and quite affordable tool for building your own smart mirror.”

Smart mirrors are perfect for anyone who puts a lot of energy into their looks. A smart mirror provides you with easily adjustable lighting to let you see perfectly.

A smart mirror is also a useful accessory in general, as it can play music, let you take calls, or even tell you the weather while you get ready for your day.

Item 1: Hansong Large Bluetooth Mirror

smart mirrors hansong

Hansong’s large Bluetooth mirror made it to the top of this list of the best smart mirrors for a pretty simple reason:

It works very well as a smart mirror, and doesn’t cost too much for the price. Bluetooth connectivity and lighting that can be adjusted with a touch screen provide the smart features you need, and customers definitely appreciated it.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Good-sized upper-body mirror (22.8” x 18.1”)
  • Bluetooth connectivity and built-in speakers let you wirelessly transfer and play music, audiobooks, and even take calls
  • Adjustable brightness plus 3 color tones available (cool light, natural light, warm light), all of which can be changed by touching buttons on the mirror
  • LED lights have a 50,000 hour lifespan
  • USB port for charging phones and other devices
  • Detachable 10x magnifying/makeup mirror included
  • Very well-received by customers, with well over a thousand reviews backing up a 4.7/5 star rating


  • LED lights are embedded and non-replaceable (though they last a long time)
  • Size is good overall, but not ideal for those who are prioritizing big mirrors specifically

Item 2: FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror with Lights

smart mirrors fenchilin

The reason why Fenchilin’s smart mirror is close to the top of this list? It’s very well-received by customers, has the features you want, and comes at a relatively low price for a smart mirror.

The main things holding it back are build quality, and a lack of the advanced features you can find on other smart mirrors.


  • Generally affordable for a smart mirror
  • Wall mounted, so you can place it wherever you want, and decently-sized for an upper-body mirror
  • USB ports for charging phones or other devices
  • Memory function keeps light settings to previous use
  • Large makeup mirror with detachable base
  • Adjustable light colors with 3 color tones available (cold white, warm white, warm yellow); simply touch to adjust brightness or switch color tone
  • 3-year warranty for a free replacement
  • Highly rated (4.6/5) with over 2,600 reviews to back it up


  • Not ideal for those prioritizing large mirrors
  • Though the magnifying mirror/makeup mirror is detachable, it can be a bit inconvenient to continually detach and reattach
  • Consistent complaints that the build is of cheap quality
  • Not as advanced as some other smart mirrors (e.g., lack of Bluetooth)

Item 3: HiMirror Mini Premium X: Smart Beauty Mirror

smart mirrors himirror

HiMirror’s Mini Premium X mirror is a unique option here, and you can probably tell that from the name and picture alone:

It’s arguably the smartest mirror on this list, and accordingly comes with advanced features.

The downside? It’s smaller than most of the other options here too, and more expensive. So it’s a polarizing option: bad for some, great for others.


  • Adjustable color temperatures, brightness, and even preset scenarios
  • 64 GB storage plus ability to support up to 4 user log-ins
  • Can be switched from landscape to portrait mode
  • Mirror doubles as a screen for YouTube videos using HiMirror’s YouTube client; videos can be minimized to not take up too much space
  • Compatible with/can use: Alexa, Google Duo, and Spotify
  • Base of the mirror can be used as a wireless charging pad for phones
  • Advanced skin analysis assesses your face to recommend changes to your skincare routine, plus recommend products
  • Can scan your skincare products to help you keep track of how they’re performing, and when they’re expiring
  • Special lens with magnifying feature
  • Built-in augmented reality technology lets you simulate makeup looks without actually trying them on physically
  • Well-received by customers


  • Pricey compared to other options here (though reasonable for what’s offered)
  • Not great for those who care about their privacy
  • Not a ton of useful features for those who don’t care about makeup or skincare
  • Not a large number of reviews

Item 4: Peralng LED Bathroom Mirror

smart mirrors peralng

Peralng’s smart mirror is a great intermediary option:

It’s not as smart as some of the other options here—it doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity, for example—but it does have some unique features that make it stand out.

Plus, it’s relatively affordable for a smart mirror, and has been well-received by customers.


  • Affordable pricing
  • Relatively large (32” x 24”)
  • Explosion-proof technology means damage to the mirror won’t result in dangerous shards
  • 3 different light colors
  • Scene lighting simulations
  • Displays the time
  • Smart memory
  • Very well received, with 4.6/5 stars


  • Not a ton of reviews (which doesn’t mean it’s bad)
  • Not as advanced as some other options here
  • Time display can only be shown in military time/24 hour format

Smart Mirrors #5: GESIPOR Smart Lighted Wall Mounted Bathroom Vanity Mirrors


Gesipor’s smart mirror brings some undeniable unique benefits. In particular, those benefits make this great as a mirror—not just a smart device.

It’s held back on this list mostly by its higher price tag.

That being said, some of what it offers is going to be well-worth the price, especially because you can’t get the same combination of size and features on a lot of other smart mirrors.


  • Very large for a smart mirror (60” x 48”)
  • Adjustable color tones and brightness
  • Memory function
  • Can display time and temperature
  • Bluetooth connectivity lets you play music with surround sound audio
  • Using Bluetooth, you can also take phone calls by tapping part of the mirror
  • Anti-fogging up feature, which aside from being practical, reduces your need to treat the mirror
  • 3-year warranty covering any manufacturing defects, and Gesipor will be responsible for any damages that occur during transit
  • Consistent praise for easy installation
  • Well-received by customers


  • Pricey
  • Large size makes it inconvenient to move around; it’s meant to stay in the same place for a long time
  • Some would argue you could receive more for the price, though this is subjective
  • More customer reviews would be ideal, though it doesn’t mean the product is bad

Smart Mirrors #6: Vilros Magic Glass Mirror and Frame


Vilros’ Magic Glass smart mirror is a very unique option:

It basically can function as both a mirror and a display when connected to a computer.

It’s especially geared for people who are building their own mini-computers with Raspberry Pi. But you can also just connect it to your phone or computer, and have it function as a larger display for your device.


  • Relatively affordable
  • Can displays date, time, temperature
  • A great option for those who like to get nerdy with computers or want to learn more about computing
  • Because it’s essentially a screen when connected, it can display more versatile things than most smart mirrors, like movies
  • Frame is solid and made of wood
  • Generally well-received (4.2/5) with dozens of reviews backing it up


  • Size could be an issue for some (19” x 11” without including the frame)
  • Not touch-screen, and no WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity
  • Not ideal for those prioritizing good features out-of-the-box, or those prioritizing ease of use
  • No brightness setting, and consistent complaints that the brightness is too dim

Smart Mirrors #7: QIERAO Touch Switch Bathroom Mirror


Qierao’s Touch Switch smart mirror is a great option for people wanting an intermediate smart mirror option:

It has some great features, including a more advanced smart display, but doesn’t cost too much more either.

Ultimately, it’s held back by a lack of customer input (which doesn’t make it bad, but hard to assess), and it’s overall price—but again, it’s a pretty good price relative to what’s offered.


  • Decent size (23.6” x 23.6”) and larger versions are available
  • Can connect with WiFiClock App, which shows real-time weather forecasts
  • Temperature display, which is more detailed than most competitors’ (showing indoor and outdoor temp, indoor and outdoor humidity)
  • Alarm feature through app connection
  • Defogging feature
  • Adjustable light


  • Lack of many customer reviews makes it difficult to evaluate
  • A bit on the pricier side, though it’s a good price relative to what’s offered
  • Lighting is less adjustable compared to other options here

Our Winner: The Best Smart Mirrors is…

Ultimately, our winner is the Hansong Large Bluetooth Mirror. It provides just the right combination of features, price, and performance, to be the best smart mirror overall.
But that’s just for a general audience—the best smart mirror for you may be a different one. If you want to go all-in on smart features, the HiMirror Mini Premium X: Smart Beauty Mirror is best for you.
And if you’re prioritizing price above all else, check out the FENCHILIN Vanity Mirror with Lights.
This list may be ordered differently depending on what you prioritize. What should you prioritize?
Let’s talk about that:

Buyer’s Guide: How Do I Buy the Best Smart Mirrors?

What’s a good size?

It’s very easy to get caught up in the excitement about smart features. But here’s the thing about picking a smart mirror:

You still want a mirror first and foremost, right?

For most people, this would be the case. So while you should definitely keep your ideal features in mind, you should pay attention early-on to the basics of what you’d want out of a mirror.

So size is one of those all-important fundamentals to keep in mind before you look at everything else. But how can you tell what a good size is?

Since it’s subjective and dependent on your personal context, we can’t really tell you one size range that’s good. But don’t worry! It’s pretty simple:

Take stock of the mirrors in your current home. How big are they? Use rulers or measuring tape to get the dimensions down.

Yep, that’s pretty much it. You can extrapolate from there based on how much you like your current mirrors’ sizes.

And if you don’t have any mirrors handy, you can estimate the size of the smart mirror you want by tracing out the listed dimensions with a ruler on paper or cardboard. You can also put tape on your wall (if it won’t remove paint).

It’s simple, but important. If you look at the product reviews for any popular smart mirror, even the best ones, you can find people complaining about the size. 9 times out of 10, they could’ve avoided it by paying more attention to the product description.

Now, one final, important note:

When you look at the dimensions of the product you want, AND when you’re looking at your own mirrors for reference, make sure you’re taking the frame into account.

Without the frame, your mirror is usually a few inches shorter on length and width. So what’s the REAL size of the mirror, itself?

Some smart mirror manufacturers will list dimensions for the mirror and frame AND the mirror size itself. For example, Vilros says this in the description for its Magic Glass Mirror and Frame:

smart mirrors vilros dimensions

But most of the time, when a seller lists dimensions, they’re referring to the product overall—meaning, mirror+frame. You may have to read the details or contact the seller to get the specifics.

What are the essentials?

Most smart mirrors will have the same basic features. If you want a so-called vanity mirror—one for make-up and glamour—then the most important basic feature would include adjustable lighting (aside from size).

The essentials in lighting are basically thus: first, different light tones. A good vanity smart mirror will have three light colors available, which you can switch between.
Second, the ability to adjust the brightness. And of course, having a good maximum brightness for those who need it.

Another important feature for those who want a vanity smart mirror is having a charging port for phones or tablets:

If you’re going to be sitting there for a while, it’d be useful to have your phone handy and charged, especially if there are no outlets nearby.

If you just want a smart mirror that’s general-purpose, lights may still be important, but a little less-so than someone who wants a vanity mirror.

The other useful features then would be stuff like temperature and time readings, which can tell you immediately where you are in your day and how you should dress without even requiring a phone check.

But aside from that, what qualifies as essential or not is open to debate. Is Bluetooth compatibility? Not all smart mirrors have Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity, but some would argue a mirror isn’t “smart” without one of those two.

Which leads us to the next point:

What’s smart enough for you?

If you looked through this list in order, you probably noticed something: the smart mirror has a WIDE range of features.

To some people, a mirror that lets you adjust the brightness by touching it qualifies as a smart mirror.

To others, it’s not really a smart mirror until Bluetooth or WiFi compatibility enter the picture. That’s pretty reasonable, as most other smart devices are defined by their ability to connect wirelessly.

If you’re most interested in typical smart features, then you should consider Bluetooth connectivity an essential smart mirror feature.

This is what will let your smart mirror play audio from your phone, or even take calls. This does mean, however, that you’ll need to pay attention to the speakers that are used on the mirror you want.

But if you want a smart mirror that’s as advanced as possible, one that uses WiFi and fancy algorithms, you’ll need to narrow your search, as those are a bit rarer.

Remember the HiMirror Mini Premium X Smart Beauty Mirror? This option is a LOT more advanced than just about any other smart mirror.

But do you really need all those features? HiMirror’s Mini Premium X smart mirror is geared very specifically for heavy make-up users. Influencers and hobbyists alike—the key thing is that you really enjoy doing your makeup and skincare.

At the end of the day, the fact that there’s a wide range of features is a good thing. Just consider what’s most practical for you—the right feature combination is out there.


As stated, our top spot goes to the Hansong Large Bluetooth Mirror for having the best all-around combination of performance, features, and price.

But some of the other options here may be better for you, so don’t be afraid to be picky! The perfect smart mirror awaits you. Why wait?