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7 Best Ring Lights for YouTubers (No. #1 is Awesome)

By Lisa S

The perfect selfie, photography, or video is something we all dream of in this world we live in; the world of photography, video making, and live streaming.

Many smartphones have perfect resolutions and cameras, but if you want to maximize the performance of your phone camera you need a ring light.

If you’re streaming on YouTube, the importance of good light is even bigger as it can determine the engagement and willingness of people to watch your content.

And that’s where the ring lights step in! These products are very practical and affordable things that will give a new glow to your photos or videos. You can use them to apply makeup in poorly lit rooms and they will improve your appearance and beauty.

Perfect for making portraits and recording videos, they are also good for photographing products because, with them, every detail of an object will be highlighted without shadow and high contrast.

They are great because they eliminate harsh shadows and provide soft light quality. In this article, we’ll showcase the best ring lights for YouTube in today’s market.

1. UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ring Light


This UBeesize LED camera ring light is great because it contains three modes of lighting: Cool light, daylight and warm light, and each mode contains 11 brightness levels of lighting.

It is perfect because it provides the ability to remove all unwanted shadows. The range of dimming is from 1 percent to 100 percent.

This ring light is also perfect for home use and taking photos or videos of you and your family. It works with most devices that accept USB ports such as mobile, laptops, and computers.

There are 4 on / off buttons on the cable with USB connection, adjusting the brightness level and switching the lighting mode.

This product also contains an adjustable phone holder and is compatible with most smartphones today. It is great because it allows you to adjust the angle at which you want to take pictures. Also, the spring-loaded phone holder expands up to 3.6 inches.

This UBeesize ring light comes with a tripod that is stable, made of high-quality aluminum, and extends from 17.5 to 51 inches. It provides the ability to adjust the length of the tripod that suits your needs.

UBeesize is a top brand that provides the highest performance in photos and videos, in the set we have a ring light, adjustable tripod with USB connection and Bluetooth remote, and it can be replaced for any quality issue.


  •       3 years replacement service
  •       Rotatable phone holder
  •       3 color lighting modes
  •       Bluetooth remote for easy shooting


  •       It cannot be used as a selfie stick

2. Keayeo 14″ Selfie Ring Light


This Keayeo ring light is good for everyday use. It is great for all those who like to take photos, and it is also suitable as make-up lighting. It comes with 3 color modes such as warm, natural, and white.

This ring light is perfect because it provides better lighting in photos and eliminates shadows.

This product has a universal phone holder that is compatible with most smartphones. This phone holder is flexible and can be rotated 180 degrees. You can also adjust the angle to get the perfect brightness.

This selfie ring light is powered by an adapter and also contains a USB port for charging your phone. And for easy and simple shooting and recording there is a Bluetooth remote control.

This ring light comes with a tripod that is stable and made of high-quality aluminum alloy. Also, the tripod extends from 19 to 64 inches and the whole set comes with a portable travel bag. With this product, you can easily adjust the brightness from 1 to 100 percent.


  •       Universal phone holder for most smartphones
  •       Provides more light in photos and eliminate shadows
  •       Easy to set up
  •       It comes with a phone charger


  •       Some phones like the iPhone can be too heavy for the phone holder

3. Ring Light 16 Inch 38W LED Ring Light Kit


With this practical ZOMEI LED ring light, you can adjust the color temperature from 3200k to 5600k, very easily and simply. Also, it provides a wide brightness dimming range from 1 percent to 100 percent. With this practical accessory, you can adjust the cool white lighting or warm white lighting.

This ring light contains an adjustable tripod height of 29 to 79 inches. It is very stable and made of aluminum alloy. You can easily adjust the height that suits you. The tripod is easy to fold and your phones or cameras are safe and stable.

ZOMEI ring light contains a flexible phone holder that can be rotated and placed in vertical or horizontal mode. It is also innovative because it supports most DSLR cameras. This product is perfect for taking selfies, photos, videos. Also, it’s perfect for makeup live streaming.

This product is made of 320 pieces of LED beads, with a power of 38W.

With this product, you will have the perfect lighting that will eliminate unnecessary shadows and remove imperfections.

The package comes with a 16-inch ring light body, an adjustable tripod, a phone holder, a charging adapter, one hot-shoe adapter, manual instructions, and a travel bag, so you can easily carry this product everywhere with you. This one will certainly provide the best performance.


  •       Quick and easy to set up
  •       Compatible with most of smartphones and DSLR cameras
  •       Flexible phone holder and adjustable tripod


  •       Lack of USB port to charge your devices

4. Harmonic 10” Selfie Ring Light


Harmonic LED ring light is the perfect product for everyday use in your home environment. It is easily adjustable and is compatible with most Android phones and also with most iPhone phones such as 11 Max Pro, XS, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, 6, 6s, 5, 5s… This product is practical and has good value for money.

The LED ring light is ten inches in size and comes with an easily adjustable tripod as well as a mobile phone holder that is suitable for a width of 2.3 to 3.6 inches. This mobile phone holder is reinforced with non-slip rubber to keep your phone safe and secure.

This product comes with wireless remote control and the range of the wireless network can be up to 10 meters, which allows you to easily and simply take photos and record. There is also a USB port with which you can easily connect to your computer, laptop, or power bank.

This Harmonic Led ring light has three lighting modes: cold light, warm light, and mixed-light, as well as 10 adjustable brightness settings for your choice. It provides perfect lighting for taking photos and recording videos.


  •       Easy to set up and install
  •       Provides perfect lightning
  •       Adjustable tripod with phone holder and ring light that can be rotated up to 360 degrees


  •       The legs of the tripod cannot be adjusted to be higher
  •       The plastic covering the ring is weak

5. Emart 10-inch Selfie Ring Light


Emart selfie ring light is practical and easy to use. This product will provide you with perfect lighting. It is suitable for taking pictures and recording videos. Also, it’s perfect for makeup and live streaming.

This device will improve the quality of your photos and videos because it provides higher brightness and removes shadows and strong contrast. Emart ring light is multifunctional and practical because you can also use it as a selfie stick.

The ten-inch selfie ring light comes with three brightness modes such as white, yellow, and warm white, and it also has 11 brightness levels. This practical accessory is perfect for makeup photography and filming.  This selfie ring light allows you to choose 33 different types of lighting.

The tripod is made of high-quality material, height from 19 to 51 inches, and the height can be adjusted depending on your needs. The tripod is safe and stable so you don’t have to worry about your devices and it can also serve as a selfie stick.

With this selfie ring light, you get a universal phone holder that is protected by rubber to keep your devices safe and can be rotated up to 360 degrees. The phone holder is compatible with many smartphones and iPhone XS, XS Max, 7 Plus, 7, 8, 8 Plus, X, 6, 6s, 5, 5s, 4, 4s.

The package also includes a wireless remote control for easy and simple photography as well as a 79-inch USB power cable with a switch to control 3 color modes and 11 brightness levels. In addition to quality, this product is very affordable and has good value for money.


  •       A multifunctional tripod that can serve as a selfie stick
  •       Universal phone holder that can be rotated
  •       Easy to install and use
  •       3 lighting modes and perfect brightness that eliminates shadows and contrasts


  •       Unstable tripod

6. Yeuk Dimmable 10″ LED Mini Camera Lighting

Yeuk Dimmable

The Yeuk selfie ring light comes with a 10-inch ring and provides the perfect lighting for photography, filming, makeup, and live streaming. This product comes with 3 color modes white, warm light, and warm yellow. There are also 10 levels for adjusting the brightness of the colors.

This led ring light is easy to use. It can be easily adjusted. The color temperature ranges from 3500k to 6000k. This product allows you to adjust the perfect lighting, quickly and easily without shadows and strong contrasts.

The set includes a ring light, an adjustable tripod, a wireless remote, a USB charging cable, and a phone holder.

The phone holder is universal and can be rotated up to 360 degrees to get the perfect angle for shooting and taking photos. The phone holder is lined with rubber so that your phones are safe.

The USB cable that comes with this ring light is practical because you can connect it to a laptop, computer, or power bank. The cable also contains a control on which you turn the device on and off, or you can adjust the brightness level and color mode.

In addition to quality and good lighting, this product is affordable and very cost-effective


  •       Universal and rotating phone holder
  •       Easy and simple to use
  •       Stable tripod and good lighting
  •       Easily adjustable tripod


  •       It does not offer all the functionalities as more expensive brands of these products

7. MACTREM Selfie Ring Light


If you want your photos to look professional and with the best lighting, we present you MACTREM RBG selfie ring light.

It is perfect for those who are in the world of photography, video recording, and professional make-up. Also, it’s perfect for tattoo artists or if you are selling products online. The perfect lighting is always desirable.

With this 8-inch LED ring light, there are no more dimmed images. You can adjust the brightness level yourself, and there are 10 brightness adjustment levels. You can also adjust the shadow intensity yourself. This product is perfect because it comes with 14 color modes.

The set also includes an adjustable tripod size of 16 to 50 inches, and the tripod legs themselves can also be adjusted to be higher. This smaller octopus-shaped tripod is perfect and it can stand on the tabletop for makeup. Both of these tripods can be easily set up and adjusted.

The larger tripod has an adjustable handle with which you can rotate the lighting up to 360 degrees horizontally and up to 180 degrees vertically.

The good thing is that you can turn the ring light down towards the floor which is suitable for those who are engaged in photography and selling some products.

We also have wireless remote control and a universal phone holder in the set. This phone holder can be expanded from 2.6 to 3.5 inches and is compatible with most smartphones and iPhone telephones. And there is also a mirror that you can place it inside the ring light.


  •       14 RGB color modes and 10 brightness adjustable levels
  •       Easy to set up and use
  •       Two easily adjustable tripods according to your needs and measurements
  •       Universal and easily adjustable phone handle


  •       The tripod is not strong enough and tends to break after some time of use
  •       The mirror is unstable and may occasionally fall out of the ring light


And the winner is… UBeesize! We have listed this item at No. 1 for a reason, as it offers top value for money, high performance and simply the best overall mix of components. We would also like to single out the item’s light quality and high adaptability.

UBeesize winner

In this article, we have offered you the seven most prominent and best-selling ring light sets of different qualities and brands as well as different prices.

Whether you do professional photography, video recording, online sales, or make-up, these products are perfect for you and will offer you the best lighting performance.

They are easy to install and use and most of them come with manual instructions so they won’t take you much time to install.  With these products, you will enjoy perfect photos or videos.

We hope that this text will help you choose your perfect ring light which will suit your needs and which will provide the best performance but also save money.