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7 Best Gaming Glasses in 2024

By Lisa S

Let’s talk about Gaming Glasses today.

But first, listen to this:

A quote from the Economic Times says that “A record USD 33.5 million is up for grabs but professional eSports players like those competing in The International in Shanghai this week pay a physical price with deteriorating eyesight, digestive problems and wrist, and hand damage.

At first, Evgenii “Blizzy” Ri looks perplexed at the notion: “It’s impossible, how can you get injuries when you play games?”

Then the 24-year-old from Kyrgyzstan discloses that a doctor urged him to take six months off to give his failing vision a badly needed rest”

After reading the above, you will agree with us that gaming glasses are amust if you want to play online games for long hours.

We endeavor to review different things that will be of use to our readers. Gaming online generates revenue of $15000 per hour.

So we thought of reviewing gaming glasses that MUST form an important part of your accessories if you wish to play online games for long hours.

Keep watching! Choose the best gaming glasses for yourself before you need a prescription from a doctor for it!

  1. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses -Best glasses overall, frame + lenses.
  2. Anima Computer/Gaming Blue Light Glasses-Best for family viz, adults, and kids.
  3. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses– The ‘only’ glasses with magnification lenses.
  4. Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Best glasses suitable to both the genders, male and female.
  5. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses– Most sturdy glasses.
  6. KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses-Best in style.
  7. Kenzhou Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses-Best in different color combinations of frames.

1. ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

ANRRI Gaming Glasses


  • Enjoy your digital time, no worry about eye fatigue, blurred vision, and migraines.
  • Cut 90% of the blue light. Relieving eye fatigue, dry eyes, and vision problems.
  • Reduce eye strain and increase in productivity.
  • A worry-free lifetime warranty and friendly customer service.


  • Someone with a pretty narrow face would have a hard time fitting into them.
  • Frames do not have spring hinges
  • Does not have a magnification lens.

ANRRI customer review

The lens can block 90% of high energy blue light whether it is coming from the tablets, TV screens, laptops, or cell phones.

The review picture from the Amazon verified user depicted above, speaks for itself.

The blue light glasses level off the on-screen glare. Clear and tinted glasses may not do the same.

The part that goes over the ear is “rubber-like” while the rest is “plastic-like”. This gives the much-needed comfort to the ears and does not irritate that part due to friction. They are super lightweight and the colors are cute.

As far as the material from which the frame is made is concerned, we would like to clarify that it is TR90 Polycarbonate lenses. They have a lifetime warranty and good customer service.


As far as the dimensions are concerned, it will fit both men and women. Some people having a narrow face find it difficult to fit, else it is okay.


Accessories are important when you want to keep things in the proper place. With Anrri you need not worry, you get a box to keep the glasses, a cloth to clean, and a warranty card when you buy this product from Amazon. Along with that, you get a small IR light that can be used for testing the product.

2. Anima Computer/Gaming Blue Light Glasses

Anima Gaming Glasses


  • It has a full metal frame that is durable and flexible
  • It has an anti-glare reflective coating scratch-resistant, superior quality CR-39 lens.
  • It has spring hinges and fits all sizes from children to adults.
  • It offers a lifetime warranty.


  • If not handled with care, the metal frame can bend.
  • It offers just 52% of blue light which is less compared to the others in a similar category.
  • It is not accompanied by a plastic box to keep the glasses safely, a pouch is provided but according to us, it is delicate.
  • The nose pads are made up of plastic which can create impressions on your nose after being used for long hours.


So here are the glasses that can fit all the members of your family. Anima gaming glasses are built in a metal frame which makes it durable if handled properly. In case kids are using it, they may break or bend.

The blue light protection offered by Anima glasses is 52%. It obstructs the dangerous blue light emitted from the laptops, personal computers, TV screens. This helps to increase productivity. It also helps to reduce eye strain.


One thing that we noticed about it, is the nose pads. The nose pads are the tiny small pieces secured under the frame bridge that rest on your nose.

They help to keep the frame in its place and provide comfort and a snug fit. On metal frames, nose pads are plastic, while most plastic frames have built-in nose pads.

In the case of Anima, the nose pads are made of soft plastic and they have pad arms. Pad arms are the adjustable pieces attached to the frame on the one end and the nose pad on the other.

Pad arms allow the glasses to adjust to the face of the person wearing them. Pad arms are generally found in metal frames only.

Apart from that, the spring hinges make it comfortable for all faces. The lifetime warranty on the product speaks for the credibility of the lenses.

3. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Gamma Ray Gaming Glasses


  • Flexible, lightweight nylon-plastic frame weighing just 22 grams.
  • Non-polarised anti-reflective lenses.
  • UV400 protection and anti-glare protection.
  • Offers magnification lenses.


  • It is not clear how much blue light it blocks.
  • You need to consult the ophthalmologist to decide the correct magnification power.
  • Sizing issues are noticed by some of the customers.
  • The plastic nose pads may not snug fit on your nose, they can’t be adjusted either.

Gamma Ray

As you can see from the above image, Gamma-ray glasses are successful in blocking the blue light that causes harm to the eyes.

By blocking it they provide relief to the eyes and avoid headaches caused due to eye strain.

Gamma Ray

Gamma lenses have a size that can match all types of face shapes. The lightweight frame made from a combination of nylon and plastic makes it durable and flexible.

The only hitch we felt is that unless you know the magnification power to be used, you won’t make the correct purchasing decision.

Also, the nose pads are made from plastic, so they cannot be adjusted later on to fit tightly.

The temple tips are ergonomically designed to provide the best comfort to the ears.

Regarding size we need to clarify that if it is mentioned 53-16-140 it implies that (all measurements are in millimeters) 53 is the width of each lens, 16 denotes the width of the bridge ( the area between each lens) and the third number 140 denotes the length of each arm.

Gaming Glasses #4. Livho 2 Pack Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Livho Gaming Glasses


  • UV400 protection and anti-glare glasses.
  • Amber tint glasses block more blue light.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Nylon frame with metal hinges.


  • Plastic nose pads, difficult to adjust.
  • Does not offer magnification.
  • The proportion of blue light blocked is not specified in the description.
  • The shape of the lens is standard for all color combinations.


As you can see from the above image, the dimensions of the frame, the lens, the bridge, and the arm lengths are specified which makes it easy for you to choose.

The shape of the lens is designed in such a way that it suits all types of faces viz, heart-shaped, diamond, square, and oval.


Livho lenses are different from the other lenses. They have an amber tint lens which shows the true quality of the picture without making it appear blurred or yellow.

The frame is made from a nylon material which makes it light in weight and durable in nature. Also, the hinges make it comfortable to adjust to the contours of your face.

The nose pads are ergonomically designed to snug fit the nose, the only problem that we noticed is that they are made from plastic. Plastic nose pads cannot be adjusted.

But, the product has a lifetime warranty. In case you find any problem with the lens or the frame then you can get your money back. We think this itself is a nice motivation to buy!

Gaming Glasses #5. J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses

J+S Vision Gaming Glasses


  • Blocks 90% of the harmful blue light.
  • Available in two lens variants, HD and low color distortion lenses.
  • Different shapes of the lens are available for both color variants.
  • Rectangular plastic frame with spring temples to adjust to all body types.


  • Some of the users find it hard to clean the glasses.
  • Fewer color choices for the frames are available.
  • Does not have a magnification lens.
  • Nose pads are made of plastic making it difficult to adjust later on.

J+S Vision

These lenses not only protect your eyes from the blue light emitted from various screens but also the harmful UV radiation.

Unlike other glasses on the market with a heavily tinted lens, J+S Vision’s low color distortion lens is optimized to provide the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.

It successfully blocks 90% of the harmful blue light and thereby reduces the problems of headache, insomnia, and dry eyes.

It offers two different types of lenses.

LCD (low color distortion, top) are designed for general daily usage e.g. <4hrs a day, color-sensitive work (e.g. photoshop, graphics design, etc).

They are the best if you want a good level of protection while looking good.

HD (heavy-duty, bottom)= perfect for extended usage e.g. <8hrs a day, intense gaming sessions, watch a lot of movies, or people who do a lot of excel work. It’s great if you want the best protection and you don’t mind the lens being a bit yellow.

The frames are made from plastic but the temples have springs that make it an easy fit for any face type.

Gaming Glasses #6. KLIM Optics Blue Light Blocking Glasses

KLIM Gaming Glasses


  • Blocks 86% of the blue light and UV radiation.
  • TR90 material is used for making frames.
  • Adjustable nose pads.


  • Some people find it difficult to adjust with yellow-tinted glasses.
  • No color choices available.
  • Does not have magnification.

KLIM optics uses TR90 material for making frames. TR90 is a thermoplastic material that is incredibly durable, flexible, and lightweight, and comfortable

The flexibility makes it adjust according to the contours of the customer’s face. Because of the flexibility, it also makes them resilient to damage and makes them durable.

The nose pads are made from PVC material and the pad arms are adjustable. This makes them snug fit to the nose.

The yellow-tinted glasses block 86% of the blue light. They also protect against harmful UV radiation.

Gaming Glasses #7. Kenzhou Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Kenzhou Gaming Glasses


  • Block 90% of the blue light.
  • 8 layers of protective coating for maximum protection.
  • Different color variants are available with different shapes of glasses.


  • The glasses have a slightly yellow tint, some customers are not familiar with it.
  • Nose pads can’t be adjusted, they are made from plastic.
  • Only two variants are available in shapes of glasses viz, round and rectangular.

The blue light blocking glasses block blue light about 415nm~430nm. and UV light below 400. This translates to blocking 90% of the blue light that causes headaches, dry eyes, and insomnia.

The plastic material used in the frame makes it durable and flexible. Due to this, it can adjust according to the face of the customer.

The frame is light in weight which makes it a great choice for long hours of use. It provides 8 protective layers that protect against blue light and UV radiation.

Although it is available in different color variants for the frame, as far as the shape of glasses is concerned, you get only two choices. The lenses are available in two shapes rectangular and round.

Which are the Best Gaming Glasses?

Coming to the end of our discussion now, if we try to recapitulate then it is not only the lens part that deserves the importance but also the frame.

You need to carefully consider the make of the frame to judge its flexibility, durability, and looks. Apart from that, you need to pay special attention to the fact what are the nose pads made off.

The frame often becomes loose fitting after repeated usage, if you have adjustable nose pads then it can be tightened. That is why nose pads are important.

Looking to the above features if we were to shortlist the best glasses from the above then our first choice would be ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses.

ANRRIThey effectively block the blue light and filter the UV radiation. Ultimately, that is what is the real purpose of gaming glasses.

We hope to see you wearing gaming glasses while reading or playing games online.

Stay safe, take care of your eyes! Do let us know in the comments section how you felt after using our recommended product.