6 Best Evaporative Cooler to Buy in 2024

By Lisa S

Let’s talk about Evaporative cooler today.

But first, listen to this:

The technology used for coolers dates back to the Egyptian’s time. They used to hang wet clothes on the window panes of their houses so that the air coming from outside cools them.

They convert the liquid (water) into a vapor using thermal energy in the air.

So here is the short compilation of the best evaporative water coolers crafted to keep you cool.

  1. NewAir evaporative cooler – Smallest in size, big in coverage capacity.
  2. Honeywell evaporative cooler – Best combination of style, price, and features.
  3. Frigidaire evaporative cooler – Most powerful fan motor.
  4. Air Choice evaporative cooler – Best cooler with least noise.
  5. Sunpentown Evaporative coolers – Compact, sleek and simple design.
  6. Luma Comfort evaporative cooler – Best in style and easy to clean.
Brand Product dimensions Product weight Tank capacity
NewAir 12 * 15 *35.5
23.4 pounds 5 gallons
Honeywell 15.7 * 13.5 * 31.5
18.5 pounds 2.6 gallons
Frigidaire 15.37 * 13.46 * 35.33
17.6 pounds 5 gallons
Air Choice 40 * 8.4 * 7.3
8.9 pounds 2 liters
Sunpentown 10 * 12 * 29
21 pounds 7 liters
Luma Comfort 11.7 * 11.7 * 37.2
12.8 pounds 1.6 gallons

1. NewAir evaporative cooler

Newair Evaporative Cooler


  • Sleek design and stylish product.
  • Energy saver.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy movement due to the roller casters.
  • Unique cord wrapper to be used during the movement of the water cooler.
  • Huge tank capacity of 5.3 gallons.
  • Manual and remote operations.
  • Side panel socket to fill the water.
  • Digital display.If you are obsessed with the character of Ninja, you will surely feel like NewAir cooler is a little Ninja.
  • It is compact, yet so powerful to cool the room approximately 300 square feet.


  • Soft-touch buttons could have been a better choice instead of hard buttons.
  • Some reviewers complain that the product is noisy.


One of the cool features about Newair coolers is that the water can be filled in it from the openings provided on the side panel.

The tank capacity is huge measuring 5.3 gallons which makes it less cumbersome to fill the water in the unit every time.


You will probably find that almost all the coolers have rolling casters for easy movement but what is peculiar about this product is that it has a cord wrapper.

In absence of the cord wrapper, you need to keep the wire dangling or hold it in your hands and then shift the unit, this is not the case with NewAir coolers.


The device can be operated manually or with remote control and has three different fan speeds to adjust.

The digital display is unique to Newair cooler and makes it look more stylish. To add pomp to your life, you have a choice to select the model of three different colors.

The only thing we didn’t like about the product is the hard manual buttons at the top.

A soft touch button would have been better. There is a possibility of damaging a button after repeated usage.

2. Honeywell evaporative cooler

Honeywell Evaporative Cooler


  • Most energy-efficient coolers.
  • Require less foot space.
  • Attractive design.
  • Alarm for auto-water shut off.
  • Detachable water bucket.
  • Most safe product considering thermal protection inside.
  • Moveable wheels and ice compartment for better performance.
  • Acts as an air cooler, humidifier, and a fan.
  • Carbon dust air filter to avoid annoying wet mist.
  • Light in weight and portable.
  • Local support in the USA for service with a 1-year warranty.
  • Manual and remote-controlled operations.
  • Programmable for up to 7.5 hours for unattended operation.


  • Suitable only for small places.

Honeywell air coolers are the most energy-efficient air coolers. Honeywell is in the business of manufacturing home appliances for many years and this is evident from the fact the way the product is designed.

They understand the needs of the customer and have tried to address all of them in this product.

The sleek design requires less foot space and can be easily moved from one place to another without much effort.


Secondly, water is a good conductor of heat and electricity. There is a remote possibility of getting an electric shock.

To remove this drawback, Honeywell air coolers have thermal overload protection and heat-safe internal casting.

One of the most tiring tasks about the air coolers is to fill the water. It sometimes tastes your patience if you need to add water from a side panel in small quantities.


Well, with Honeywell the case is different. It has a detachable water tank remover.

You can very conveniently remove it for cleaning or adding water to it. The tank capacity is 2.6 gallons.

It can cool the area up to 175 square feet, so it can work very well as your assistant at the office or home.


It has an option of three different fan speeds which can be adjusted manually or with the help of a remote control device.

The ideal setting would be to allow the pads to get damp first keeping the fan speed low and later on increase the fan speed to the fullest. This will give better results.


Some of the reviewers have a question of whether it can be programmed to be switched on remotely while you are away from the home?

Well, it can’t be expected to work as an air conditioner. Both operate on a different principle. Air conditioners use chemicals for cooling whereas coolers are eco friendly.

To use the coolers, you need to keep the area properly ventilated, unlike the air conditioners.

So for air conditioners, the functionality of turning on remotely is of importance but in case of coolers, it is not necessary, rather it is not feasible.


Although it cannot be turned on automatically, it can be programmed to be operated for 7.5 hours for unattended operation.


The worst thing about the coolers is the stinking smell that you get if the water in the cooler remains unused or the smell emitted by the wet pads.

Honeywell offers an active carbon filter that is helpful to trap dust and other pollutants. Apart from that, it is washable and hence can be kept clean, odor-free.


3. Frigidaire evaporative cooler

frigdarire Evaporative Cooler


  • Sleek, attractive, and compact design.
  • Remote-controlled device for better utility.
  • Detachable water tank for easy filling and cleaning.
  • Rollers help in moving the unit from one place to another.
  • The touch screen panel at the top makes it look more attractive.
  • Product return facility, in case you are not satisfied.
  • 1-year warranty on the motor. Facility to add ice packs to the water container.


  • No clear instructions about whether it can be programmed for remote operations for setting a timer.

Founded in 1918, Frigidaire is proud to be a trusted name. Frigidaire specializes in high-quality, energy-efficient kitchen, laundry, and home appliances that offer dependability, convenience, and comfort.

The device can cool down an area of 350 square feet, four fan speeds, and three different cooling modes.

The two operation modes allow you to take advantage of evaporative cooling on dry days and fan-only settings when it’s more humid.


Frigidaire air cooler comes with a 1-year warranty and the best part about it is that it offers a 30-day product return facility, in case you are not satisfied with the product. We think that is a great feature that adds credibility to the product.


The sleek white design looks great with any decor, and it’s lightweight enough to move around your home or to carry outdoors due to the rollers attached to the unit.

The only thing you will need is a power connection if you are planning to use it outdoors.

The evaporative cooling function humidifies rooms for comfort while filtering out dust and particulates for improved air quality.

The remote control device allows you to stay on the couch and adjust the settings according to your need.


The water tank is big enough to hold 5.6 gallons of water. You can even add ice to it for a better cooling experience.

The best part is that the water tank is detachable making it easy for cleaning and for filling the water.

4. Air Choice evaporative cooler

Air choice Evaporative Cooler


  • Sleek and slender in design, apt for offices and working spaces.
  • Large air fence for better performance.
  • Safe product, no danger of children putting their fingers inside the unit.
  • Detachable water tank.
  • Ice tray to add ice to the water tank.
  • Reduced noise levels. Three different fan speeds to adjust.
  • Three different modes to adjust depending on the climate and the need.
  • Timer for unattended operations.
  • Handle on the top makes it easy to shift the unit from one place to another.


  • It does not have wheels for moving the unit, so it is best suited to be kept in one place and offers less mobility.

Trustech air cooler is marketed by Air Choice. Although it appears sleek in size and looks like a tower, many users on Amazon state that it functions pretty well.

The huge fence design in the front gives enough space for the air to be blown out by the cooler.

What is peculiar about the fence design is that it is too narrow making it safe for the babies. The chances of an accident are minimized.

Air choice Evaporative Cooler

At times, simple things are better to handle. The remote control device has just six buttons that are needed for functionality. This makes the operation pretty simple.

Some of the users on Amazon complain that the remote control device cannot be operated from far.

We feel this can happen if the battery in the remote control device is weak. Replacing worn-out batteries can solve this problem.

Air choice Evaporative Cooler

Generally, air coolers are noisy and that is what keeps people away from purchasing it.

But if you have a look at the above picture, you will notice the difference in the different decibel levels.

The noise levels are much lower than the decibel levels of our speech.

This can be a good indicator to get an idea about the noise created by the unit.

Air choice air coolers are pretty quiet and can be kept on a ‘sleep mode’ while you sleep, which helps to minimize the sound created by the cooler.

Air choice Evaporative Cooler

It can be programmed for eight hours giving you unhindered sleep. The moist air helps you to relieve yourself from itching skin problems caused by dry weather.

Air choice Evaporative Cooler

The water tank is at the back of the unit and can be conveniently removed to fill up the water quickly. Along with the water cooler, two ice bags are provided that can be added to the water tank for better cooling.

5. Sunpentown Evaporative coolers

Sunpentown Evaporative Cooler


  • Compact and sleek design with auto swing louvers.
  • Rollers and handle for easy mobility.
  • Separate ice tray on the top for better cooling.
  • ARB certified.
  • 7 liters tank capacity.
  • Remote and manual controls.
  • Purification of air due to negative ionization.
  • Water level indicator.
  • Timer for unattended performance from 0.5 hours to 7.5 hours.
  • Complies with the federal zone emissions limit.


  • The water tank is not detachable making it a slow process to fill up the unit.

Sunpentown air coolers are best suited for small areas or office spaces.

The water tank has a capacity of 7 liters and they have a separate top-loading panel for loading ice.

The water level indicator indicates the level of water present in the water tank.

The rollers make it comfortable to shift the unit from one place to another. It is better to shift the unit to the desired place first and later fill it up with water. This will increase the productive life of the rollers.

The unit can be operated manually as well as through a remote control device.

The louvers have an auto-swing facility for better effects so that you can feel the cool air in the whole room.

The best part is the oxygen bar with negative ions that helps to keep the air inside the room, clean and free from viruses and infections.

It is ARB certified and complies with the federal ozone emissions limit.

Depending on the climate you can opt for the three different fan speeds and can set the timer ranging from 0.5 hours to 7.5 hours as per your need.

6. Luma Comfort evaporative cooler

luma Evaporative Cooler


  • Automatic louvers for wide air circulation.
  • Sleek and compact design.
  • Detachable water tank.
  • Remote-controlled device.
  • Digital display.
  • Removable air mesh that can be easily cleaned.
  • Low in power consumption.
  • Rotating wheels for easy mobility.
  • Timer for sleep mode.


  • Suitable for small and well- ventilated areas.

Luma is a tower type air cooler with rollers for easy mobility. It can cool the room having an area around 125 to 175 square feet. The elegant and sleek design makes it an ideal companion for the offices.

luma Evaporative Cooler

There is a transparent water tank at the back of the unit measuring 1.6 gallons.

This makes it easy to keep watch on the water level and as such too, it has a water level indicator on the front side which beeps if there isn’t much water left inside the tray.

You can add ice cubes to it for better cooling. It is easy to clean the water tray and drain the excess water or stagnant water, in case it is not used, by simply opening the cork provided at the base of the unit.

luma Evaporative Cooler

If you are wondering about the above picture, let me tell you that it is the remote control device.

Unlike other remote devices which are rectangular in looks, Luma air cooler’s remote is circle offering 3 different modes and 3 different fan speeds.

The best part about Luma is that despite being a tower cooler it offers

luma Evaporative Cooler

Luma air cooler has removable mesh which can be cleaned thoroughly to remove dust. The automatic louvers are one of the exceptional features for the tall tower cooler category.

How Evaporative Coolers work:

The main thing which affects the efficiency of a water cooler is its blower.

The blower is a fan attached inside the cooler (a box-type device made with plastic or metal) which fetches air from outside and pushes it inside the house after passing it through a set of damp pads.

At this juncture evaporation takes place but a small pump inside the cooler helps to rotate the water and makes it fall on the damp pads every time.

Thus the water does not evaporate completely, helping to lower the room temperature.

Evaporative coolers are more environmentally friendly and power saver as compared to air conditioners. They work best in dry climates.


Although the power consumption of an air cooler is much less than that of an air conditioner still there are other aspects too which you need to consider before you purchase an air cooler.

You need to especially look into features like rollers/handles for easy mobility, water tank capacity, fan modes, cooling modes, the capacity to cool, timer options, louvers, the possibility of cleaning the water tank and mesh for better performance, and the noise levels.

As such, we have compiled the best list of air coolers for you but still, if you ask us our choice then we think that you should opt for Honeywell evaporative cooler.

Honeywell Evaporative Cooler

This is because it meets all the criteria which are needed in an air cooler and very easy to handle and clean.

Apart from that, the company provides services in the USA and the users state that they get excellent service from the company in case of any problems. We vouch for Honeywell evaporative air coolers.

Stay cool this summer and do let us know how you felt about our recommended product.