7 Best Cycling Shorts for Men in 2020


Why would a cyclist need special shorts? Is it just to show off or to get the feel of enjoying a particular sport?

As we dig a bit deeper into the above questions, we realize that cycling shorts are not just meant for style or to show off.

They are designed keeping in view certain specific purposes. They enhance your riding comfort by providing three benefits.

For long rides, just the perfect seat of a bicycle isn’t enough. What you need are the shorts with padding that can provide a little extra cushion to your own ‘seat’.

This padding is referred to as the ‘chamois’ and it is the most important part to look into while buying the cycling shorts.

Secondly, they help to reduce friction and thereby prevent any scars on your skin. Cycling shorts are made from a snug-fitting fabric that sticks to your skin and does not rub against it.

So the second most important factor to consider while buying cycling shorts is the tight-fitting shorts. (Remember, you are not supposed to wear the underwear under the cycling shorts)

Lastly, they manage moisture. Correct use of materials like Lycra or Spandex can promote the evaporation of sweat and prevent rashes and bacteria that can grow in case the normal wear is used instead of cycling shorts.

While purchasing you should pay special attention to the fact about the fabric used and the anti-bacterial properties that it has.

Having said this, we would now like to turn your attention to the best cycling shorts that we have shortlisted for you.

Name Fabric Chamois
Sponeed Polyester,
4D Gel
Sportneer Polyamide,
Santic Nylon,
4D foam
BALEAF Polyester,
3D Gel
Eco-daily Polyester,
NICEWIN Chintz Gel + Foam
Souke Polyester,
  1. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts – Best ones for the beginners.
  2. Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts – Most decent looking cycling shorts.
  3. Santic Cycling Shorts – Best in size fitting.
  4. BALEAF Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts – Ideal for birthday gifts to sons.
  5. Eco-daily Men’s Cycling Shorts – Best among the shorts without an elastic waist brand grip.
  6. NICEWIN Men’s Cycling Shorts – Best in safety and style and innovative chamois for best comfort.
  7. Souke Sports Men’s Cycling Underwear Shorts – Best simplistic design meant for the best comfort.

Let’s dive in!

1. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts



  • It is made up of Polyester and Spandex fabric that makes it breathable and moisture-free.
  • It has a 4D gel padding for better comfort.


  • Certain users have commented that it is not suitable for long and bumpy rides.

Sponeed cycling shorts are the branded shorts from China that come up to the waist and extend down to just above your knees.

You particularly need to take care of the style of shorts you wish to have because they come in a variety of inseam lengths.

The shorter ones are preferred for triathlons and short spins whereas the longer inseams can be used in long rides. Loner ones usually stay better in place and prevent chaffing of the inner thigh on the saddle.

If you pay close attention to the technical details of the product, you will realize how differently the panel construction is done in each case.

The best one would have six to eight panels for comfort and performance.


The use of polyester and spandex makes it moisture resistant. It quickly dries up and helps to keep your skin feel dry, not sweaty.

The tight-fitting materials help to decrease the air resistance and thereby allow the user to move ahead with great speed.


The most important feature of the cycling shorts is the extra padding used to reduce chafing and lack of seams in the crotch area.

A keen observer will notice the different shapes of the bicycle saddles. Each bike has a different saddle, broad or narrow one depending on its intended use.

While opting for cycling shorts you need to pay attention to the intended use.

Whether it is just for recreation, or road cycling or mountain biking has to be sorted out.

This is so because we have different cycling shorts meant for different purposes.

The ones that we are suggesting are often used for recreation and long rides on the road. Generally, they are not preferred in the mountains.

Sponeed shorts have a 4D Gel padding that has antibacterial properties.

This is important because if you ride the bicycle for a long duration, you will have more sweat and more chances of bacterial infection.

It is designed to meet the men’s geometry design and the holes make it a breathable fabric. You can expect a chafe comfort from it as it has enough silicon for the sit bones.

Also, the silicone rubbers do a great job of preventing the shorts from riding up the leg while riding and prevent it from slipping up.

Some of the cycling shorts use foam instead of gel. Gel-based padding is preferable because it lasts longer than foam-based padding.


The above table can be used as a reference to guide you in making a purchasing decision. The thumb rule is it should feel tight when you wear it. Then only you will be able to get the desired results.

2. Sportneer Men’s Cycling Shorts



  • It is made up of Polyamide and Spandex.
  • It is more water-absorbent than Polyester.
  • It prevents chafing.
  • It is made up of foam for better comfort.
  • It can be washed in a washing machine.
  • It contains a logo on the side panel that is reflected in the light.


  • Some of the users have size issues after purchasing it.
  • Some of the users complain that the foam deteriorates in quality after repeated use.

Sportneer cycling shorts are made from 82% polyamide and 18% spandex material. Polyamide is more water-absorbent than polyester.

To compensate this, it is blended with nylon. This gives the fabric much-needed flexibility and an ability to dry quickly.

The ability to dry fast keeps your skin free from rashes and chaff-free.


Unlike the previous one that we listed earlier, Sportneer has a foam padding and not gel-based padding.

Some of the users find it embarrassing that the ‘critical portions’ are colored differently which makes it look odd.

But according to us, when you are seated on a bicycle seat then ‘that portion’ is automatically going to get covered.

The foam makes even the bumpy rides easy for you and provides you the much-needed comfort.


Often it happens that the grip near the cuffs gets loose and fails to perform the basic function of cycling short. But Shortneer has a silicone chuff grip that prevents chafing in short legs. This is especially important to keep it in its place without sliding up.


The best cycling shorts would fit tightly. . Anything that fits a little loose, defeats the purpose. Although it has provided a size chart with the product, still you need to be doubly sure of the size.

Too tight materials can cause discomfort whereas too loose shorts do not serve any purpose.


We have seen sports enthusiasts who love to travel far off distances when the weather is cool and sometimes even at night.

At such times, even though you might be having fluorescent lights in your bicycle or a lamp, still if your body wear depicts your presence on the road, then it is a good sign.

Sportneer cycling shorts have a side logo which is reflected when lights are blown on it. This makes it extra safe for night driving.


Although we have included the size chart here for your reference, please bear in mind that the sizes do differ according to the places you stay. For eg XXL would be of different sizes in Europe and America. This is what many users have commented after buying it.


3. Santic Cycling Shorts


  • It is the most preferred brand when it comes to the issues of sizing.
  • The use of Nylon, Spandex, and Lycra makes it elastic and stretchable and gives it the ability to dry quickly.
  • It is moisture absorbent.
  • The padding is made from 4D foam which is comfortable according to most of the users.


  • It does not have pockets to carry things.

Santic cycling shorts is the most preferred brand of the customers when it comes to the issues of sizing.

Almost 75% of the customers say that even though they chose the size depending on the size chart, they could get a correct fitting short.


Available in ten different colors, Santic shorts are made from a combination of fibers like Nylon, Spandex, and Lycra.

The use of the above materials in shorts makes the shorts stretchable and capable of drying quickly. Also, it helps to reduce the friction between the garments and the seat of the bicycle and thereby prevents any skin rashes. It promotes the evaporation of sweat.

The anti-slip leg opening helps the shorts to stay in its place and many reviewers on Amazon have commented that it is quite comfortable.

If the grip is too tight it can cause discomfort while riding a bicycle but Spandex makes it stretchable and hence it automatically adjusts according to the body size.

If you are fond of night driving then, these shorts will make you visible even in pitch-black darkness. This is because of the logo on the side panel that shines as soon as light falls on it. Thereby reduces the chances of accidents.

The shorts have a mesh on the side panel that makes it comfortable to wear and keeps you away from feeling ‘hot’ inside. The breathable mesh allows the air to move and thereby make it comfortable for you.


As said earlier, the functionality of cycling shorts can be judged by the type of chamois used. It is the main part that should govern your buying decision apart from the type of fabric used.

Santic cycling shorts are 9.4 inches wide and have a 12-panel anatomic design for better comfort.

It uses 4D Coolmax cushion with more than 38 vents and has a three-dimensional design to suit the body requirements of a male.

Many users have opined that the chamois is good and it is made up of foam and not a gel. You need to be extra cautious while cleaning the garment as it is made from foam.

A simple hand wash is preferable in place of machine wash to increase the life of the foam.


As you can see from the above image, the chamois is strategically placed at the ‘correct location’ to give you much-needed comfort while riding.


As said earlier, nearly 75% of users find the size to be perfect when they based their decision on the sizing chart presented along with the product.

You can use this chart as a reference for buying it and the best part is many users have commented that the company offers excellent after-sales support.

That means if you have any issues with the size or anything you can get it resolved faster.

4. BALEAF Men’s Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts



  • It offers multiple color options.
  • It uses the fabric of Spandex and Polyester for elasticity.
  • It can be gifted considering the price and the variety of colorful options available.
  • It has a large 20 cm base with gel padding.


  • It does not have pockets to store things.

The best part about Baleaf is that it offers multiple color options ranging from bright colors to simple ones like gray, black, and white. So it makes it a perfect product to be used by youngsters as well as someone who doesn’t love bright colors.

The use of Spandex and Polyester makes it a breathable and stretchable fabric. Also, it helps you to stay away from unwanted moisture and keeps the ‘crucial’ area dry, free from bacterial infections.

The waistband is elastic, so it adjusts according to your body shape and makes you feel comfortable.

What is notable is the feature that it is wide. Due to a wide strip of elastic on the waistband, you do not get the marks on your waist due to the use of elastic.


Keeping in view the shape of the genitals of a man, Baleaf is specially designed to give you the proper comfort and relaxation.

The base is 20 cm wide and has an inseam of 4.7 inches. Depending on your size you can choose the best that suits you.

The ergonomic fitting on sides perfectly matches the counters of the body for the added comfort.


Baleaf cycling shorts offer 3D Gel padding that helps to wick the moisture and provides support to the sit bones. Some of the users have complained that the gel keeps moving a bit when you paddle, but it is perfectly okay. It is meant for that comfort.

You can wash it in a washing machine but it is better if you air-dry it instead of a machine dryer. This will enhance the productive life of the shorts.


As you can see from the above image the fabric used is quite breathable and moisture-wicking. The light weightedness and the stretchability make it feasible for regular use and many users have opined on Amazon that it is quite durable.


Depending on the measurements of your body for the waist size, the hip size, and the inseam, you can decide the best fitting size for you. Many users on Amazon found this chart useful to select the size that fits them.

5. Eco-daily Men’s Cycling Shorts



  • The use of Polyester and Spandex gives it breathability and elasticity.
  • Waistband grip is encased in the shorts for a longer life of the cycling shorts.
  • The flatlock seams reduce chafing.
  • The edges are rounded and laser cut to avoid any injury to the body parts.


  • The foam material is sometimes not suitable for bumpy rides.
  • It does not have pockets.

Eco-daily cycling shorts are made up of 80% Polyester and 20% Spandex. What is different in the above shorts from the others is waistband grip. It isn’t made of elastic. It is encased in the shorts.


Many users have opined that the chamois inside the shorts is very comfortable and thick. But it is made up of foam and not gel.

Some of the users feel that the foam gets pressed by the body weight in long rides making it a bit uncomfortable. But for small rides, it is preferable.


Eco-daily cycling shorts are available in six different colors. The mesh-like structure that you can see on the side panel is white on the front side of the shorts.

At the backside, you have a dot that reflects light, in case you are driving at night. The mesh-like structure provides breathability to the fabric and you don’t get the suffocating feeling inside.


How the garment is stitched affects its durability and level of comfort. The flatlock seams help to reduce chafing and thereby prevent irritation and skin rashes.

The widened leg gripper helps to keep the shorts in place. If you keenly observe the shape, you will be able to see that it is narrow near the thighs (inside area) and slightly broad outside.

This prevents any friction with the saddle. The edges are laser-cut and round to avoid any injury to your body parts.


Coming to the most important part now, the chamois! As you can see, it is a thick layer, stretchable, and has antibacterial properties.

Foam is used in place of gel inside the chamois. You need to dry it in the air for better functionality although you can wash it in the washing machine.


Although the shorts are made in China, the size chart shows the different sizes according to the US size. This makes it easy for the buyer to make the correct decision regarding the size.

In case of any mismatch in the size, you can return the material and get it replaced.

6. NICEWIN Men’s Cycling Shorts



  • It is the best fitting shorts according to the current users.
  • It is made up of Chintz fabric that helps to keep the body cool.
  • It has a glossy finish that makes it visible even from a far distance.
  • The floral design makes it a unique product.
  • The chamois consists of gel and foam both for better support.
  • It has pockets and a zip lock for keeping things while cycling.


  • We did not find any.

79% of the Amazon users find these shorts to be of perfect size after ordering it. There are more reasons to be happy about it. Unlike other shorts, it is not made up of polyester.

It is made up of Chintz fabric. Chintz is a fabric that blends cotton with other fabrics. Cotton helps to keep cool and Chintz is especially famous for the glossy finish and the floral design.

The floral design is made up of glossy material that makes it shine at night, making it safe for night driving.

A cyclist needs to carry many things with him like wallets, phone, credit cards, etc to name a few.

Nicewin cycling sports have pockets on two sides to keep such accessories and also a zip-lock pocket at the backside to keep the belongings safe.

The product is designed keeping in view the maximum comfort + style + usefulness to the user.


As you can see from the above picture, Nicewin has a broader chamois than others in the same category. This makes it suitable for all types of saddles that your bicycle has.

Whether the saddle is broad or narrow near the ends, this chamois will exactly fit in place to give you maximum comfort.

The best part is that the chamois is a combination of foam and gel. The butterfly-shaped chamois with a 3D stereoscopic pad makes it vibration-free and suitable for mountain riding.

Widened wings make the bicycle shorts fit your hips, and different compression resistance modules help to reduce the pressure and impact.


Nicewin has a foam base for the padding comfort and is thick enough to give you a diaper like feeling. It has got a good absorbing sweat absorbing capacity that helps your skin to remain dry and comfortable.

A close look reveals the stretchable and breathable pores with excellent air permeability.

You can wash the garment in the washing machine but for a better life, it should be air-dried and not in a machine dryer.


The unique Chintz fabric keeps you away from feeling suffocated inside the garment and helps to quickly evaporate the moisture.

The cross fiber technology makes it stretchable, flexible, and durable yet prevents deformation by washing.


As said earlier, current users opine that it is true to size. That means that there will be fewer issues due to the size and you can expect to get the garment of a perfect size.

Moreover, the Nicewin replaces the garment if it is of the wrong size. They have excellent consumer support.

7. Souke Sports Men’s Cycling Underwear Shorts

souke souke


  • The uses of polyester and Spandex increases its utility.
  • The fabric keeps the shorts free from moisture, friction.
  • More durable compared to others.


  • It does not have side pockets to keep things.

The front and rear views of the cycling shorts will give you an idea about the looks. Regarding the fabric, it is made up of 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex. Both of these materials help to keep it free from moisture, friction, and quick-drying ability.

Many users have commented that it feels very light just like a second skin attached to the body.

The 1.4-inch wide elastic waistband at the top helps to keep it in place. Unlike others, it is not separately stitched, rather it is one piece cloth so the possibility of the garment being torn from that area after the multiple usages is minimized. That is why it is durable.


The 1.8inch width, soft and subtle silicone leg grippers eliminate slipping and chafing.

They keep the chamois pad in the right place, letting you enjoy a comfortable long ride without the leg grippers going up every single time you paddle.


As you can see from the above picture, cycling shorts are flat stitched thereby you can avoid the friction caused due to the stick marks on the garment. It has breathing holes for better functionality.


It has a compact, seamless chamois of foam. Users have commented that it is comfortable for short rides. It has a 4-way stretch that allows it to adjust according to the body contours.

The pad has enough holes that allow air to flow and keep the saddle area well ventilated. This helps to prevent saddle sores and makes the fabric lightweight and breathable.


Though the product is manufactured in China, it is customized to be used by the people from all the countries.


The best cycling sports should have a breathable fabric, super absorbent, and moisture-free. You need to consider how the chamois is made.

Generally, gel chamois is preferred for long rides whereas foam-based chamois is preferred for short rides. This is so because there is a possibility that the foam may get pressed and get deformed if used longer.

Of course! It does depend a lot on the quality of foam used and whatever we have suggested here are all good quality foam materials.

The next thing to look into is whether the cycling shorts have pockets or any other attachment that can be used to keep things like cards, wallets, phones, etc. This is especially important if you are going on long rides.

The third and the most important thing often neglected by the people is the quality of chamois. Whether it has the sweat-absorbent capacity, breathable holes in it is the fact to be looked into.

It must be anti-bacterial to prevent any sort of bacterial infection.

Looking at all the above features, the product that we would suggest you buy from the above list is NICEWIN Men’s Cycling Shorts. It is the only cycling sport available in the market with the combination of gel and foam together.


So what are you waiting for? Stay in shape, stay fit. Do let us know which of the above cycling shorts did you prefer to buy and we would be really glad if you could share your experiences after using the same.

Happy cycling!

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