7 Best Epilators in 2024

By Lisa S

Let me share an interesting fact with you before we start. “Findings released by GfK from a 22-country survey show that women spend an average of almost five hours a week on personal grooming (bathing, shaving using epilators, dressing, hair, make-up)”.

Well, if you are the one who belongs to the above category, and want to look the best in the least possible time, then read on further.

Removing unwanted hair from our body is a time consuming and painful task. There is certainly a better way than going to saloons for that!

You can use epilators that are 100% safe, hygienic, less time consuming, and easy to use. We review products based on various parameters and bring out the best ones for you.

Here’s a list of 7 best epilators that we have shortlisted for you.

  1. Braun Epilator for Women– Best for beginners
  2. Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator For Women– Covers 30% more area than other epilators.
  3. Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator– Best in style, shaves upper lips too!
  4. Remington Smooth & Silky Deluxe Rechargeable Epilator – Best epilator suitable for all skin types.
  5. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover – Best for removing hair from legs.
  6. Emjoi eRase Dual Opposed e60Tweezer Head Epilator-Most compact epilator with minimum accessories.
  7. Epilady Skinlady Waterproof Epilator-Best in safety, it has a safety cap.

Let’s dive in!

1. Braun Epilator for Women

Barun epilators

Anyone new to epilators should use Barun epilators. One reason for saying this is because hair removal often causes pain which few are able to bear.

Barun is 100% wash proof, So you can use it while taking showers. This helps to relieve the pain.

The sensor attached to the unit prevents you from pushing it too hard against your skin. Therefore we strongly recommend it to first-time users.

The anti-slip mechanism prevents it from slipping down from your hands and also helps you to have a firm grip. Also, it can be tuned according to your needs at two different speeds.

Waxing often fails to remove hair from the roots, but Barun efficiently does it. Thereby it helps your skin to stay smooth for a longer duration.


It is a two in one machine where you get a massager cap along with the unit. The massager helps in more gentle and comfortable epilation.


It uses micro-grip tweezer technology with 28 tweezers for hair removal. Thus it can cover a broad area in one go.


Due to the small size and anti-grip technology, it is possible to use it comfortably in all areas of the body. It is quite suitable for underarms, knees, and adapts as per the contours of the body.

2. Panasonic Cordless Shaver & Epilator For Women

Panasonic epilators

The Panasonic epilator provides an easy, full-body hair removal at home. The five different attachments help to epilate, shave and trim. The attachments include:

  • an epilation head for legs and arms
  • a gentle cap for gentler epilation
  • sensitive area cap for underarms and bikini line
  • shaver head with the slide-up trimmer.

The main epilator attachment features a 1.25 inches area of epilation. This helps to cover to efficiently capture and remove body hair from the root.

It has a flexible 90˚ pivoting head that smoothly adjusts to your natural contours of your body and helps to remove hair from underarms, knees, with much comfort.

It can be charged via a USB provided with it and once charged can operate for 30 minutes. The wash-proof body makes the shaver perfect for use in the bath.


The sleek and slender design makes it comfortable to hold it tightly in hands and you can adjust from the three different speeds depending on your requirement.


It has rotating double discs with 60 hypoallergenic tweezers. The tweezers help to capture the hair effectively. It efficiently removes every single stray hair and even the hair that is often too short for waxing.


Due to the availability of varying degrees of speeds and the different attachments you can use it to quickly shave the broad areas as well as use to trim the delicate areas like underarms and the bikini line.


Many of the verified customers on Amazon have vouched for the good quality of the epilator. The feature that they particularly found useful is the availability of different sizes of head. We hope it helps you too!

3. Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator

philips epilators

Philips epilator has different attachments that are suitable to shave broad as well as narrow areas. It has a sleek and slender design and gets charged in 1.5 hours. Once charged it can work up to 40 minutes.philips

Special Ceramic tweezing Disks are tough on hair but gentle on the skin. This is suitable for sensitive skin types.

Extra-wide epilation head helps to grab more hair in less time and cause less pain. The different sizes of heads make it perfectly suitable for use in different body areas.

After getting charged it blinks the white light and it has two different speed modes to adjust.


The best part about Philips epilator is that it can be used even on upper lips with the special attachments that it has.philips

You can very well use it in wet or dry conditions. If you wish you can even apply the gel to your body and later shave it so that it removes the hair without hurting.


As seen in the picture, it can very effectively remove the hair from the bikini area. In case you feel it harsh, you can adjust the speed settings.

Epilators #4. Remington Rechargeable Epilator

Remington epilators

Remington is perhaps the smallest epilator you can have. The small size makes it a perfect companion in outings and trips.

Unlike other epilators, it does not require a cord to charge. It operates on a battery and the indicator lets you know when the battery is down.


It uses 40 tweezers to remove the hair fast. What makes it different from the other epilators is the technology that causes the least pain.

It has comfort bristles on the heads that help to reduce the skin irritation.


The different accessories help you to adjust it to the contours of the body. It can be used on the face, bikini, underarms, and legs to remove unwanted hair.


It comes with a small light on its body which can be used to watch closely which hair is removed and which need to be re-worked.

Epilators #5. Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Women’s Hair Remover

flawless epilators

If you are wondering whether it is a mouse or an epilator, let me clear your doubts. It is an epilator designed for maximum comfort.

It gives you comfort not only while shaving but also holding it in your hands. The only thing is that it is mainly used for shaving legs and not any other body parts although some users use it underarm too.

flawless epilators

It has four round shaped blades that move in a circular direction to trim the hair. It has 18K gold plated heads that contour to every curve.

flawless epilators

It can be comfortably charged by the power plug provided with the unit. Once completely charged, it works on an ion-lithium battery that works for 1 hour.

flawless epilators

Due to the circular shape, it fits the palm easily and can be easily used on difficult areas like knees, thighs, and the area under the knees.


It can be comfortably used on the bikini area and suits all skin types.

Epilators #6. Emjoi eRase Dual Opposed e60Tweezer Head Epilator

Emoji epilators

Emoji epilator is a pocket-size epilator with minimum attachments and very easy to use. Even though it is small in size, it consists of 60 dual tweezers that give your skin a soft touch every time you use it.

Epilators #7. Epilady Skinlady Waterproof Epilator

epilady epilators

Epilady epilators have ergonomic designs which make it very comfortable to hold. Manufactured in Italy, it is suitable for all skin types. It can be used for removing hair from legs, underarms, face, and bikini area.

epilady epilators

What’s special about the Epilady epilator is that it is very compact with minimum accessories that are a must for efficiency.

Along with the extra epilation heads meant for underarms, the bikini area, it has a small covering cap that can be used to cover the blades when not in use.

It has a fully waterproof body and you can use it in showers. It gets charged via a power cable and once charged, it can be used for 40 minutes continuously.

The cleaning brush provided with the unit helps you to get rid of any hair that is stuck in the blades. It has got two different speed adjustments and an LED to illuminate your skin as you epilate.

Best Epilators according to us?

When it comes to epilation, we need to consider many things like the intended area of use, the type of material used, whether it can be used in wet conditions, whether it permits the use of gel before shaving, etc.

Although these matters apparently seem trivial, they are of vital importance. If you ponder on the above little things you will be able to find a better product for yourself.

One more thing you need to consider is the goodwill of the product. You also need to take note of the fact regarding the availability of the blades for replacement.

Considering all the above facts if you ask us to choose the one among the above list then it would be undoubtedly Philips Satinelle Advanced Hair Removal Epilator.philips epilators

Philips is the well-known name for the electronics market and it has been in this business for many years. So you can rest assured about its quality and service issues.

We hope our review helps you to choose the best product for yourself. If you have any concerns or suggestions, kindly share them with us. We shall be glad to hear from you.