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3 Best GPS Pet Tracker (2024)

By Lisa S

About GPS Pet Tracker

GPS Pet Trackers has come a long way since they were invented. So, let’s find out which are the best GPS Pet Trackers available in the market today. More than 10 million pets in one year go missing and never come back home!

Make sure your pets not one of them! With advance technology in Apple Watch and Fitbit, 2016 brought a great deal of innovation in the gadgets making life better and more tech-dependent.

So, how can we leave our pets behind? When technology throws amazing wearable safety and location-tracking gadgets then what are our excuses to not pick them and protect our pets from unforeseen incidents?
Let’s talk about GPS Pet Tracker ! While there are lots of options cramming the market, its really difficult to choose the best GPS Pet tracker. Before choosing any Pet GPS Tracker, you need to consider if its really useful for you and your pets or just a fancy gadget to tie around your fur babies neck.
Effective features, durability, waterproof, lightweight and longer battery life are some of the factors to be considered before making a decision. In this article, we will be talking about the top 3 GPS Pet trackers and make the task easier for you. Choose according to your needs:


Features Pod 2 GPS Tagg Whistle GPS
pod-2 GPS Pet Tracker tagg GPS Pet Tracker whistle GPS Pet Tracker
Connectivity Technology GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular technology GPS GPS
Activity Monitor tick tick
Record adventures Upto 8 hours tick wrong
Escape Alert tick tick tick
Waterproof tick ticktick
Weight 1 ounce 1.1 ounce 1.3 ounce
Battery life 5 to 6 days 10 days Upto 10 days
No of countries where it can work 175 Anywhere in US Anywhere in US
Network 2G GPS GPS
Monthly fees $49 Annual renewal after 1 yr service plan Required as low as $6.95/mo to be selected at activation
Audible Alert wrong wrong wrong
Track on Multiple Devices tick tick
Monitor Sensor tick tick
Air temperature sensor wrong wrong

1. Pod 2 GPS: Finding your pet gets easy with Pod 2 GPS:

pod-2 GPS Pet Tracker

Pod 2 GPS is highly recommended because of its super hi-tech features that let you breathe without any tension. It fits well and gets attached to any collar of any size. It comes with amazing features like on-demand locate your pet, monitor your pet activities while you are out and make memories by recording all their mischievous activities on your smartphone, tablet or even your laptop. Its added bnew generation WiFib makes the gadget deliver faster positions and lets you locate your fur babies even indoors.

Product Review: A winner in the lot!

First things first, its the best because very few GPS Pet trackers are cat-compatible and clearly Pod 2 realized the market demand and nailed it. Its first version was not up to the mark and had a lot of bugs and tracking issues. However, the company worked hard on its second version and came up with the most sophisticated product for its users safety (Users = Pets o
). Apart from its activity monitor, on-demand locate your pet and WiFi features, the device is water proof and perfectly works even if your pet wants to enjoy the ocean (Sand and salt? Bring it on!)

Its long lasting dual battery system is the most impressive feature. You dont have to worry about charging batteries since after one signals empty, you have another one as a back up and first one can be plugged-in to charging. This way you don’t forget putting the GPS on to your pets. Even the battery life is extraordinary, it runs up to 5 days b isnt it wonderful?

Pets are very moody and dont understand this human world. They dont want these gadgets hanging around their necks. Pod 2 understood this issue and manufactured a lightweight cork-sized GPS Pet tracker that does’t weigh your pet down with its burden (thats why it’s compatible for the tiny cats). After all, every size matters and every pet is valuable.

Why should you buy Pod 2 GPS Pet Tracker?

1. Find my Pet: With the blocate now button you can find your pet in real time whether he/she is indoor or outdoor. The location is displayed on the map and you can easily catch the playful baby right at the push of a button (No hide and seek for them o).

2. Activity Monitor: We know how naughty pets are especially the babies. They tend to wander off and could get caught in some kind of mishap. To prevent them from such accidents, Pod automatically records all the activities and helps you watch them without interrupting their fun moments (Stealing treats? No problem! Playing with electrical wires? NOOO!)

3. Escape Alerts: Haven’t you experienced bmini-heart attack moments when your pet ran off? This is the worst nightmare a pet owner could have. With Pod 2, you can easily set bsafe zones and define a virtual boundary protecting your pets from running towards the big bad world. The moment they go out of that zone, Pod 2 sends escape alerts and you can immediately take necessary steps.

4. Adventure Mode: Have you watched the movie bThe secret life of Pet? We all want to know the adventure our pets carry on after we leave the house. Say Hello to Pod 2! This tiny device would track and record up to 8 hours of your pets secret life and sync with the app via Bluetooth. Be a part of their adventure and giggle!

Others factors to make Pod 2 your first choice

1. Its makers claim that Pod 2 is the worlds smallest and lightweight GPS Pet tracker
a. (Length=2inches, Diameter=0.9inches and weight= 29gms).

2. It works in more than 175 countries globally, so its really an investment.

3. It uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular technology – via an embedded SIM – to easily keep a track of your pet and make your life breezy.

2. Tagg GPS: It’s not just a GPS  Pet Tracker it’s a Fitbit !

With increasing number of technological pieces for pets, Fitbit kinds of gadgets are catching up more. Tagg GPS aims to work towards not only keeping the pets safe but also monitoring their wellness. The cutting-edge devices bactivity monitor helps the owners to keep a track of their pets and also oversees their fitness levels. We all know how pets love to run and they don’t know if the weather is good for them or not. Tagg comes with a btemperature sensor that alarms you if your pet is in danger of over heating on a real hot day. Isn’t it amazing?

tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Pets always want to play, summer, winter, rain; no weather can possibly stop them. The company manufactured Tagg GPS in such way that it not only takes care of the pets safety but also signals if the heat or cold is too much for the. Owners, who leave their pets in cars on a hot day can benefit from such device (it’s not advisable to leave your pets in the car though). It tracks your pets activity and rest patterns and informs you about their health and behavior.

It’s very much wearable and highly recommended for the pets weighing 15lbs or more. Taggs activity monitor accurately displays your pets position also records the moments when they become a naughty monster.

It seems to be pretty durable (Looks like an Apple Watch) and doesn’t demand too much of charging; a couple of times in month is sufficient. It’s waterproof and can be used during unforgiving weather conditions for example when your dog wants to have fun in rain, you can watch and play with him without worrying about the gadget.

Tagg is not very expensive and is a fantastic option for your pets.

Why should you buy Tagg?

Let’s know more about Taggs features before you decide to buy it.

1. Maps and Directions: You have a roaming dog/cat, who doesn’t listen to you? Gift him Tagg GPS Pet Tracking and stop worrying about him being lost. With Tagg GPS B Pet Tracking you can define bsafe zones and if your pet wanders off, Taggs GPS notifies you on your cell or tablet or laptop.

2. Notifications: If your pet is lost, every second counts. Taggs app sends notifications; text or email, within a few minutes of your pet loses his way back home.

3. Health Tracker: Health should never be ignored. Tagg also monitors your pets health and wellness and notifies you if he/she is in some kind of health hazards.

Other factors to consider before buying Tagg

1. Tagg is nothing less than a Fitbit for your pets. It tracks your pets health efficiently.

2. It’s durable, dog-proof (let your dog be himself) with amazing GPS tracking feature.

3. A thoughtfully designed device to protect your pets from any unpleasant incident does’t require any recommendation.

4. Just Tagg your pets, download the app and leave all your worries on this hi-tech device and let your pet enjoy his freedom.

3. Whistle GPS:Track your Pets in real-time without wasting a minute!

whistle GPS Pet Tracker

How convenient and comforting it is when you receive all the information about your pet; it’s like someones always watching over without restricting your pets freedom. Whistle GPS pet tracker is one of those few tracking systems that promise to take care of your pets as its own. The best on-collar GPS tracking device marries a simple mobile app and creates a magical gadget putting your pet first.

Product Review: Be a hero in the eyes of your pets!

Who does not like coming back to home? Unfortunately, according to the statistics, 1 in 3 pets go missing in their lifetime and never make it back to their human parents. Whistle GPS tracker ensures yours comes back safe and wagging their tails happily. This cool GPS gadget is their friend in time of distress and danger.

It is sleek and attractive design definitely lures the customers however it is more than a pretty face. The tracker not only keeps your pets safe but also monitors their health and fitness levels. It lets you set pets fitness goals and rest patterns and everything is easily accessible from your smartphone.

Whistle is lightweight (1.3 ounces), waterproof and very much wearable (can attach to any collar). The tracker is rated 1P67, which loudly announces that it’s topnotch, durable and ready to go anywhere with your pets. It is waterproof, which rules out all the excuses of not taking your dog to a beach swim.

Another great reason to buy Whistle GPS is its amazing battery life. It has the longest-running battery in the market. No other GPS can compete with its 10hour battery life and it doesn’t stop here; once it dies out you can recharge it in just one hour. Just imagine, in 1 hour your pet is again guarded with life.

Whistle GPS tracker is designed for pets and considered every feature to be included to keep your pets safe, sound and happy.

Why should you buy Whistle?

1. Whistle Zone: Whistle lets you designate bwhistle zones for your pets i.e. safe virtual boundaries. You can mark home or patio or garden as safe zones and if they run off the boundaries, Whistle proactively sends alerts on the mobile and lets you aware of the situation. You can instantly track your pet and bring them back to the safe areas.

2. Nationwide GPS Coverage: Once a Whistle always a Whistle! Changing locations within the US wont affect this devices working capabilities. Its advanced GPS and cellular technology accurately locates your pets position anywhere in the US.

3. Monitor Health Trends: This tracker has amazingly combined two best features, Location-tracking and smart Health Monitor, and proved its sensitivity towards the pets. With this feature, you can have a tight watch over your pets long-term health trends and keep your fur baby in great shape.
Not only this, with bTrack Progress feature you can get notifications if theres any significant change in your pets sleep or activity patterns.

4. Connect with Caretakers: It is important to know everyone who is a part of your pets life. In Whistle, you can add your family, friends, dog walkers, dog sitters, day boarding in-charge under your pets account and keep everyone updated about his health, fitness, medicines and food habits.

Other factors to consider before buying Whistle

1. Whistle is a complete 360degree package necessary for your pets safety. Whether its health or location-tracking issues, the gadget makes sure you know ins and outs about your pet.

2. It is simple, seamless and fun GPS tracker designed especially for your pets, which puts important facts and insights about them right in your pocket.

3. It informs you when somethings not right and lets you sleep peacefully knowing that your pet is safe.

4. Its usable, wearable and never compromises with any pets life.

Buyers Guide: Why invest in a good B GPS PetB Tracker?

There are so many advantages that make it important for your pets to own a durable and effective GPS Tracker:

1. Safety: Almost all the GPS trackers come with a feature of designating safe zones for your pets. Such feature allows you to virtually mark the safe boundary for pets and the moment they cross it, the tracker notifies you on the mobile and you can instantly take necessary steps.

2. Real Time Tracking: If God forbid your pet gets lost, GPS trackers work in real time and help you with finding the exact location without wasting a single second.

3. Let your Pets be Adventurous: Long leash and Choke chains are so passC). With trackers you can enjoy the outdoor activities with your pets and let them be freely running around the woods. With trackers on their neck you can keep a tab on them and also watch their activities right on your mobile.

4. Health Monitor: Nowadays, Trackers are coming with advanced technology, which work as FitBit for your pets. Health monitor allows you to keep a watch on your pets health. You can feed in the amount of exercise and rest time your pet needs and accordingly monitor the progress.

5. Activity Monitor: While you are outside your house, with activity monitor in the GPS Trackers you can record and watch the notorious activities of your pets and also be in peace about their safety.

6. Instant Notifications: All the GPS Trackers are embedded with WiFi and Cellular technologies and instantly send notifications on your mobile if something goes wrong with your pets.

Points to consider before buying a GPS Pet Tracker

  • Why do you need a GPS Pet Tracker for your pets?
  • Which GPS Pet tracker is best for your pets safety?

The answers could depend on various reasons. Cost, durability, features and battery life these are some of the factors you should deliberate before choosing any tracking device for your pets. Every tracker comes with common and some unique features that would make them standout in the crowd.

Some more points you may consider before making a purchase:

1. Make a thorough research on the cost-effectiveness of a GPS Pet tracker.

2. Make sure weight of the tracker is suitable for your pets. Some gadgets are too large for dogs under 20 pounds.

3. Most of the GPS Pet tracker systems charge a monthly fee.

4. Battery life is important for a tracker

5. Is the device water-resistant or waterproof?

6. The tracker should be wearable and should not be bogged down the pet with its weight.

7. Choosing GPS Pet tracker means getting other features like activity monitor, health monitor and so on. More features mean more bucks.

8. Most of the GPS Pet tracker are not made for tiny cats. Always check the weight and size of the tracker especially buying for cats.


Runaway pets are unfortunate and common situation and the only way to prevent it is to act proactively. Traditional methods like name tags are just a thing of past. In this technology-forward era, we should optimally utilize new advances and save our pets from unseen incidents. Having happy, healthy and safe pets is all we want and saving fewer bucks over the safety of our pets could be regrettable in future. So, think efficiently and invest prudently on the best-suited Tracker.


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