5 Best Self Cleaning Litter Boxes in 2024 (Reviews/Buying Guide)

By Lisa S

Our Top Picks

Most trusted brand- PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
“ With this little box, it scoops 20 minutes – no smell to linger. WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!!”
Most easy and economical to operate- Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box
“It is a very good litter box. The construction was easy and it works exactly as described.”
Latest in technology with vacuum hoses- LitterMaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box
“The product works better than I thought. Also, I commend their customer service.”
Best for multi-pet households- Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box
“ Also, the lid that covers the receptacle is GREAT at keeping the smell from getting out of the bin. ”
Self-flushing litter box- CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box
“…I LOVE the Catgenie, where I never have to touch poop or litter, no smells, no bacteria.”

Self-cleaning litter boxes are one of the devices that can help you in efficiently handling your pet’s litter and taking care of hygiene at home at the same time.

1. PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

PetSafe Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

PetSafe is the first brand that comes to mind when we want the best product for our pets. Indeed this is shown by a whopping 65% people giving a 5-star review for it.

PetSafe self-cleaning litter box is the easiest to operate. You just need to fix the tray containing the crystals at the bottom of the unit. The crystals are powerful enough to absorb moisture and odor. Not only that it keeps the litter covered and takes care of hygiene.


  • Odor and moisture absorbing crystals.
  • Disposable litter trays that can be used for a long duration around 3 weeks, depending on the usage.
  • A covered trap keeps waste out of sight and maintains hygiene.
  • Health counter tracks your cat’s usage.
  • The crystals don’t stick to the cat’s paws spilling it all over the room.


  • Pricing on a higher side compared to the other self-cleaning litter boxes on our list.
  • The disposable box is larger than a pizza box size and does not fit in the dust bin.
  • Replacing the litter tray with crystals every time is a costly affair.
  • It requires a large foot space.
  • Replacing the disposable box isn’t that easy as they display it in advertisements.

2. Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Made in Canada, this is a non-electric self-cleaning cat litter box which is the least expensive brand on our list. All you need to do is to fill the box (up to the making inside the unit) and roll it after your cat has used it.

You can replace the box with clumping cat litter of your choice depending on the usage. The cat litter is collected in another pull-out tray and can be discarded easily.


  • Very easy to use and does not use power.
  • It features the integrated litter step that helps to catch any litter stuck to the cat’s paws.
  • Chrome-plated locking clips give it an elegant look.


  • You need to replace the clumping clay often depending on the usage.
  • Does not have any health counter affixed in the equipment.
  • You need to manually roll the device to move the litter.

3. LitterMaid Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

LitterMaid Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you are searching for a product that requires low maintenance then have a look at LitterMaid Self-cleaning litter box. Probably it is the only one that can be connected with the vacuum hoses to get rid of the litter. Self-cleaning in a true sense!


  • It is equipped with a walking ramp that prevents the cat from walking all over the room with littered paws.
  • Waste receptacles have carbon filters that help to control odor.
  • High walls help to prevent litter scattering at places.
  • Can be connected to the vacuum hoses to get rid of the cat litter.
  • Equipped with a smart detection motor sensor.


  • Not useful if you have multiple cats as pets.
  • Some users find it to be noisy.
  • It does not have a hood to cover the litter.
  • Many users have issues about the durability of the product.
  • Tends to jam and clog sometimes.

4. Nature’s Miracle Multi-Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Nature-Miracle Self Cleaning Litter BoxesIf you are having multiple pets at home, do have a look at Nature’s Miracle Self-cleaning litter box. It has very large dimensions to allow multiple cats to use it. It uses charcoal instead of clumping clay and effectively reduces the odor.


  • Carbon filters efficiently reduce the odor.
  • The paw cleaning ramp helps to prevent the litter from tracking around the box and also to the cat’s paws.
  • LED lights create night-time visibility for the product.
  • It is equipped with a smart motion detection sensor.


  • Proves economical only if you have multiple pets.
  • Occupies a large foot space.
  • Not suitable for all types of cat litter.
  • Bit expensive on pockets compared to the others in a similar category.

5. CatGenie Self Washing Self Flushing Cat Box

CatGenie Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

If you want your cat’s litter box to be like the ones that we humans use, have a look at CatGenie. Yes! It is the most expensive option among all the options that we have listed but it is worth it.

You need to connect it to a water source and a power source to the washroom just once, thereafter you just need to choose the mode for cleaning the granules. You do not need to replace it often like the other ones we listed above.


  • Most eco-friendly and hygienic option.
  • You do not need to frequently change the granules as they are washed and dried thoroughly at selected intervals.
  • It uses an approved Sani solution for washing the granules.
  • Granules cartilage does not require any replacement and is provided when you purchase a CatGenie litter box.


  • The installation setup takes a bit of time.
  • Some customers face the issues of clotting and feel that the drain-pipe is too narrow.
  • You cannot use any other company’s cartridge in it, it has to be purchased from CatGenie.
  • The scooper slots that are used to collect the litter are too wide and sometimes miss out on the narrow ones.

Our Winner:

So we are done with our explanation regarding the best five products that we think good for this purpose. Now it is the time for the verdict.

According to me, you should buy the one that your cat will find comfortable to use. Undue huge noise and bit models scare them.

Accordingly, we recommend you to use Omega Paw EL-RA20-1 Roll N Clean Self Separating Self Cleaning Litter Box.


It is safe and simple to use and your cat will adjust to it quickly. Also, you can choose the clumping litter of any brand that you are familiar with. It does not require any power or water connection.


Here are some tips for buying self-cleaning litter boxes.

What are the things that deserve special attention?
You need to particularly look into the type of litter box used.

Secondly, you need to take a note of the type of litter that you can add to the box, specifically noting its cost, probability of being re-used, and the possibility of using a different brand of litter.

Which type of model of the litter box to choose?
Self-cleaning litter boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Depending on how many pets you have, what type of model suits your cat, you can opt for one.

Some cats get adjusted to the open rectangular boxes, some prefer the ones that connect to the power source (the noise does not bother them), whereas the others prefer dome-shaped. They love to do things sitting quietly in the corners of a room.

Broadly cat litter boxes are available in six different types.

Open litter pans:

It is the most basic and least expensive design. They allow maximum ventilation but they fail to trap odor and the waste is visible.

Hooded litter boxes

They are moderately priced and cover the litter pan. The hoods are generally made from plastic and the pet needs to enter through the swinging door or by pushing the cover.

Top-entry litter boxes

Just as the name suggests, they allow the entry of the pet from the top. Such boxes require the pets to climb on the top of the box to excrete. Such boxes help in reducing cat litter tracking.

Self-cleaning litter boxes

Self-cleaning litter boxes employ technology that automates the litter box emptying procedure. Variety of models are available such as:

  • Electric combing mechanism:

These models have electric combing mechanisms that use infrared light or pressure pad to guess whether the pet has used the litter box.

After it senses the litter it is automatically scooped into the disposable-bag-lined containers.

  • Vacuumised litter boxes:

These designs directly connect to a home’s plumbing (faucet connection and drain). This helps to wash, rinse, and dry the permanent litter pellets automatically.

  • Roll and clean boxes:

Simpler designs exist as well which do not require any power or water source. Such boxes require the owner to manually shake the clumps into an easy-to-remove tray. After that, you need to discard the waste.

  • Sifting litter liner boxes:

This method uses a shifting mechanism with a sifting litter liner. It rotates as it sifts out the clumps and deposits them in a drawer below the sphere.

  • Two-belt system boxes:

Some automated litter boxes make use of a two-belt system. The top belt has a litter that is ready to use while the lower belt has a batch surplus litter. With the mixing of litters at two different levels, the cleaning takes place.

  • Disposable litter boxes:

Just as the name indicates, these litter boxes are the best for convenience. They allow you to dispose of the litter without a need to clean it.

Travel litter boxes

They contain disposable bags that are meant for containing litter. The small size makes it convenient to carry such boxes while traveling.

What are the different types of litter available in the market?
Different types of litter are available in the market that allows you to re-use them, some need frequent disposal, some are nature friendly and biodegradable whereas others quickly absorb odor, some other variety of litters can be flushed too.

Broadly they can be classified as under:

  • Non-tracking cat litter
  • Clumping cat litter
  • Natural cat litter
  • Odor control cat litter
  • Kitten cat litter
  • Flushable cat litter
  • Crystal cat litter
  • Paper pellet cat litter
  • Corn cat litter
  • Wood pellet cat litter
  • Coconut cat litter

Mostly, self-cleaning litter boxes use clumping cat litter or crystal cat litter. Some models like CatGenie use flushable cat litter.

Generally, all of them are good absorbents of odor and moisture. You specifically need to check whether a particular brand of litter is okay with the litter box that you have chosen.

Things to check while looking out for self-cleaning litter boxes.
  • Whether it is meant for one cat or multiple cats.
  • Replacement of consumables.
  • Connections to the power or water source that are required.
  • The cost involved.
  • The frequency of replacement of consumables that are required.
  • The size, shape, and physical dimensions of the self-cleaning litter box.
Tips to buy a self-cleaning litter box.
  • Self-cleaning litter boxes generally have problems of jamming and clotting. Read reviews before you purchase.
  • They should reduce human effort and not increase it.
  • It should not scare your cat by making too much noise.
  • It should be animal friendly.
  • It should be able to control the odor effectively.
  • The self-cleaning litter box that you decide to purchase should be able to adapt to any consumable clumping litter that you purchase and it should not be company-specific.
  • They should be cost-effective.
  • It is nice if the litter box has a health counter and can monitor the health of your pet.

We hope our review helps you in choosing the best self-cleaning litter box for your pet. If you have any suggestions or concerns, do write to us in the comments section. We will be happy to hear from you.