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Lozayi Portable Blender Review: Features + Pros/Cons

By Lisa S

Portable blenders are small kitchen gadgets that help us to stay fit. They save our energy in cleaning large equipment like mixers. They come in handy when you want to prepare a smoothie quickly.

People use blenders for a variety of reasons. It can be used due to its portability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, ease of charging, etc.

They can be used by mothers for preparing smoothies for their babies.

They can be used by health-conscious people to make health drinks using different types of fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

Portable blenders can also be used by bodybuilders to make protein shakes, It can be used by children to satisfy hunger with a healthy option.

We wrote a review of the different types of portable blenders earlier. We received many queries from our readers regarding different brands.

Hence, today we thought of writing in detail about Lozayi portable blenders.

In this discussion, we will analyze deeply the features, pros, and cons of the Lozayi portable blender and help you to decide its purchase.

We hope you enjoy reading this article, as much as we enjoyed writing it.

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Before we dive into a detailed discussion of the pros and cons, here is a quick look at all the features.


  • Handy and BPA free, safe for preparing baby food.
  • No need to store smoothie in a separate container,  thereby it reduces the task of cleaning multiple containers.
  • Can be charged using USB via laptops, in cars, power banks.


  • Needs 3 hours to get fully charged
  • Both the lids contain rubber gaskets that aren’t removable. It makes it difficult to clean it thoroughly.
  • Extra gaskets are not provided with the product.

Product Specifications:

Capacity 15oz
Batteries 4000mAh
Motor 7.4v
Material used BPA free
Speed of rotation 22000rpm
Blades 6 blades made of stainless steel
Charging device USB cable
Charging time 2 to 3 hours
Intended use, once charged 24 times
Safety Does not operate unless properly assembled.

Let’s dive in deeper now.


lozayi portable blenderMany other blenders in the same category require to be carried wholly. But with the Lozayi blender, the case is different.

Unlike other blenders, the jar is removable and has a lid so the jar can be used as a bottle to carry your smoothie, in case you do not wish to carry the blender with you.

Also, it is compact and requires less footprint. You can easily carry it in an office bag or a purse. It won’t occupy much space on your kitchen shelf.

lozayi portable blenderThe jar is made from BPA-free borosilicate glass that is safe for use even for babies. You can drink the smoothie directly from the jar and there is no need to pour it in another container.

lozayi portable blenderLozayi blender has six powerful stainless steel blades that are powered by a 7.4 volts motor. The blades rotate at a speed of 22000 rpm and are powerful enough to crush frozen food and ice.

The unit does not start unless the jar is properly affixed to it. This makes it safe to use and most importantly there is no fear of getting your fingers hurt while cleaning it.

lozayi portable blenderLozayi blenders can be charged using a wall charger when you are using it home. The unit can also be charged using a laptop, power bank, or a car charger.

It is nice to note that it can operate 24 times once it is completely charged. It generally requires 2 to 3 hours to get fully charged.

It has 4000mAh recyclable batteries so you can use it as a power bank to charge your cell phone, laptop in case of an emergency. We think this is an added benefit.

lozayi portable blenderThe less footprint space that it occupies, the portability, the ease of use are some of the factors that make it a perfect companion for using it in offices, homes, gyms, or outdoors.

Cleaning the jar is also easy if you clean it soon after the operations. You just need to put in some water and rinse.

You can add some disinfectant if you wish, this will prevent bacterial growth.


Although the benefits are in higher numbers than the disadvantages, still it is important to note a few things before you opt for Lozayi portable blenders.

The gaskets that help to keep the jar tightly closed cannot be removed and there is a possibility of bacterial growth, if not cleaned properly.

Also, the unit does not come with an extra pair of gaskets or a jar.


Looking at the features of portability, the space requirements, the quality of materials used in the jar, the blades, and most importantly the motor and the rotating speed of the blades, we recommend Lozayi portable blender.

In our opinion, the cons that we mentioned earlier are faced by some users but they can be avoided if you apply proper safeguards.

In our opinion Lozayi is the only portable blender with 15oz capacity, generally, all other blenders have a maximum capacity of around 10 to 12oz.

So if you want to use it for a family then the Lozayi blender will certainly satisfy your needs. It saves you from the labor of repeated cleaning.

We hope our review helps you to decide the purchase of a Lozayi portable blender.

Do let us know your experiences in the comments section after you use our recommended product.

We shall be happy to hear your views and concerns if any, after using the product.