Smarter Electric kettle1

7 Best Smart Electric Kettles (2024)

By Archana P

Our Top Picks

Best in technology: Smarter Electric kettle
“Google assistant integration worked flawlessly.”
Best for In-built Memory: Cuisinart Electric kettle
“..two-minute memory feature that remembers the temp setting.”
Most Spacious: Viante Smart Electric Water Kettle
“..this kettle is tall and thin, its footprint is gratifyingly small.”
Ergonomic design: KRUPS BW801852 Smart Temp Digital Kettle
“The cord hides in the base that’s unobtrusive in my kitchen.”
Best for health-conscious: Primens Smart Electric Kettle
“Finally I found NO plastic kettle with temperature control!”
Most Durable: MIAOKE Kettle, Smart Electric Kettle
“material is rustproof, which prevents leakage in the long run.”
Best for Customization: Brewista Smart Pour Electric Switch Kettle
“he programmable feature is excellent.”

Smart Electric Kettles are the ‘smart devices’ that allow you to customize your cup of tea depending on its type and can be programmed using different apps or IFTTT tools. Here is a quick look at the top 7 products that we selected just for you.

Item 1: Smarter Electric kettle

Smarter Electric kettle1

The smarter electric kettle is smart in the sense that it can be controlled via phone. It has got a 1.8 liters capacity. The unit can be removed from the base and the wire can be securely kept inside the base.


  • It connects with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and many other IFTTT devices.
  • The spout makes it easy to pour the hot beverage without the fear of spilling.
  • It has an in-app replenishment feature that helps you to restore the stock of critical items needed for a perfect cup of tea.


  • Some of the users do have connectivity issues when they try to connect the device by phone.

Item 2: Cuisinart Electric kettle

Cuisinart Electric kettle2

Chilling winter mornings or Sundays might be ‘lazy mornings’ for some of us! How many times has it been with you that you switched on the kettle and then rolled back in the bed to get up in another five minutes?

Cuisinart Electric Kettle has a sleep mode that allows the unit to rest if it is not used for 5 minutes. This helps to save power as well as prevents damage to the unit due to overheating.


  • It has a memory function that remembers your last settings for 2 minutes even after you take off the unit from the base for serving.
  • It has a keep warm feature that helps to maintain the perfect temperature.
  • It has a boil-dry protection technology that turns off the unit if there is not enough water inside.
  • It is very easy to clean due to the removable scale filter.
  • It has a good capacity of 1.7 liters and has a 3-year warranty.
  • It has a glass cover that shows the amount of water in the kettle.


  • The buttons are placed on the handle that makes it vulnerable to be touched when you are pouring out the liquid. This is the issue with some of the customers.

Item 3: Viante Smart Electric Water Kettle

Viante Smart Electric Water Kettle3

If you are forgetful and often forget to switch off things, then Viante Electric Water Kettle will be a boon for you. This is because it automatically shuts off after a specific time duration. It has a capacity of 1.7 liters.


  • It has an elegant design and appealing looks.
  • It uses stainless steel material and is BPA-free.
  • The top can be easily removed to fill it.
  • Broad display with a broad base adds to the safety and utility of the product.
  • It has customized options to choose from and can be used to prepare baby food.
  • It can keep the water warm for 8 hours even after the unit is turned off.
  • It occupies less footprint space in the kitchen.


  • The electrical cord is short and you need to have a power supply just near the unit.
  • The flow of the beverage is very slow while pouring it out.
  • Every time you need to fill the kettle the top has to be removed.
  • It cannot be programmed for regular operations.
  • It allows temperature increments only in 5 degrees.

Item 4: KRUPS Smart Temp Digital Kettle

KRUPS Smart Temp Digital Kettle4

Krups is a German technology smart Kettle with a 1.7 liters capacity. It is almost similar to the one we discussed earlier, ‘Cusine’. However, some features differentiate the two.


  • The lightweight makes it easy for kids and elder people to handle it.
  • It is made from BPA-free material and the outer body stays cool even though inside it is heated up.
  • It is very easy to fill the kettle due to the ergonomic design.
  • With similar features, it is more economical than Cuisine Kettle.


  • It does not have a memory function to remember the last settings.

Item 5: Primens Smart Electric Kettle

Primens Smart Electric Kettle5

Primens Electric Kettle uses 100% BPA-free materials, so it is best if you want to avoid plastics. The best part about it is that even the spout meant for pouring the hot liquids is made up of metal and not plastics.


  • It has a keep-warm function of 60 minutes.
  • temperature presets allow you to choose the required temperature.
  • Creates much less sound than others (59dB).
  • Auto shut off feature that prevents the equipment from overheating.
  • British Strix Controller for extra safety.
  • Double-wall protection that keeps the liquids warm for a longer duration.
  • It has a 2-years warranty.


  • It does not have memory settings, so every time you lift the kettle from the base, you need to set the temperature.
  • It has less holding capacity compared to others, to be precise it is 1.5 liters.

Item 6: MIAOKE Kettle, Smart Electric Kettle

MIAOKE Kettle, Smart Electric Kettle6

Miaoke smart electric kettle has got a minimalist design with 1.5 liters capacity. Compared to Primens smart electric kettle that we discussed earlier, this one has similar features with some deviations.


  • It has a keep-warm function for 30-minutes.
  • It has a 1-year warranty.
  • The stainless steel, well-insulated body makes it a good choice if you wish to avoid plastics.
  • It has overheating and dry-boil protection technology-enabled.


  • The temperature settings are displayed in ‘degree celsius’ and cannot be changed to ‘degree F’.

Item 7: Brewista Smart Pour Electric Switch Kettle

Brewista Smart Pour Electric Switch Kettle7

Brewista smart electric kettle has a combination of old with new. It has perfect looks like the kettles depicted in the storybooks and combines it with the latest technology.


  • 100% BPA-free design.
  • It has an analog temperature display on the lid itself that prevents it from accidental damage.
  • It caters to the needs of a small family, weighs just 2.95 pounds, and can hold 1.2 liters of liquid.
  • It has an auto shut off and a ‘keep warm’ function for 60 minutes.


  • Suitable for a small size family.

Our Winner:

While opting for a smart electric kettle, you need to be clear about the different modes that it allows you, the temperature range, safety features, and the quality of materials used.

Considering all of the above and the pricing we feel that Cuisinart Electric kettle is the best choice.

Cuisinart Electric kettle2

What it does differently than others is to display the quantity of liquid inside the kettle. This feature will be quite helpful if you are pretty busy.

If you still wish to dig deep into the details of the features that a smart electric kettle should have then we have a buying guide for you that will make it easier for you to follow.

BUYING GUIDE: Smart Electric Kettles

What is the difference between a smart electric kettle and a normal one?

Smart electric kettles can be controlled through IFTTT devices, phone applications whereas in normal ones you need to start them or stop them manually.

Yet another feature is that generally smart kettles have pre-designed temperature settings for different beverages.

Lastly, smart electric kettles work on electricity whereas the normal ones need gas/fuel to burn.

What are the different features to be considered while buying a smart electric kettle?

Temperature settings:

Some of the beverages do not require boiling water whereas others might require it. A smart electric kettle has pre-designed temperature settings depending on the beverage that you opt for.


Some kettles have cords attached to them that are visible while the others have a base that holds the cord.

Swivel base smart kettles are best suited as they are comfortable for all people without bothering about being a right-handed or left-handed person.

Power consumption:

Generally smart electric kettles have 1500 watts capacity. The greater the power consumption leads to more noise while boiling. It also adds to the electricity usage bills. But it saves time.


Mostly the smart electric kettles hold 10 to 12 cups of a beverage that translates to 1.7 liters. You can also choose to have small electric kettles that hold 1.5 liters of the beverage.


Smart electric kettles do have filters to prevent unwanted elements from entering the cup. These are sometimes washable and reusable or need to be replaced.

Periodic replacement of filters adds to the recurring cost.

Water gauge:

Some of the water kettles have a transparent water gauge that allows the user to see the quantity of beverage left in the kettle.


The weight of the kettle is an important consideration if elders or children are going to use it. This is because the kettle itself might be heavy and seem to be bulkier with the hot drink filled up inside it.

Material used:

Some of the kettles use steel whereas others use high-grade plastic or glass. Glass is prone to breakage whereas plastic is hazardous for health. So while opting for an electric kettle these points should be considered.


Some of the electric kettles have a two-year warranty on the product. Anyone spending a hefty amount on purchasing the electric kettle should look into this aspect while purchasing.


Generally, when you heat the liquid inside the kettle the outer body of the kettle also tends to get hot. So before you buy you need to read the reviews to see if the product is well insulated to save your fingers from being burnt.

Aesthetic appeal:

For some people, looks do matter a lot apart from the actual usage. Hence you need to look into this aspect especially if you want your kitchen to look great!

Foot space:

All devices need foot space. Some kettles have a feature that enables the cord to be wrapped under it whereas the others don’t have that feature.

Apart from that, you need to be clear about the size. Depending on the number of cups that you need to prepare you can choose the size of the kettle.

Add-on features:

Electric kettles do have certain add-on features like auto shut-off or keep warm. These functions add to the utility of the product and help if you have a large family.

Auto shut off ensures that the kettle is not running unnecessarily after reaching a specific temperature.

Keep warm ensures that the desired temperature is maintained till the time you pour the liquid out of the kettle.


This might not be the number one thing to be considered but if you are going to use the kettle in the office then this fact needs attention as some kettles do make a great noise.

What are the safety precautions to be followed while using an electric kettle?

Dry boil protection: This feature should be present in the kettle to prevent it from heating when it is filled to maximum capacity.

The kettle should not be turned on when it is empty. Running an empty kettle can destroy it.

Lime-scale builds up if you store the contents inside the kettle for a long duration. This should be avoided.

Cleaning the kettle is a must after every single use to enhance its productivity.

The kettle handle should be made of a sturdy material that does not slip to avoid injuries and accidents.

How to clean the smart electric kettle?

The exteriors of the kettle can be cleaned with a plain white cloth.

For cleaning the interiors you need to fill the half kettle, add 15 to 20 drops of vinegar to it, and boil it. Later on, you can use a scrub pad to clean it and rinse again with clean water. This helps to remove the limescale.

We hope that our review and buying guide helps you in choosing the best smart electric kettle for yourself. If you have any suggestions or concerns do let us know in the comments section.