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7 Best Socks for Men (2024)

By Lisa S

It’s pretty evident that very less thought goes into buying socks for men. I mean, it’s just socks, right? You buy ‘em, wear ‘em till they’re old or worn out, throw ‘em out, get new ones and the cycle continues forever. Some people don’t even buy socks themselves.

A thoughtful spouse or a love ridden mother usually takes on the task of carefully selecting and buying socks that go with your size. After all socks are just gloves for your feet that protect it from the innards of your shoes or sandals. Also not to forget, the foul smell too.

Buying quality socks is no easy job. There’s no ‘Amazon Basics’ when it comes to socks. Sure, you can randomly splurge through your local Walmart for something cheap and workable. But some people aren’t about just making it work. They require quality, even if it’s just socks.

If you’re someone who would like to take the responsibility of buying selecting your own socks, then this article is surely for you. Like how every foot size is different, similarly, the quality of socks differ too. We’ve fetched out some of the best-in-class socks that’ll soothe every foot.

Item#7: MIRMARU Men’s Multi Performance Socks


As you might’ve picked up from the name, these are hiking/trekking socks made for heavy-duty tasks and can take more than just the rougher insides of your shoe or the garden.

They are 55% Cotton, 40% Polyester, 2% Spandex with ever-lasting durability and comfortable support. The elastic is tight but not to the point of discomfort or make your feet sweat.


  • People with giant feet often have a hard time finding their size. Not the case here, you get sizes from 7 up to 13 with the same durability.
  • Completely machine washable and retain size even after prolonged use
  • Durable stitching that doesn’t pop open every time you forget to trim your toenails.


  • Some people reported the size to be too tight for their comfort, could be subjective but still a concern

Item#6: JOYNÉE Men’s Crew Socks for Running


Joynée’s athletic performance socks are made with sportspeople in mind. Although, what makes Joynée’s so special is their deep heel arch-support to prevent foot pain fatigue.

They are made of 95% Polyester and 5% Spandex blend to ensure durability, performance provide enough breathing room for your feet and circulate moisture evenly.


  • It provides ample cushioning for the feet to coarse through a daily jog/run or a basketball or baseball match without any foot fatigue
  • A light support band in the middle for added comfort


  • 95% polyester can be rough on your feet and might make your feet stink

Item#5: YUEDGE Men’s Socks


These are outdoor/athletic socks by the company Yuedge. The socks are 80% Cotton, 17% Chinlon, and 3% Spandex blend, so it’s not only durable but also nice to wear and feel.

The socks have a double heightening hand design that is comfortable to wear with no restraints and/or floppy conditions.


  • Less spandex gives way to airflow and blood circulation. There’s no tightness even on the opening of the socks and hence, feel light as air and stay firm on your leg
  • The material has moisture-wicking that protects which can even absorb water and prevent it from getting to your feet
  • The foot side portion has a breathable material that lets the moisture escape and keeps your foot cooler and dry


  • The company’s warehouse is in China. Hence, the delivery time is more than expected. Plus the socks are thick and not much preferable for people who like to wear thin
  • Since they are mostly made of cotton, regular washing can cause shrinking

Socks for Men #4: Enerwear Men’s Crew Socks


Enerwear socks have a cushioned foot bottom, super soft cotton blend, spandex fitting, firm heel toe stitching and super soft cotton blend which feels light on the foot.

Workable with everything from construction, sports, hiking to the casual walk in the park. What’s more, is that they don’t lose the quality even with multiple sessions of laundry.


  • The looks are robust and don’t look odd on any outfit whether its work or casual
  • The material is soft and cushiony with the top portion having strong elasticity while also being able to hold up against wear tear easily


  • Although the quality of the material is great, often multiple washings would shrink the socks significantly

Socks for Men #3: GADMAN Hiking Trekking Socks

Socks for Men: gadman

These hiking/outdoor socks are thicker tougher than your everyday socks. They come in 5 bright colors, not only for men but women too.

The socks have a plush inside, which creates an additional layer of air between the foot and the boot. Therefore, they are warm to wear in winter.


  • The socks are made of 80% Cotton and hence, have an extremely comfortable feel while working any profession that involves standing or walking a lot.
  • Being made of mostly cotton, multiple laundries don’t seem to change the size of socks even after a long time


  • The material tends to become loose after prolonged use

Socks for Men #2: ONKE Cotton Crew Socks

Socks for Men: onke

Onke’s training crew socks are oddly 60% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 2% Nylon, and 1% Spandex. The quality of materials used is as premium as you’d expect with a Superior cotton and polyester blend, spandex utilized for elasticity and nylon knitting to deliver a snug feel.


  • Just the right amount of cushioning to protect the feet from dents but also letting in a good amount of air
  • Lightweight and not tight at all but also makes a firm grip on the skin
  • Less cotton means fewer chances of shrinkage after multiple laundries


  • The maximum comfortable size is 12.5 and anything over that might cause issues
  • Some users had shrinking issues even due to less cotton

Socks for Men #1: INboots

Socks for Men

INboots men’s socks are 52% Cotton,45% Polyester,3% Spandex. The pack contains 10 pairs of premium quality socks made for sizes up to 13. Like all the previous ones, these socks include wick trimming to let moisture in and out of the socks as well.

You also get a max cushion for your heels to deal with uneven surfaces and bumps while also protecting your feet from any other external harm


  • The material of the sock has been knitted with extra-durable yarn for providing comfort as well as being longlasting
  • Every pair is stretch to fit and has pressure points that massage your feet as you go about your day


  • Some users had black fuzz on their feet when they took them off after a long day

Socks for Men: Conclusion

You might’ve noticed by now that a lot of socks on this list are sports, outdoor, trekking, hiking or athletic. Well, it’s not a coincidence. Sportswear has a general appeal of being rough tough due to the overall usage of their industry.

More importantly, while being very durable, they also make you more comfortable. Hence, people prefer to wear sports shoes more than any other shoes even though they don’t play any sports because of the aerodynamics of a sports shoe delivering comfort.

As said before, sportswear is a gold standard for comfort. The same goes for socks as well. All the items listed won’t just be good for the feet but good for your health as well.