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HydraGun Review 2024: 18 Pros & 5 Cons after Using it!

By Alex B

hydragun hydragun

A lot of us have been spending more time at home because of the pandemic—and because of that, a lot of us have also become more invested in staying in shape.

But as anyone who loves exercising can tell you, it’s important to make sure you’re treating your body well so as to not cause any damage. That means stretching properly, keeping things in good form…

And properly massaging your soft tissue.

Yep. If you’re going to take care of your physical health, it helps to make sure your muscles aren’t too sore all the time. This is especially true as you get older.

This is where massage guns come in: they help you use percussive or vibration therapy, which reduces muscle soreness, and increases blood flow to certain areas. It’s good post-workout as well as for warm-ups before workouts.

Massage guns are great tools for effectively massaging muscles. So much so, that they’re not just good for athletic types—they’re great for people with certain back pains, joint problems, and so on.

But most massage guns cost upwards of $400, and many cost more than $500. Luckily for us, here’s where HydraGun comes in:

HydraGun’s price is just a fraction of the standard, but heavily emphasizes performance, so that price doesn’t compromise functionality.

Having tried HydraGun, I’ve got a lot to say. Here’s the gist of the pros and cons.

Let’s dive into the full list of pros and cons:


  • Very consistent and effective performance: repeated vindication from ordinary fitness enthusiasts and professional athletes alike
  • It’s really quiet when in use—thanks to the specially made SmoothDrive motor technology

hydragun quiet

  • Extremely easy to use: you just need to press the power button to activate or deactivate the device and switch between settings
  • Excellent build quality, on par with other leading massage guns
  • Multiple resistance settings for all levels of fitness types
  • HydraGun’s maximum speed is 3200 RPM (revolutions per minute), which makes it one of the most powerful massage guns available
  • Additionally, there are 6 speed settings total, so you don’t need to use the fastest if it’s too much for you
  • All orders come with 6 massage heads, including 2 tipped with metal, so you can target exactly the right parts of your body

hydragun 6 massage heads

  • Good torque-to-weight ratio, especially compared to other massage guns. This is why it feels both strong and light at the same time
  • Advanced cooling system keeps the motor from overheating
  • Special mechanism to prevent internal mechanisms from melting when device is stalled
  • The handle is surprisingly sweat-resistant, because it’s cased in silicone, and it has a comfortable grip
  • 18-month warranty included with all devices
  • All devices come with a hard waterproof case and charging adapter
  • Customers from certain countries can get universal adapters included in their order for free
  • Excellent battery life: 3-6 hours, depending on your power settings, which is about twice as high as the average battery life for competing massage guns
  • Customer support is very helpful
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


To be completely honest, there aren’t that many flaws with HydraGun.

Most of the items in this list are not things I’ve experienced personally when using HydraGun, but which COULD be relevant to some customers.

Even so, it’s good to be thorough. Take a look:

    • There aren’t as many delivery advantages if you’re located outside of Singapore (Singapore customers get free shipping within a day or two, whereas people elsewhere usually need to wait at least a week and pay for delivery)

hydragun international shipping2

  • If you take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee, you will have to pay a restocking fee if the product has already been opened, as well as shipping for the return
  • Some customers may prefer to have the power button placed differently so the LED light is easier to view, but personally, I prefer to current design
  • The handle’s coating can feel a little sticky after an extended period of time, though I have found it easy to ignore
  • Customers with smaller or more fragile hands/wrists may find the device a bit heavy—however, the vast majority of customers (including myself) find it generally lightweight


As you looked through this review, you may have noticed something:

The list of pros is WAY bigger than the list of cons. And that’s not a coincidence, or for lack of effort on our part:

At the end of the day, HydraGun actually is what it claims to be. It’s got excellent design, performs effectively, and is uniquely quiet when in use.

It’s very high-powered, but its output can be customized easily (with different speed settings and massage heads).

I won’t lie, in pure cost alone, it’s still a bit of an investment. But if you consider where the market for massage guns is right now, it’s undeniably one of the more affordable ones, relative to its build quality and performance.

So if you want a massage gun, HydraGun is easily one of the best you can find—and arguably, it’s THE best of anything below $500.