panasonic cordless phone

Panasonic KX-TGE463S Link2Cell Bluetooth Cordless Phone Review (2024)

By Lisa S

Imagine you have a medical emergency at home and are unable to utter even a word.

Would you like to have a device that would call 911 and intimate them about your vital details so that you get timely help?

If yes, it’s time to grab a cordless phone. It has much better voice clarity as compared to cell phones and offers much-needed help in case of a medical emergency.

In case you decide to buy we have a guide for it that can come as a handy reference.

panasonic cordless phone

As of now, we are going to review in detail the Panasonic cordless phone.

In a hurry? Here’s a glimpse of the pros and cons of Panasonic cordless phones.


  • Synchronises with cell phones via Bluetooth.
  • Transfers the call from the base unit to the cellular phone while the call is in progress.
  • It has an intercom facility.
  • It has a link to cell feature to connect different cell phones.


  • It is difficult to understand the full functionality of the phone, you need to use the manual.
  • The facility to block more numbers is just limited to 250 numbers.
  • There might be problems for a proper ‘range’.
  • Normal headphones jack does not fit in the unit.

Let’s start calling! We mean discussing in detail!


  • Synchronises with cell phones via a Bluetooth capability. You can even transfer the contact list on the cell phone to the cordless phone.
  • It allows the user to transfer 3000 phone numbers. You can assign important shortcuts for the frequently called numbers.
  • You can transfer the call from the base unit to the cellular phone while the call is in progress. This is the added functionality if you wish to toggle between the devices.
  • The intercom facility allows your family to get connected via phone and you can use it to send messages across the rooms in case of need.
  • With the ‘link to cell feature,’ you can connect the base unit and cellular phone using Bluetooth wireless technology.
  • ‘Noise reduction technology’ reduces any background sounds and helps you give a clear voice over the phone.
  • The ‘chain dial feature’ allows you to dial the numbers in between the ongoing calls just the way you do it while using the cell phone.
  • The ‘caller ID’ function allows you to hear who is calling without needing you to lift the handset.
  • You can block the unwanted calls from the telemarketers just at a click of a button and edit this list later if you
  • The ‘Phone book’ has 9 different groups to store the huge list of 3000 contact numbers. You can input them directly or by importing contacts from your cell phone.
  • You can use this device to wake you up or alert you by sounding an alarm.
  • The ‘Silent mode function’ allows you to silent the unit for a certain number of hours. It is pertinent to note that you can set this separately for each unit.
    That means an authorized/permitted number calls from a different unknown number then it won’t be delivered to you.
  • The ‘Baby monitor feature’ allows you to keep watch the baby while you are working. You can also use it to monitor your pet while you are away from
  • The ‘Speaker-phone’ function allows you to answer the calls without lifting the
  • There is a facility to name the handsets. This feature is essentially important if you are having multiple handsets installed in different rooms.
  • ‘Greeting message,’ with this functionality you can set the greeting message that will be delivered to the caller whenever he calls you.
  • The ‘phone detector’ function helps to locate your lost cell phone in case you have misplaced it somewhere in your house.
  • The ‘backlight display’ helps to easily spot the keys even in darkness. This feature can be useful in case someone is new to the instrument and is not familiar with the keys.
  • It has ‘backup power,’ so you need not worry even in case of a power failure. The batteries can be replaced if worn out.
  • The ‘display function’ shows wide symbols for various purposes like whether the baby monitor is turned on, silent mode, whether someone is using the corresponding line, the level of battery power left in the unit, call sharing, clarity booster, alarms, etc.


We could find only some of the pitfalls in the phone and that is about clicking multiple buttons for choosing the different menus or deleting or adding the actions.

  • Some of the users find it difficult to understand the full functionality of the phone and they need to use the manual for changing anything in the settings. With regular use, you can master this
  • Some users feel that it should have a facility to block more numbers and not just be limited to 250. This is so because telemarketers keep on calling from different numbers.
  • Depending on the material used in the house for painting and furnishing, there might be problems for a proper ‘range’. In that case, you need to buy a range enhancer in addition to this.
  • Normal headphones jack does not fit in the unit. You need to buy a headset that has a 2.5 mm plug. Your cell phone and most portable audio devices use a 3.5mm jack.


From the above discussion, we can conclude that looking at the pros and the attributes it is a good decision to buy.

The features relating to the baby monitor, the backlight, ability to silent the unit selectively, getting signal if someone else is using the corresponding line, etc are all great things to look into and you can bank on. It won’t disappoint you.

On the servicing side, Panasonic is great. So in case, you have any servicing issues that too can be resolved quickly. We think that is one more feather added to the cap!

We hope this review helps you choose the best cordless phone. Do let us know your experiences after using it.