7 Best Wireless Backup Cameras (2024)

By Lisa S

Once thought a luxury, a wireless backup camera is now vital to your safety. In fact, they are so important that all cars manufactured after 2018 are now required by law to be equipped with one. Maybe you have an older car or don’t like the camera your car came with and now you are on the hunt for the best wireless backup camera. ReviewRoller can certainly help.

Below, you will find our top picks, details for each product, and our comprehensive Buyer’s Guide to answer the most frequently asked questions. Our priority is to make sure you are informed so you can shop smart!

Our top picks

Best Overall: Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System
“This is a world-class business with the highest regard for product quality and customer service.”
Best for Trucks: Yuwei Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit
“Very happy with my purchase and find this camera is a great safety feature.”
Best for Boats: Yakry Y34 HD 1080P Wireless Rear View Camera
“I installed this camera in my RV and it’s a game-changer.”
Best for Cars/Sedans: BOSCAM Solar Wireless Backup Camera
“EXCELLENT product along with ease of installation-especially installed by a woman 66 years of age!”
Best for Small Passenger Vehicles: AUTO-VOX Upgrade 720P Digital Wireless Backup Camera
“I would highly recommend this product. Very happy with the purchase.”
Best for RVs: Rohent Wireless Backup Camera
“This setup is really a great value for the money and such a helpful tool backing up my 32 ft RV.”
Best Budget: AMTIFO AM-W70 HD 1080P Wireless Backup Camera
“Overall, I would say this unit is of exceptional build quality, and its performance is rock solid.”

Now that we’ve given you a glimpse into our top picks for the best wireless backup cameras, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. ReviewRoller is happy to do the work so you don’t have to!

Item 1: Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System


This camera will work with most passenger vehicles including RVs, cars, trucks, and vans. It has the highest waterproof rating, features a 7-inch screen, and can support the addition of 4 cameras. In addition, it has a sight range of up to 984 ft, has a built-in recorder, video playback, and real-time recording.


  • Has audio; optional and can be turned off if not desired
  • Very easy to install
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Great sound quality


  • May need an external antenna on vehicles longer than 20 feet
  • Screen maybe too bright for some at night
  • Customer service is questionable

Item 2: Yuwei Digital Wireless Backup Camera System Kit


Yuwei has been in the car electronics business for 16 years. The camera has a built-in transmitter module and a built-in receiver module. It features a 120-degree angle, quad view display, and a 7-inch monitor. It also has a high resolution of 1080P.


  • Can install up to 4 cameras with this system
  • This is a waterproof camera
  • Great picture quality
  • Installation is quite simple


  • It’s heavier than other cameras which may or may not be an issue
  • Customers noted that the image is not perfectly centered
  • Note to Wrangler owners: this camera may be too large for your vehicle

Item 3: Yakry Y34 HD 1080P Wireless Rear View Camera


This is a single or split or quad view camera with the option to install up to 4 additional cameras. The camera is waterproof with a 150-degree angle. In addition, it has an HD 1080P touch button monitor and the guidelines can be turned off/on.


  • A separate, compatible license plate camera is available for purchase
  • Nice, clear image
  • Instructions are well-written making installation easy
  • Great customer service


  • Monitor mounts could be sturdier
  • Takes longer than it should to connect
  • Reception can be iffy in some locations

Item 4: BOSCAM Solar Wireless Backup Camera


We love solar power! No wiring or drilling is needed with this camera! When fully charged (30 minutes of full sun exposure) this camera can run for hours without needing a charge but you do have the option to charge via USB. It provides a clear image day or night and the camera is waterproof. It features 6 different guidelines so you can choose the best fit for your car.


  • Comes with a 12-month warranty but if you register the product, the warranty extends to 18 months
  • Installation is super easy since there is no wiring
  • Well-written instructions
  • Good picture quality


  • Is not ideal for trucks
  • The camera tilt/angle is a bit shallow
  • The camera does not automatically turn on when putting the vehicle in reverse

Item 5: AUTO-VOX Upgrade 720P Digital Wireless Backup Camera

Auto Vox

Auto Vox is a well-known and reliable brand. This 5-inch wireless backup camera system supports 2 rear cameras with the option to add a third. CAM1 and CAM2 switches can help you avoid blind spots. Has a clear image whether during the day or at night. It features 6 guidelines and a 720P HD monitor.


  • Installation is very easy
  • The camera arrives already paired to the monitor
  • The camera and screen connection is digital making it more stable
  • Does provide a clear image at night


  • This is not a camera that records
  • Guidelines may be a bit off for some cars
  • The rate of refresh is a bit slow

Item 6: Rohent Wireless Backup Camera


This camera features a unique antenna dedicated solely to the transmission of digital signals. In open areas, it can reach 800 feet and inside the vehicle, it reaches 220 feet. It is a 1080P HD camera with a wide 170-degree lens. It features a 7-inch screen, is waterproof, and can withstand extreme temps from -22F to 176F.


  • The manufacturer does provide an SD card
  • Mounting and installation are simple
  • The ability to handle extreme temps means no fogging
  • Fantastic customer service


  • The signal can be spotty in some locations
  • Would be nice if it provided a deeper field depth view
  • Instructions could be better

Item 7: AMTIFO AM-W70 HD 1080P Wireless Backup Camera


This is a 7-inch camera with 2 channels. It features a 150-degree angle and HD 1080P. You can mount the camera either on your dash or windshield. You can turn on/off the guidelines and you can also flip the image, if needed. The manufacturer does offer a 1-year warranty and lifetime customer support.


  • The product is packaged very well to avoid damage during shipping
  • It is quite easy to install
  • The monitor is slim making it an easy fit in all vehicles
  • Has a nice, clear picture quality


  • Note: the antenna is a silver wire that hangs from the camera; that is not a connection wire!
  • Magnetic mount that is included isn’t great; there is a problem w/ sliding
  • Customers complained that the product came with a gift card for a free license plate camera that seems to be invalid

Our Winner

Overall, we feel the best wireless backup camera is the Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System. It works in most vehicles regardless of size and it has the most flexibility with regard to the addition of more cameras. We also appreciate the site range of over 900 feet. If you’re in the market for a wireless backup camera, we definitely recommended this one as your first choice.

Buyer’s Guide


You’ve read about the best wireless backup cameras but let’s talk about why they are actually necessary. You’re making an investment, right? Well, ReviewRoller wants you to make a wise one.

You need all information possible to choose the best backup wireless camera and we’ll make sure you have it. Below are the most common questions asked by consumers and our carefully researched answers.

Why are wireless backup cameras necessary? Are there really benefits to using one?

If the FDA mandated wireless backup cameras then who are we to disagree? They do make you a safer driver though. Some drivers even consider the rearview mirror “obsolete” now!

As stated in the very name, a backup camera helps just that – backing up. You get a much clearer view of what’s behind you and because of a wider view, this is helpful when easing back into traffic on a busy road. These things combined can significantly reduce the risk of collision.

The bottom line is you certainly have nothing to lose by purchasing a wireless backup camera but you do have a lot to gain.

How exactly do Wireless Backup Cameras work?

Interesting question!

Unlike a regular camera, a rearview camera provides a mirror image.

This is for 2 reasons: because the driver and the camera are in opposite positions and it makes the display and mirrors constant. The camera is wired to sense automatically when your car’s transmission is set in reverse so it will show the rear-view when in reverse.

They are typically angled downward to show objects and barriers that may be in the way. You won’t be able to see things in the distance but you will get a horizontal view from one side of the car to the other.

I’m interested in purchasing a wireless backup camera. What should I look for?

Some important things to consider when buying a wireless backup camera include:

  • Angle: At a minimum, you want 120 degrees but if you can swing it, get a camera with a 170-degree angle.
  • Screen quality: You can be sure they are clear in daylight and at night; for night-vision look for “military-grade” night vision capability.
  • Additional input option: You may want to add a second camera at some point so look for at least 1 additional input; look for Cam1/Cam2 or AV1/AV2.
Is installation difficult?

Not all! Follow instructions provided by the manufacturer and you should have no trouble with installing the wireless backup camera yourself.

Are they hard to maintain?

The lenses on your camera have likely already been treated to prevent scratches but to clean most car manufacturers suggest using plain water on a soft cloth to gently wipe the lens. Don’t soak the cloth, just dampen lightly. It is also safe to use isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth.

Are there common problems with wireless backup cameras? Are they hard to fix?

As with any electronic item, sometimes problems occur. Wireless backup cameras are no different. Fortunately, they are usually quite simple to troubleshoot. Common problems that can occur are a black screen, no signal, or black/white screen. The instructions that come with your camera should include a section on troubleshooting and you can always contact the manufacturer for help.


ReviewRoller would like to take the opportunity to thank you for choosing our site as your go-to for the most reliable product reviews. We understand that choosing electronic equipment, especially for your vehicle, is an important decision and we hope you’ll go with our choice for the best wireless backup camera, the Haloview MC7108 Wireless RV Backup Camera System.