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By Lisa S

At ReviewRoller, today we review the Best Quadcopters.

Quadcopters, or as they are popularly known as Drones, are very popular when it comes to photography, for amateurs or for professionals. Imagine a machine taking all the shots that you would want the world to see through the eyes of a device that flies like Spiderman, or Superman!


The market is flooded with the options, however to provide a detailed insight about the Best Quadcopters with cameras that can help you in the process of aerial shoots, aircraft maintenance and other such complex jobs, we have listed pros and cons of the top 3 Drones.

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Features DJI Phantom 3 Traxxas Aton Plus Autel Robotics
DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopters Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopters AutelAutel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone Quadcopters
Dimensions (inches) 15 x 14 x 8.2 18.6 x 18.6 x 3.7 19.5 x 19.5 x 8.5
Battery type Lithium Polymer 4S Lithium Polymer 3S Lithium Polymer
Physical attributes
Wingspan 590 mm 370 mm 352 mm
Weight (pounds) 2.7 1.7 3.2
Body material Carbon fiber wrong Plastic
Rotor material Carbon fiber wrong Plastic
Software type Proprietary Open source Proprietary
Approximate Flight time (minutes) 25 20 25
Approximate Flying range (meters) 1000 150 1900
GPS compatible tick wrong tick
Automatic landing tick tick tick
Return to home tick tick tick
Built-in camera tick wrong tick
External camera compatible wrong tick wrong
Still camera resolution 12 megapixel wrong 12 megapixel
Video 12 megapixel
Live view tick wrong tick
Live view quality 720p wrong 720p
Live view speed 30 frames/sec wrong 240 frames/sec
Video file formats AVC
wrong MOV
Maximum video resolutions 2.7K wrong 4K
Gimbal 3-axis 2-axis 3-axis, detachable
Shutter speed range 1/8000-8 seconds wrong wrong
ISO range 100-1600 wrong wrong
Photo file format DNG
Maximum image size 4000 X 3000 wrong wrong
Technical support
Chat wrong wrong tick
Email wrong tick tick
Phone tick tick tick
Storage Not included Not included Hard splash proof case included
Warranty wrong wrong 1-Year Manufacturing Defect Warranty for Parts & Labor

1. DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopter Drone:

DJI Phantom P3-STANDARD Quadcopters


The DJI Phantom is extremely user friendly and you do not need any expert training or prior experience about using this device for aerial photography.

The main focus of this Best Quadcopters is to take really good pictures from the sky and this simple GPS assisted flight is brilliant in this case.

It can stream live video to your smartphone through Wi-Fi within half a mile range.

It comes in an absolutely ready-to-fly condition with the battery, charger and camera and takes approximately an hour to charge.

The standard version has about 25 minutes of flight time and 2.7K HD video quality with 30 frames per second.

The maximum transmission on unobstructed outdoors is 1000m.

The unique mobile app can also turn into a camera controller and you can immediately record videos or take a snap with the twirl of your fingers.

Honestly Speaking:

It is recommended that you should not get turned off by the word standard. The capacity of this Best Quadcopter is immensely high and you will surely love it if you are a beginner in flying drones. Also, it has been noticed that many experienced flyers also choose this standard version because of its easy-to-use feature.

Except for very keen eyes, you will hardly find any noticeable difference in the video quality when it comes to 2.7K, 3K or 4K. The crisp quality of HD videos will really blow your mind.

It is really well built and very easy to access and you can directly connect your SD card to your laptop to transfer all the videos.

It is a great buy when it comes to the pricing. This piece is worth the penny that you have to shell out for a beginner drone.

Some of the Drawbacks:

One of the biggest drawbacks that has been noticed is the restriction of range and that the controller needs to be updated with time because it seems to be a bit old fashioned.

Sometimes, you might find it extremely confusing to handle the controller and the smartphone together to control the device; but remember if this happens then you have to use manual landing for the drone so that it does not crash on to a hard surface which just might damage the camera.

The standard version also lacks proper documentation which might make it difficult for you to understand its operations for the first time. The lack of a standard manual for the user to understand the functionalities is very important and this version lacks it to a great extent.

2. Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopters:

Traxxas Aton Plus Quadcopters

This colourful Best Quadcopters looks so quirky that it will catch your attention for sure!


The best part of this model is, it’s suitable for both novice and advance users. The features are installed in such a way that you can advance to one after the other as you learn.

The model possesses pretty amazing features such as return-to-home, air brakes and dual access GPS.

It has a 50+mph speed in the sport mode.

The build and quality of this Quadcopter is solid and utterly durable.

Colour options are present in plenty. Choose your favourite color!

The LED lights/status bar signals are extremely efficient and powerful.

It also has an ultra-stable camera platform in the film mode.

The gimbal helps the drone to be stable to give you smooth video quality.

This colourful drone possesses a 3000mAH 3 cell LiPo battery.

The mount for the GoPro Hero 3 and 4 series cameras is included with this model.

Aton also has an expert mode, which is suitable for people who have already used drones before as they can perform the aerobatics in a way like never before.

This drone is compatible with software such as Mission Planner through its open source components and this will help you review your flight status through satellite images!

Damaged blades can be easily replaced and are widely available.

Honestly Speaking:

The Traxxas Aton starts the film mode automatically and this is a boon for beginners who are learning how to fly drones at first.

The high functioning LED panel can make you aware of the flight and battery status just at one glance even in the sunlight.

The gimbal helps to stabilize the camera while in flight and it really takes mind blowing videos hence.
You should ensure that the firmware is updated and keep in constant touch with Traxxas so that your drone is absolutely up to date.

The Automatic Return mode will help you fly this amazing piece with a lot of confidence because you can get your drone back in just one press of a button.

The three different mode really makes this product way above the average and once you understand how to fly it, the drone does fly like a dream.

Some of the Drawbacks:

It’s a bit heavy and might be a bit challenging when it comes learning how to fly drones.

It has been noticed that there are some battery issues and it exhausts too quickly, which is a con when it comes to camera drones.

3. Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone:

Quadcopters: Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone

A B Quadcopter that looks class apart and has a 4K HD video capacity!


The positioning system called Star point can give you the information about the height at which your drone is flying and track its position.

This model has dual GPS and also possesses GLONASS navigation.

It has Smart light features like Orbit, Follow and Waypoints.

This premium drone is powerful yet extremely light weight.

It is powered by a 14.8V LiPo battery which makes its functioning real smooth.

The Smart Pre-flight check will ensure that your drone is at the perfect condition before you decide to fly it high above the horizon.

The HD live video can be made within a radius of 1.2 miles.

It has a 64GB micro SD card to store all your striking photography.

The remote controller has an LCD display with one-touch action buttons, which makes it easy to control the gadget without any problems.

It has SecureFly technology to help the drone get back safely to you.

It can also be flown through the free Star link application on your smartphone (Android and iOS)

Honestly Speaking:

The camera quality of this Best Quadcopters is simply fabulous. It has the capacity to take 12MP pictures and the camera, mounted on a 3 axis gimbal, has a 108 degree FOV. Also, the gimbal is removable so if you just want to upgrade the payload, you do not need to change the drone and instead just change the camera. That saves a lot of money for sure.

The customer care is fantastic and it has been noticed that the way they have gone beyond normalcy to support customer’s problems is really something which is to be noted. If you are a first time flyer, you will require the help of the customer care undoubtedly.

This model is suitable for beginners since it has an auto pilot mode as well. The pictures can also be captured on auto pilot mode.

It comes with a well laid out documentation and there are ample videos on the internet, so setting it up for the first time will not be a terrific problem.

The most impressive part of this drone is that it comes with a lot of spare parts that will make your life as easy as it can get. The package contains an extra set of propellers and lanyard, which makes all the difference in the whole world if your drone crash lands somewhere. At least you know that you have a spare and you do not need to rush to the customer service desk.

What to Look out for When Finding the Best Quadcopters

Buyer Guide for Best Drones:

Many people possess a hobby of taking pictures or documenting memories and Quadcopter is the perfect way to capture images from those angles or of those places in which it is impossible for the person to reach. You want to record your little one taking surfing lessons, let the drone camera do it for you! So, if you are all set to buy a Best Quadcopters for yourself then it’s important that you should consider the 5 following points before you ACTUALLY make an investment.

Kind of Quadcopters You Need

Do you actually know what kind a drone you are aiming for? There are camera drones, there are racing drones and then there are toy drones. Before investing upfront, you should know that all these drones are different and to select the perfect camera drone for yourself you should also understand what kind of photography you want to use the drone for.

If the purpose is simply for a real estate project or for any indoor purpose, a simple flying drone would be enough that provides HD video and you need not go for any higher stabiliser or other features for that kind of projects. If it is for capturing nature or maybe your river rafting experience, you have to make sure that your cameras are super stable so that you get the most flawless videos.

Compare and Invest

Before investing on any gadget, you should always compare the models available in the market. Check out the online Best Quadcopters communities; there are several online communities, which will give you a fair idea about the range, purpose and review of different Best Quadcopters that the members are using, starting from beginners to absolute pros. You should check these out before buying a drone camera so that you have a clearer picture of what you can expect out of the gadget you are investing upon.

A Good Controller Is A MUST

When you buy the Best Quadcopters you might feel that controlling it through the smartphone might be enough but if you want to have a real fun with drones and indulge in this hobby, you should invest a good amount of money on a controller that will last for a pretty long time. A good controller is important because you can replace the transmitter as they produce the advanced ones and replace it on your old transmitter and you are good to go!

Understand RTF, ARF and BNF

  • RTF stands for Ready to Fly. This kind of Best Quadcopters does not require any previous set up and you just need to charge the batteries and your drone is ready to fly.
  • ARF stands for Almost Ready to Fly. Please read the description nicely so that you understand how to assemble and what parts to buy to make your device fly.
  • BNF stands for Bind and Fly. The drones, in this case, do not come with a controller.

Let’s take a look on the table below demonstrating different capabilities and functionalities possessed by each product from different brands:

The Final Verdict: Best Quadcopters

Out of so many options available, undoubtedly we listed out the best 3 but we still have a winner and that is Autel Robotics. This model comes with the built-in cameras with a resolution of 12 mega pixels each. The Autel Robotics X-Star Premium Drone has got better camera and video features.

It has a longer flight and live video range. The best part is very prompt and amiable customer service, which is not found everywhere. The company also provides one-year warranty for its parts and labor.

Using Autel Robotics, you can start as a beginner but as the time flies you can continue to enjoy and become an expert in flying drones.


Best Quadcopters (our very own Drones) have suddenly become favorite amongst the people, especially millennials. So, if you are one of the curious millennials, who is ready to treat the inner photographer and want to gift yourself a Drone this birthday (or any day for that matter) then do your thorough research and pick the one that is best suited to your needs.

But always remember that all Drones are not for beginners and not very easy to go up in the air. Please consider your level of expertise, all the features, prices before investing on a drone. But then, if you are passionate enough and sincere for your love for these cute flying objects, you should just get one right now!
Happy DRON-ING!!!