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3 Best Hunting Camera (2024)

By Lisa S

For a wildlife photographer, the most important aspect of his profession is the kind of best hunting camera he uses.

Hence, game trail cameras or best hunting camera are extremely important.

Although, standard equipment can be used for photography to capture wildlife, a more specialized equipment is what one needs for a detailed and in-depth experience.

What kind of Hunting cameras should be used?

For wildlife photographers and enthusiasts, trail cameras provide the ideal experience to the users to document an animal’s behavior, movements and habits; especially when a rare species is being stalked, or a shy and difficult animal needs to be captured.

These cameras normally operate using infrared flash technology so that the animal is not able to detect the actual flash. At the same time, these cameras also enable the photographer to take excellent snapshots in little or no light.

Are you worried about disturbing the animals and not clicking them in their natural self? Well, with the help of Trail Cameras, photographs can be taken discreetly from a safe distance.

Some of these cameras can be mounted on trees or on camouflaged posts and quietly keep on capturing the lovely moments. So, these cameras are both functional and versatile.

Some Of The Best Hunting Camera

There are various cameras that are available in the market today for all your hunting needs. The device that you need to buy completely depends upon your needs and functionality.

So, if you want to invest in some good B best hunting camera- then, read on to find out about these amazing products that are discussed in the article.

Compare : Hunting Camera

Browing-STRIKE Cubbeback Reconyx
Time lapse 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals 10 seconds to 24 hours 1, 5, 15, 30 or 60 minute intervals
Battery 6AA 8AA 12 AA
Dimension Time, Date, Temperature & Moon Phase Time, Date, Temperature & Moon Phase Time, Date, Temperature & Moon Phase
Triggering delay 0.4 trigger speed 0.4 trigger speed 0, 15 sec, 30 sec, 1 min, 3 min or 5 min
Illumination Infrared LED Infrared LED Lo-Glowb” Semi-Covert IR
Memory card 32GB SD card Up to 32GB Up to 32GB
Flash range Up to 100+ feet Up to 100+ feet Up to 50 feet
Resolution 720p High Definition 720p High Definition 1080p High Definition
Details Colour by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night Colour by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night Colour by Day, Monochrome Infrared by Night
Video Available 2 min. length Available Not Available
Trigger speed Up to 8 multi Shot images 1/4th second 1/5th second
Motion sensor Not available Not available ON or OFF (no scheduling)

1. Browning Strike Force HD Sub Micro Trail Camera:

Browing-STRIKE Hunting Camera


1-8 multi-shot

5 s – 120 s video clips

Time Lapse: 1/2/3 hr (am & pm) or All Day (Sunrise to Sunset). 5 s. – 60 min. time intervals

Photo Stamp: Time, date, temperature, moon phase and camera name

Picture + Video Mode: No

Dynamic video: No

Start/Stop Time: No

Password Protection: No

SD Card Overwrite: No

PIR Settings: No

Flash Settings: No

This particular best hunting camera can compete equally well with higher end models. It has a capacity to record up to 2 minutes of video with good picture quality, fast recovery time. Another great feature is 4 different types of quality shots with fast trigger speed.

Some serious drawbacks of this camera are:

The setting up can be tedious and only has 10 second long night videos.

Another drawback about this product is that it has high day/night power consumption.

It needs frequent firmware updates.

This B hunting camera is small, compact and easy to conceal. The performance is fantastically well. The camera is definitely well built with simple programming and is user friendly. But it lacks some features that its competitors have- like overwrite function, password protection and flash range setting.

Hunting Camera #2. Cuddeback Long Range Hunting Camera:

 Cubbeback Hunting Camera


20MP resolution for crystal-clear images

1/4-second trigger speed

Compact micro housing

Wide view image capability

Takes up to 30-second videos with sound

Burst mode (1-5 images per detection)

Time-lapse mode

Day / night time operation

Wide view or center view with zone control

Moon phase on each picture

Easy setup

2 watts of infrared illumination with up to 100b2 flash range

8AA batteries (not included)

The recovery speed of this particular camera is the best in the market so far. The 1.88 second video taking trigger can be better but the 5 second recovery time for videos is absolutely wondrous. What really stands out about this product is the latest detection shootout. The detection range for this camera is 60 feet.

Power consumption for night and day are the best in the range. The resting power feature can be better, but overall a thumbs up for the features.

This particular brand is well known for producing affordable yet high quality Best hunting camera. This one is definitely a super dependable camera that will surely capture all the evidences. With its amazing feature of fast trigger speed complimenting a fast recovery time, this camera can take two pictures before many other models can even take one, thus making it one of the best hunting camera in the market by far.

Hunting Camera #3. Reconyc Hyperfire – Covert IR Game Camera:

Reconyx Hunting Camera


Lo Glow Semi-Covert Infrared Night Vision up to 50 feet.

Temp Range of -20B0 to 120B0 F

Either 6 or 12 AA size battery capability

Secure Digital memory cards, 1080p images at 2 fps

Rugged Weatherproof Enclosure

Exclusive Ultra HD IR camera lens

CodeLoc Pass-Code Protection for theft deterrence

1 Year Warranty

Includes BuckView Advanced Software for Windows

Includes an adjustable bungee cord for mounting

Camera measurement is 5.5″ x 4.5″ x 3.” The features and technologies make you realise that it is much more than the old hunting cameras that you used back in the days. The camera quality is definitely the best you can ask for in today’s market. Clamps on the camera are strong and snap loudly, which lets you know that the camera is securely shut and safe.

Biggest drawback about this camera is that it doesn’t have video capability and also it lacks the night pictures flash range.

Camera’s semi-covert infrared emitters have a night-time flash range, which goes up to 50 feet. One of the biggest pros of this camera is that it can actually run continuously for a year. It utilizes memory cards to capture full 1080p High Definition images at a speed of 2 frames per second. And the image quality is definitely one of the best in today’s times and will give the competitors a tough competition.

What to Look out for When Finding the Best Hunting Camera

Buyer Guide For Hunting Camera:

Slowly but steadily, Best hunting cameras have transitioned from being the new thing on the market to being one of the most essential pieces of gear in a hunter’s arsenal.

But technology is the most important factor while choosing a camera.

The hunting camera features have improved while their prices have come down. But while choosing the best hunting camera for yourself you need to understand what features and technologies are going to be suitable for you.

Features like flash, pixels, trigger and so on play an important role in buying decision.

Flash Factor: Cameras that are available today mostly use power LED bulbs flashes to take night pictures. LEDs are definitely best for taking good images. Higher-end expensive cameras offer black LEDs and infrared image capture. It still looks the same, LEDs are visible most of the time during anytime of the day and your camera’s flash will work without any major hindrances.

Megapixel: It refers to the clarity of the image that the camera takes. It has a complimentary relationship- higher the megapixels, the clearer the image will be. But one drawback is that the higher the resolution the more memory camera will consume. In today’s market many cameras offer a great selection of resolutions you want for images. So find your perfect match.

Video Feature: Most cameras offers video recording facilitates but high end ones offer High- definition video recording capabilities which are highly coveted today. There are settings in the cameras which will help you set up time, date, duration to keep your camera active till the time you want.

Burst: You may have a question that why do we need a burst mode? It is required because at times you might want to know exactly what the animal is doing, for that you need multiple shots. That is when this feature comes into play. The functions and name may vary from brand to brand but its basic function is to take multiple pictures of the animal.

Camera Trigger: Trigger time refers to the speed at which you click, and the motion sensor activates the shutter of the camera. The trigger time should be less than a second for your camera, and then you’ll know that your camera will function efficiently in the field.

Time Lapse: When still in school, in those science classes we saw pictures of the rose wilting and dying? Well, that’s an excellent example of time-lapse imagery. In Trail Cameras, time lapse refers to a setting in which the camera takes images with nothing in particular setting off the trigger of the camera. This feature is a boon in the field.

Now, Let us take a look at the table below which demonstrates the different capabilities and functionalities possessed by the products from different brands:

The Final Word

The market is flooded with a lot of choices and it can seem a lot difficult to make a wise choice that is value for money, has all weather construction and something that is backed by a one year warranty, then you should know that the ReconyxHyperFire HC500 can withstand almost anything and everything.

This particular camera is weather and water resistant so that you can leave the camera out overnight without any worries. The extended battery life ensures plenty of power, and it will also help you save money on exchange costs.

The most appreciable characteristic of the camera is its realistic camouflage pattern that helps the camera blend in almost anywhere, along with the infrared flash that won’t startle any animals that might be nearby.

The Browning and Cuddle back have the extra video recording capability but they lack in quality and length. The fantastic customer care and reputation of Recronyx earn brownie points and should be your favourite Go-To hunting camera.

Although, the above described trail cameras are some of the best hunting camera in the market and you can’t really go wrong with any, but the Recronyx stands out significantly and you won’t regret buying it.


Choosing one that not only fits your budget but also fulfils all your requirements that you feel that your-ideal-camera should have is very important.

The above mentioned data may help you get a better insight on which camera fits the bills best (in terms of technology, resolution, picture quality, pricing, etc).

While your cameras are going to help you monitor deer trails, learn more about their natural habitat without disturbing them with the help of their camouflaged posts, they also need to be functional and versatile (that means the extended battery life is also important).

The camera you choose should be well-built with simple programming that is easy to use.
Buy it and live every moment of innocence you capture through this amazing gadget!