Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame1

7 Best Digital Photo Frame in 2024

By Payal

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Digital Photo Frame with IPS Screen
“The frame is well built and beautiful, too. I really love this product and highly recommend it.”
Best Memory: AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame
“Ample capacity of 16GB to hold thousands of photos and short videos.”
Best with Social Media: Pix-Star Digital Picture Frame
“…hooked up my favorite Facebook albums and my Google Drive folders.”
Best Multipurpose:Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame
“This fame makes it easy to share photos from my phone”

Photos are amazing to capture time and the beautiful memories. But they will be helpful, only when we get back to witness those beautiful memories.

It is not an easy task to keep track of all the pictures manually. Digital Photo frames are one helpful asset for this very purpose. With our range of digital photo frames, we present you some awestruck options to think of!

Item 1: Nixplay

Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame1

Built in app support provides ease in handling and does great as compared to the previous version, Nix’s 13”. This Digital Photo frame is with a good screen size that provides good view without providing an obstructed view.

This Digital Photo frame with so many features to count on is an all win-win deal!


  • Helps in sharing memories securely through a system that is private, secured and GDPR and CCPA compliant.
  • Allows connection with Dropbox, Facebook and Instagram. Sharing memories from all platforms is made easy.
  • Motion sensor helps in turning frame on and off as per the motions sensed around.
  • Go awesome with Alexa, just request your set of playlist!
  • Makes the photo or video sharing option possible (up to 15 seconds) using a two way system!


  • Installation and getting started is a bit tedious process.
  • A little movement will make it become active from sleep mode. Thus this Digital Photo frame cannot be kept in personal rooms.
  • Its web app is a bit tricky one to learn.

Item 2: Pix-Star

Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame2

This Digital Photo frame is a stunner as it provides absolutely FREE option to connect 25 different frames using just one online account. This one has it all covered by supporting the different mediums to share pictures that could be done absolutely around the world!

A high five for an absolute social media activist: who would like to share pictures from various social media handles!


  • Provides a lavish viewing experience with its frame of 9.7 inch with IPS display, 1024×768 pixels, 4: 3 ratio.
  • Setting it up is an easy and smooth process with complete set up to be done within a couple of minutes only.
  • Supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi bandwidth.
  • Provides ample ways like USB stick, SDHC and SDXC cards, to share media (Pictures and videos).
  • Motion sensor helps in handling this Digital Photo frame with ease. The system turns on/off with the help of a built in motion sensor. Sensitivity to enter and exit the system of the rooms.
  • Connects more than two or three social media handles (Like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, one drive, Flickr, Google Drive, Google Photos, 23Snaps and even more).
  • Provides daily weather forecasts of the countries and cities of one’s choice and even comes with lifetime support and extended two year warranty.
  • Not just a media viewer but also helps with scheduling reminders and playing of the games.


  • It is disappointing when it lacks the ability to support Wi-Fi on a 5 GHz network.
  • Mounting the frame on the wall or using its stand to erect the frame is a bit challenging.
  • The frame’s desire to require permissions for the complete Drive box and not just pictures and videos is a bit frustrating.
  • User interface has been reported as a bit awful for seniors: causing a halt in the smooth experience of this Digital Photo frame with elderly.

Digital Photo Frame #3: BIHIWOIA

BIHIWOIA Digital Picture Frame3

This Digital Photo frame provides one touch access post successful download of frameo app. Add a stylish touch to your room with this modern designed digital picture frame, providing your room an art gallery look!

Take advantage of its screen touch feature and stay away from remote maintenance! Amazingly high amount of pictures to be shared on the device is one of the major features that support keeping many memories safe in this Digital Photo frame.


  • Touch use makes it easier to handle and avoids the need to keep looking for the remote!
  • Provides amazing viewing experience with its 16:10 aspect ratio on a 1280X800 pixels screen.
  • Hide/show pictures at your will and the built in auto rotate function gives a satisfying picture viewing experience as per the need in landscape or the portrait orientation.
  • Adjust the brightness and sleep mode to add on to the soothing viewing experience.
  • Enjoy the limitless image holding capacity with its 16 GB of storage.
  • Enjoy the two year warranty with lifelong friendly customer service.
  • Transfer of pictures to the frameo app which then transfers to the Digital Photo frame via Wi-Fi is a win- win deal that saves us from tedious USB file transfer jobs.
  • Can sum it up as a Digital Photo frame where we find a clear picture, good quality and amazing memory reel!


  • Does not provide the option to delete the pictures that are added via frameo app.
  • The sequence of the pictures which might be a very sensitive issue for some customers is not taken care of.
  • This Digital Photo frame is too much for the elder people of the house who might need to check for some notification pop up if they want to see the new pictures on the device.

Digital Photo Frame #4: VANKYO

VANKYO WiFi Digital Photo Frame4

This Digital Photo frame helps in family bonding by sharing the images on one platform that could be viewed on different locations.

Supports file transferring on the multi-dimensional basis, using mails or the App, JointFrame. Making up for an amazing gift option the product comes from one of the Top Manufacturers of all the electronics.

Ranging from speakers to tablets and Home projectors to Digital Photo frame, they have it all covered.


  • Provides rich viewing experience with 16:10 ratio and 10.1-inch screen with 1280 x 800 resolution touchscreen.
  • Provides features of sharing joy with 20 users at a time and can manage your new as well as bound users all for FREE!
  • New files received notification by pop up that makes it easy to get notified as the new bundle of joy is received!
  • Elders and kids can use this Digital Photo frame without much hassle due to its easy to use interface design.
  • No more hassle of being lost when the updated device hits the market as the free app, JointFrame, is available for both Android (8.0 and later) and iOS (11.0 and later).
  • Its 16GB built in memory makes it amazingly sufficient to hold memories up to many months and years!
  • Can use this Digital Photo frame to upload pictures from any source like mails, USB drive or even a SD card.
  • Works even smarter with its inbuilt sleep mode and auto adjust brightness function. Few other features to add on are auto-screen on/off, slideshow mode, interval time, transition effect, etc.
  • This digital frame comes with other supportive functionalities like Photo, Music, Video, Alarm, Calendar, and Weather.


  • It works only with 2.4 GHz due to which Wi-Fi connection is a problem.
  • This digital picture frame was reported to throw technical issues of getting stuck.

Digital Photo Frame #5: Scishion

Scishion 7inch 16G WiFi Digital Photo Frame5

Provides amazing visibility of the images from 180 degree viewing angle and is thus the Digital Photo frame that provides clear picture view.

Convenience is the only word and option that comes to mind with this frame of 7.0 Inch with 1024 x 600 IPS Display (16:9).

It can be mounted on a wall or erected with the help of a stand that helps to view pictures in both portrait or landscape view.


  • No more brainstorming about the perfect gift for any occasion. Simply choose this Digital Photo frame and make all the cherished moments appear right in the digital picture screen instead of resting in some device.
  • Inbuilt memory of 16 GB is enough to provide you space for many of your important and loved occasions. This also comes with the option to expand memory with its slot for memory card up to 32GB to support high definition videos and images.
  • Detachable stand makes it easy to use, adding to its ease and another cherry on the cake!
  • The app necessary to run this digital picture frame is Free and works well with both Android and iOS.
  • In-built sensors are helpful to wake up the screen with least of the motion. The screen sleeps with no motion detected and thus works well when it comes to saving energy.


  • People have reported problems with the picture slideshow not working correctly post an update. Thus even after spending all so much for this Digital Photo frame you might end up screwed with a single update making things weird for you. Though the team is reported to work on it but this is a big reason to say No to this one!
  • The device is reportedly seen to lose connection and long duration connectivity does not seem to work that nice.
  • This Digital Photo frame allows only 10 pictures to be uploaded at a time using frameo app that is too slow if loads of pictures are to be uploaded!

Digital Photo Frame #6: AEEZO Digital Picture Frame

AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame6

Provides a good way to recall your memories while relying on the 9″ IPS HD touch screen with 1280*800 resolution.

Adjust the brightness and sleep as per one’s desire.

With this Digital Photo frame, we can even go for the higher memory option by inserting a memory card of up to 64 GB apart from its inbuilt 16 GB memory.


  • Can upload pictures via Wi-Fi SD card slot or even USB: you are covered in any such situation.
  • Save and share as many images as you would like to: Something that everyone would like to and appreciate in the product related to pictures.
  • Touch screen is highly sensitive and the quick pause or resume happens with just one tap of a finger.
  • Energy saver mode allows setting of the brightness and sleep mode with the help of a button. This proves to be helpful in the case of elderly people who would like to make screen brightness adjusted as per their eye needs.
  • The customer service is very prompt and friendly, reported to work within 24 hours of contact made.
  • This Digital Photo frame comes with a one year warranty wrapped with lifetime support.
  • The real picture frame provides an amazing look and appearance to the proper HD picture running in the show.


  • Lacks a sensor that would bring ease in the process of making this Digital Photo frame get to the sleep/wake up mode.
  • Frameo app keeps getting frozen and this brings in frustration while handling this Digital Photo frame.

Digital Photo Frame #7: Digital Photo Frame

Digital Photo Frame with IPS Screen7

In these Digital Photo frames, we can delete the images from the digital picture frame, with the help of the provided remote. This provides a smooth viewing experience with the help of its 178 degree wide viewing angle.

Adding cherry to the delicious cake, the box of the digital picture frame is a gift box that makes it easy to buy it and gift it an option.


  • Feel the realistic image and video with its 1280×800 resolution. Watching a 1080P video is also an amazing experience with this Digital Photo frame.
  • It allows deleting a picture along with their addition. Delete the picture that you don’t want to retain using the remote control.
  • Its image preview option makes it easy to see for that one picture you are looking for, from so many pictures in the gallery.
  • Auto rotation helps in adjusting the images as per the need in portrait or landscape mode.
  • Plug in the Digital Photo frame and insert the desired mode of picture storage, the picture will automatically start displaying. There is also an option to set the desired size of images so image distortion can be avoided.
  • Few exciting features like Alarm clock, time, calendar, auto power on/off, picture zoom and 360 degree rotation, etc. make it an amazing one to bring in the checklist!


  • The picture display as per the sequential setting does not work well and picks pictures randomly instead of sequentially.
  • The Digital Photo frame would accept images in a partial resolution and sadly not all the memories might be like clicked in that preset resolution!
  • Due to its IPS screen the image quality reduces as the distance from the screen increases.

Buyer’s Guide for Digital Photo frame

1. What is the best size for Digital Photo Frame?

When it comes to size of the Digital Photo frame the most common answer would be the one that is preferred by the intended audience. Few other dominating factors include the room size and the need of the frame.

The screen size ranges from 3 x 5 to 10 x 12 inches. The bigger frames come in size with 7 or 8 inches. These ones are very famous among the youth and thus if you are buying it for the youth group you should definitely go for the bigger size.

Now it is very normal to not buy a bigger size if the room size is small but even if the place you are willing to hang your digital photo frame is larger buying too big screen size does not help every time until screen resolution is of a greater quality.

Without a proper screen resolution, even a bigger screen will not be able to perform on a high quality screen and the pictures will not be as clear as one would desire for them to be.

One also needs to consider the pricing options. No doubt larger the screen will be its price. But definitely the high price does not indicate the best quality until we see the show running really well!

The standard size for a 7 inch to 9 inch digital photo album would be the photo print size of 4 x 6 or 5 x 7. We have even more and bigger than this and that would measure up as 20 inches when measured diagonally.

2. Think well about the memory!

You definitely want to buy a product that helps you keep all your memories together. Nobody would like to buy a Digital Photo frame that won’t be able to store many pictures and would demand a refill every now and then.

It would be a smart choice to pick one that provides inbuilt memory options along with an expandable option too. The various other options in case of memory slots available are 16, 32 and 64 GB.

When we talk about the highest memory range of the Digital Photo frame the one with the highest can help with approx. 6000 pictures.

The option of receiving built in memory is an amazing option to be taken care of, as this helps in avoiding the need of putting the camera’s memory device in the slot and thus saves from extra work and adds more to the convenience for the customers.

To be on the safer side one can try to look for the memory which is ideal for any Digital Photo frame that is 512 MB. One also gets the option to upgrade the memory and add on to the built in memory. This can be done using the memory card slots which support the common types of cards as SD, compactflash and memory stick. One has to be sure of using the same memory card in the Digital Photo frame and the camera.

3. Focus on the connectivity

One of the essential factors to consider in the Digital Photo frame is to know how they would connect. There might be many possibilities that the best option of connectivity is different for different groups of people.

Thankfully, we can find many options to connect and share media with Digital Photo frames. Some options noteworthy to mention are USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Presence of Wi-Fi connectivity is a good option to make sure the images or media can be transferred from desktop or mobile via Wi-Fi connectivity using the intermediate apps like social media platforms.

AEEZO WiFi Digital Picture Frame6

The media option to use Bluetooth connectivity is almost the same as the one that uses Wi-Fi, with only the condition that the internet is not used in this process. There used to be a greater difficulty to take the media from devices that do not have any internet connectivity and is now sorted with the help of Digital Photo frames’ USB port or the Bluetooth connectivity option.

Having the option of connecting your Digital Photo frame to the desired social media sites makes it easier to share media and view them all via shared sites. This removes the extra hassle of sharing media repeatedly on various handles and then onto the Digital Photo frame as well!

3. There are two kinds of aspect ratio that is common in the Digital Photo frame:

A. Standard (4:3):

This is simple and the most basic. Fits most of the photo print sizes. This does not give much problem and is helpful as it allows typically sized photos to fill the entire Digital Photo frame.

B. Widescreen (16:9):

This size Digital Photo frame is used for movies and TV shows mostly. If you are planning for a video display or just a slideshow with still pictures and other media then this one is a good choice to go for.

When it comes to the quality of image, display resolution determines the number of pixels, horizontally by vertically, that the frame can display. Or we can also say screen image measured in pixels leads to the resolution of that screen. The Digital Photo frame pixel resolution of 800 x 600 or 800 x 480 pixels is the recommended one to buy that produces pixel density of about 100 pixels per inch.


With all the hints and buying tricks it is noteworthy that the evergreen buying option to stick to, is the Nixplay Smart Digital Picture Frame .

This is completely based on the rating and just a simple overall reader’s feedback result. It is very much possible that your desired specifications and the needs lead you to an entirely different model!