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7 Tips for Humidifier Care and Maintenance

By Payal

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A humidifier is a machine that helps to prevent dryness and adds moisture to the air. It helps to avoid irritation caused in different body parts. In other words, humidifiers are the perfect device for treating dry skin, lips, etc. It also assists in lowering some of the symptoms caused by flu and common cold.

However, humidifiers should never be overused. Or else, it can lead to several respiratory issues. As much as it is important to use the humidifier correctly, it is equally important to maintain it properly. With the right maintenance techniques, your humidifier would last longer.

In this article, we will share 7 tips for humidifier maintenance and care.

Why is cleaning humidifiers important?

Contaminated humidifiers can emit germs and other harmful particles to the air. Inhaling them can cause severe respiratory problems. People suffering from allergies and asthma are more prone to these issues. And even if you do not have these symptoms, inhaling dirty air can compromise your overall health.

Hence cleaning your humidifier machine is an absolute necessity. Now, let us focus on the right maintenance tips.

Top Tips for cleaning Humidifiers

There are several ways of keeping your humidifiers clean. First and foremost, rinse and dry your humidifier every day. Also, perform deep cleaning once every few days. All types of humidifiers are cleaned in the same way. For added instruction, you can check their user manual.

Now, let us explain how you can clean your humidifier machine properly:

Tip 1: Washing and Drying

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As mentioned earlier, you should wash and dry your humidifier machine after each use. You can use regular soap and water for some rinsing actions. Once done, keep for sometime to air dry. While doing all these ensure that the machine is unplugged.

Tip 2: Reading the instruction manual carefully

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There are several DIY tips available online for deep cleaning your humidifier. For example, some articles suggest that using vinegar is quite effective. Before doing these, make sure that your humidifier will not get any issues because of these.

If you have a permanently installed humidifier at home, go for professional cleanings. They will be able to take special care of the machine, while maintaining its integrity.

Tip 3: Using the right equipment

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To get the best maintenance results, it is essential that you use the right cleaning products and tools. Read the instruction manual thoroughly to understand the right caring techniques. It will also tell you about parts that need separate cleaning actions or replacements.

However, things are a little different for humidifiers installed permanently. For those, you will need to contact the professionals to get the maintenance done.

For the regular humidifiers, you can use a mixture of water and vinegar. With a scrubbing brush, clean the furthest corner of the machine, to get rid of all the build-ups. Now thoroughly rinse the machine and keep it out for some time to air dry. It is the best way to sanitize your device.

Tip 4: Filter Replacement

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As mentioned earlier, you will need to replace a few parts of some humidifiers regularly. For example, evaporators need filter cleanings and replacements on a daily basis. Reading the manual will let you know the exact time of replacing these parts. You can also keep some extra replacement parts handy for your convenience.

Tip 5: Using fresh distilled water

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It is essential to use fresh distilled water each time to fill up the humidifier. Using mineral-containing tap water can leave deposits on the humidifier. The humidifier, in its course of action, will then release those particles, contaminating the air you breathe. Thus, using fresh distilled water is crucial.

Also, all bottled water is not distilled. So, read the label and make sure that you are purchasing distilled water, as that is very crucial.

Tip 6: Keeping the surroundings dry

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Keep a close eye on your humidifier. Molds and other build-ups on these machines are very harmful. So, ensure to keep the surrounding area of your humidifier machine dry. You should also check windows, carpets, and furniture around the machine for any types of moisture.

If you witness dampness in any place near the humidifier machine, then remove it from there.

Tip 7: Cleaning it always

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Make it a habit to clean your humidifier machine, before and after storing it. No matter how long your machine has been stored, it should be cleaned before you start using it. Also, ensure to replace the necessary parts, and dispose of the old ones. The machine should always be kept in a dry place.

Some additional maintenance tips

Aparts from the tips mentioned above, there are some other things that you will need to take care of:

  • Make sure the indoor humidity level is always below 50 per cent. Humidity higher than this will cause bacterial growth in the machine. You can use a good quality hygrometer for maintaining the humidity level inside your home.
  • After every use, do not forget to empty and refill your machine.
  • Never use tap water to fill up the humidifier. Mineral deposits inside the machine can cause health issues. So be careful, and use pure distilled water, each time.


These are the few tips to clean, care and maintain your humidifier. With proper usage, it will improve your health and quality of air inside your home. However, discontinue with the machine in case you develop some health issues.