intro skater

15 Tips and Tricks to Make You a Better Skater

By Payal

intro skater

Skating has become a popular sport all around the world. Amateurs and professionals do skating on different surfaces, including ice. There are different types of skating that might interest you, like figure skating, roller skating, ice hockey and speed skating.

Individuals can perform any of these skatings, with distinct skills and of course, dedicated equipment. For example, if you are a woman who wants to do roller skating, then you would have to invest in good roller skates for women, so as to get the best experience.

If you are thinking about skating or have just started with it, this article will be helpful for you. Here, we are going to discuss 15 tips and tricks that would make you a better skater. Keep on reading, to get detailed information (We will not discuss how to balance or start with the sport, rather we will focus on the ways to get better with it.)

Tip 1: Sprint while you skate

skater tip1

Sprinting is one of the essential techniques that will help you enhance your skating skills. If you are doing roller skating, then there is a right way in which sprinting can be executed. Your upper body should be engaged, core tightened and knees slightly bent. Each step should land with the balance on the inside edge of your foot.

You must also ensure that each step should fall with the swing of opposite arms. It will reduce the skating power by half, making it easy. Also, your steps should not be small or flat- it can cause accidents.

Tip 2: Step Over while you draw a curve

skater tip2

Next thing you have to master is stepping over while you draw a curve. Keep your knees bent and try to go round in a circle. This trick will improve your overall skating skills. You will be able to do turns and spins with the skates on, when you have a good grip on this technique.

Tip 3: Go in-line

skater tip3

Going in-line means both your feet should be placed one after the other. According to your preference, it can either be your right foot behind your left one, or vice versa. If you are a beginner, this will not be an easy task. Even professionals sometimes struggle to bring their feet in a line while skating.

But with practice things will become easier. It will make you feel great. You will also be able to do curves and spins easily.

Tip 4: Do one-legged skating to improve balance

skater tip4

Okay, this one is not for the beginners. As your balance improves and you are able to skate without tripping for a considerable distance, this trick can help you out. Skate with one leg while the other is lifted slightly up. It would improve your overall body balance to a great extent.

This trick will help you to maintain your balance, especially in situations where you are about to fall. So start practising this today!

Tip 5: Skate with Obstacles

skater tip5

Initially, you will learn and practice skating on plain lands. But in order to improve your skills, it is essential that you introduce obstacles on the path. It can include anything like grass, pebbles, stone chips, railroads, and so on. Do not avoid them; instead, take them as they come.

It is essential to practice with all these things, as that will help you to skate with ease in the real world. It would improve your balance and will prepare you for situations when you accidently hit them. But keep in mind that doing so would hurt your skates in the process, so perform it accordingly.

Tip 6: Practice your Turns

skater tip6

It is not an easy task to work on turns with your skates on. But you will have to keep practising. Start really slow, and then lift up one foot. This will be followed by turning outwards, and then putting the lifted foot down. This trick will help you to perform turns in the right way.

You would have to be really patient and keep practising to perfect this task. Once you have acquired this skill, you will definitely turn into a better skater.

Tip 7: Walk steps

skater tip7

Skating is all about becoming one with your skate. So as strange as it might sound, walking steps with your skates on is an essential skill. While doing it, do not hold onto anything. This trick will help to improve your overall balance. Start by going upstairs- it is handy and much safer, in case you fall.

Tip 8: Also skate backwards

skater tip8

This is something that every skater would want. Make sure that you are starting on a flat surface and go really slow. It will take some time but soon you will get used to it. As you become a pro, you will be able to skate backwards fitting your feet in one line.

Tip 9: Skate backwards with turns for body balancing

skater tip9

Now that you know how to skate backwards, it is time to practise backwards with turns. Start the journey by going forward, and take half a turn. Then keep going backwards with the flow. It will be super fun as you get the hang of it. Start slow and gradually increase your speed as you get used to it.

Tip 10: Don’t Brake

skater tip10

It might sound strange but trust us, it is necessary to improve your skating skills. There are many ways in which you can avoid braking- like turns, curves, etc. It is a fun challenge and will keep your skates in a good state. But of course, it will make sense when you are going downhills.

Tip 11: Jump turns

skater tip11

You can do both backwards and turns now, so this is the right time to do jump turns. It is quite easy as you will only have to do a rotation of 180 degrees. As you turn your upper body during the jump, half of your body has already performed the rotation. This makes the process easy as only your feet are left to complete the rotation.

As you get more and more confident, try to do jump turns over obstacles. It can be a tree beach or anything like that. You can do this from curves or even from some steps.

Tip 12: Use only Two wheels while skating

skater tip12

If you have practised all the above tricks, by this time you will be a pretty good skater. To take your skating skill to the next level, let’s try something fun- skating on two wheels. It can be your two front or back wheels, whichever you prefer.

You can get more adventurous and try one of your front wheels and one of your back wheels. For can go forwards, backwards and even do turns with this.

Tip 13: Skate Backwards on one leg

skater tip13

Now this one is a bit tricky and technical. You will only be able to do it if you practise it properly with patience. Lift your one leg and try to do backward skating. You should only start practicing this when you are comfortable with normal backward skating.

Tip 14: Practice small Jumps while skating

skater tip14

Jump over everything to improve your body balance. Initially start with things where it does not matter if you really make it, like road markings. As you are used to that, try real obstacles. You can even try the one-legged jump. But be really careful as you try this.

Tip 15: Start practising Spins

skater tip15

Even all professional skaters cannot do spins properly, so do not be upset if you cannot do it right away. Lift the heel of one leg while its tip should touch the ground. Your other feet should sit flat with the skates on the ground. Now try to spin your body. It would look really cool if you can perfect this move


There are a lot more things you can do while skating, but there are the top 15 tricks for you to learn. Practise, dedication, and patience will help you to perfect these skills. So, if you want to get better at skating, start working on these tips today!