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7 Things You Should Never Put in a Portable Blender

By Payal
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Portable blenders are a great addition to your kitchen appliance range. These are lightweight, small, and very easy to use. If you have a busy schedule or like eating healthy smoothies, portable blenders are a must have in your kitchen. But not everything is meant to go inside the appliance.

In this article, we will talk about seven things that you should never put inside your portable blender. Keep on reading this article to keep your equipment safe and improve its durability.

Item 1: Super hot liquids

Super hot liquids1

You should never put any super hot liquid inside a blender. Hot Liquids basically produce a lot of steam and that creates air pressure inside the equipment. After that when the blades of the blender starts moving, it can cause the liquid to explode.

Burning accidents are quite common from blender explosions and thus you should always take care of that. You should always wait for your liquid to cool a bit (at least 10 minutes) before you put it in the blender. If you notice steam after you pour the liquid in the blender remove the lid and allow it to escape.

Once the liquid is fully cold, take a towel and hold it at the top of the blender before you turn it on. It would make your whole blending process much more convenient.

Item 2: Starchy food

Starchy food2

You should always avoid putting starchy food like potatoes in your portable blender. You can use a hand blender instead to make your favorite mashed potatoes. The blades inside the portable blender might overwork the potatoes and make it release a lot of starch.

A potato with additional starch will not have that texture you desire for. It would look messy and taste different. So if you want that fluffy mashed potatoes for your dinner, go with the traditional blending methods instead.

Item 3: Hard frozen food

SONY DSC Health enthusiasts love having fruit smoothies in the morning. But one of the common mistakes they make is they put frozen fruits inside their portable blenders. You should never do that as hard frozen food might break the blender’s blade, ruining the equipment and causing accidents.

Apart from these damages, there is a high chance that when you put frozen food inside a blender, it might not blend properly. You might find chunks of fruit in your smoothie which is not desirable. So keep the frozen food outside in normal temperature for at least 15 minutes to get the best consistency.

You should also not put ice cubes in your regular blender. It is hard and has the potential to damage your equipment. You can however go for crushed ice instead.

Item 4: Whole Spices

Whole Spices4

Ground spices can elevate the flavor of your food. Rather than buying spice mixes, you can go for whole spices and ground them for best results. However, doing the task in a portable blender is actually not a good idea.

You should buy spice grinders to get the best ground spices without any hassles. It is super convenient and very easy to use. With a portable blender, you will not get the desired results as its blades are not designed to work with such small things.

Item 5: Coffee beans

Coffee beans5

Even though you can think about blending coffee beans in a blender by putting less number of beans in the equipment, that would take away convenience from the process. Using a coffee grinder would not only make the process faster but you will also get a better final product.

Doing the job in a portable blender might not mess with the texture of the coffee powder but can also interfere with the test. So it would be a good idea to keep your coffee beans away from the blender and use a coffee grinder instead. The coffee beans can also wear away the sharpness of the portable blender’s blades.

Item 6: Dehydrated food

Dehydrated food6

Putting dehydrated food like sun-dried tomatoes in a blender can damage the blades and create a lot of mess. They leave a sticky residue inside the blender which is hard to clean. It is essential to get rid of the stickiness from the blades or else the next item you blend will taste weird.

So if you are thinking about blending any dehydrated food items like sun-dried tomato in your portable blender, we will advise you to soak them in water first for at least 30 minutes. This would soften the item and help you get perfect tomatoes puree every time.

Item 7: Fibrous food

Fibrous food7

Fibrous food is great for your health and should be included in your regular diet. But working with them in a blender might be a tricky task. For example, if you put raw broccoli inside your blender, it can create quite a mess. So always boil or blanch it first and then put it inside the blender.

However, if you are putting broccoli along with other vegetables or liquids then the scenario would be different. So depending on the combination that is going inside your portable blender, you can think about including or excluding fibrous food.


These are some of the food items that you should never put in your portable blender along with any utensils, and of course your body parts. Note that, some high capacity blenders might work with these ingredients but these items are an absolutely no-no to go with a regular portable blender.