7 Things You didn’t Know About Tyre Inflator (2024)

By Payal


Deflated tyres are a common issue during road trips. With a tyre inflator, you will instantly be able to inflate your tyres and rush your car to the nearest garage. Automatic tyre inflators are super handy and quite easy to use. The whole work will be done with just the press of a button.

Tyre inflator is a must-have equipment when you are out for a long journey. The right equipment will save you time and make your road trip convenient. It is a single use device which offers quick and temporary fix to flat tyres.

However, drivers cannot continue driving long roads after inflating the tyres with this device. As mentioned earlier, this is a temporary fix. Hence, it can carry the car only upto a small distance post the treatment. Also, it should be driven at a very low speed.

Why should I invest in a tyre inflator?


There are many benefits of getting a tyre inflator for you car, like:

  • The device helps you to check your tyre pressure easily. It is an essential thing to do before you hit the roads. If the tyres have low air pressure, simply connect the inflator and you will be good to go- no more hassles of visiting the workshop. You can also know about the high air pressure in tires easily. For those cases, perform deflation.
  • These inflators come in a handy size. You will easily be able to carry it everywhere. It would only take up a small boot space in your car.
  • When you have tyre inflator at home, you will be able to keep the air pressure of the tires intact. No more requirement of visiting the petrol pump or service station regularly. It would save a lot of your time.
  • Tyre inflators are very safe to use. The modern inflators are designed keeping in mind the safety of the users. They have high usability and would not cause any harm to the users or the cars. Some inflators also come with automatic shut offs. It means the equipment will not fill any extra air once the required pressure has been reached.
  • It is a pocket-friendly product that offers good return on investment. Depending on the features you choose, the tyre inflators are available in different price ranges. You can choose the right one that suits your budget.

Things to know about tyre inflators

In order to purchase the best tyre inflator in the market, it is essential that you know how to make the right choice. Here, we are going to list seven things that you might not know about the equipment. These facts can prove to be helpful in making an informed purchase.

1. They are easier to use than they seem


Tyre inflators might look complicated but they are a very simple mechanical tool. It is designed for the convenience of drivers, and thus is easy to use. It basically consists of a hose, through which the air reaches the tyre. The main aim of an inflator is to keep the tires intact.

2. Electric tyre inflators are designed for your convenience


There are different types of tyre inflators available in the market. One of them is the electric variant. It is electrically operated and involves no hassles. It consists of a 12V electric compressor which helps to inflate air into the tyre through a knob. They come with an analog or digital meter that displays the pressure reading.

3. Consider the inflation speed of the tyre Inflator


One of the main things that people should consider while buying tyre inflator is its inflation speed. It refers to the time taken for the equipment to inflate a unit. An inflator with higher inflation speed will pump your tyre faster. It would save time and you will be able to hit the road instantly

4. Invest in tyre inflators with automatic shut-off feature


Some tyre inflators come with an automatic shut-off feature. It means the equipment shuts itself off as soon as the tyre gets inflated. Using them, you will not have to worry about your tyre having extra air. The device would shut off as soon as your tyre gets fully intact. No need to check the pressure manually or bear the hassles deflating it.

5. Check the air flow of the tyre inflator before purchasing it


You should know about the airflow of the tyre inflator before purchasing it. Go for an option that comes with a minimum airflow of 35L / min. It will take around 3-4 mins to inflate a 15” car tyre intact upto 32 psi. You will get cheaper tyre inflators that come with lesser air flow. But, they will take around 15-20 minutes to inflate one tyre of your car.

6. Choose the optimal power of your tyre inflator


If you are going to purchase a tyre inflator that has 35L / min air flow, you will have to take proper care while using it. It is because they consume around 15amp power. The lighter car sockets are mostly configured for 15Amp and 12V power. So, if you have purchased an inflator whose airflow is greater than 35L / min, you will have to connect it directly to the battery of the car.

7. Notice the duty cycle for better performance


You should also consider the duty cycle of the inflator before purchasing it. For example, if your tyre inflator has a 45% duty cycle, it will be able to work continuously at 100 PSI for around 4 minutes. Also, it will take around 5 minutes to cool down after the usage. The tyre inflators that come with 100% duty cycle can work round the clock and will not need any cooling off period.


These are some things that you might not have known about tyre inflators. There are different models available in the market. Understand your requirements, and know your budget to make the best choice. It is indeed a very handy piece of equipment. If you are a car owner, invest in a good tyre inflator for your convenience.