How to Use a Hammer Correctly: 8 Tips (Must follow 5th Tip)

By Nagarjun

Hammer is a basic method that we usually use for many purposes. This tool helps us to perform different tasks, such as driving nails into woods, shaping a piece of metal, breaking something, etc. It is an easy-going instrument consisting of a heavy steel weighted head that is generally fixed with a wood or metal handle. Nearly every person in his toolbox keeps a hammer.

Hammers may sometimes cause some serious injuries while being a fundamental and common tool if we do not use them properly. So, learning how we can properly use a hammer is necessary. Here is the list of tips about how to use the hammer correctly.

Tip 1: Selecting the Right Hammer for Work

select Right Hammer

Choosing the right hammer is the essential thing that you need to do before you try to perform any task using a hammer. It would be great to choose a hammer that you feel very comfortable with. Select the one that is most right for the job and has the right size and weight.

There are different kinds of hammers, ranging from small, lightweight “tack” hammers to framing hammers to more heavy hammers typically used to lift concrete or wooden beams. Most have claws opposite the head of the hammer, which is useful for pulling nails and prying boards out.

Tip 2: Choosing the right nail for the job

choose right nail

As everyone knows who has been to a hardware store or construction supply center, there are several different types of nails. Nail measurements can vary from small “tacks” of 1/2 inch to 16-penny nail used.

Finishing nails come in several lengths and have a small head that can push with a tool called a nail set or nail setter slightly below the surface of the wood, where it can conceal with wood putty. Box nails have more oversized nailheads and use because it doesn’t matter that the head is visible.

Tip 3: Test the Condition of the Hammer

Test the Condition

To ensure the condition of the hammer, before you use it, you need to check the hammer. Checking this will help you to know whether or not the hammer is in good shape. Make sure the head of the hammer is secure, first of all. Never use a hammer with a loose head to start working.

If you are using a loose headed hammer, when swinging hard, it might fly off. Try to avoid a rusty hammer and also avoid splintering if the wood is broken. As a result, some unexpected and serious injuries can happen because of these things.

Tip 4: Properly Grip the Hammer

Properly Grip the Hammer
A critical matter to remember is appropriately holding the hammer. If you fail to grip the hammer tightly, your safety will lose. It is undoubtedly going to cause harm. And if you don’t grab it properly, after using a hammer for a long time, it can cause some severe palm pain.

By rapping your fingers over the handle and covering the whole handle, you can grip the hammer properly. Your thumb would be perfectly balanced on top of the handle in this way.

Tip 5: Using Protection for the Eye

Protection for the Eye
It is a must for you to ensure the protection of your body parts since it is all about using a hammer safely. For any task, you need to be very cautious when using a hammer.

You must wear protective eyewear to safeguard your eyes from being seriously hurt. Make sure that both your eyes are sufficiently protected when you wear safety glasses, as well as the entire field. Also, find out whether or not the harness is securely secured.

Tip 6: Hold the Hammer Tightly

Hold the Hammer Tightly
You would think that just properly gripping the hammer is enough to prevent injury and ensure protection. But this thought is entirely inaccurate.

Once the hammer is appropriately grasping, then you need to hold it tightly. If you have the hammer firmly, as you swing, it will fall out of your hand and fly away. It will trigger a wound to grow. So never loosely hold your hammer. If you hit the object without having the hammer tightly, mostly the item on which you are going to operate can also get badly damaged.

Tip 7: Stay Focused

Stay Focused
In the case of using a hammer, focusing is an important thing. You’ve got to remember to keep your mind on what you do. To avoid some form of injury, you should keep focused all the time.

You can injure yourself by hitting your fingers instead then hitting the nails if you become clumsy and remain unconscious. Keep your whole mind on your job, and keep your attention on your hammer. By keeping your full watch on the hammer and the entire work as well, you will prevent unexpected injuries.

Tip 8: Sowing the Hammer with your Arm Properly

Sowing the Hammer Image Source:
Unless you use a hammer to sow nails, you must grip the hammer from the very end. To strike the object, keep the hammer tightly and use a moderate and balanced force. You can use both your arms and your elbow to swing the hammer at that moment.

You need to firmly grip the hammer’s handle and raise your arm over your head. Hit the floor, then. You should proceed this way if you want to knockdown drywall or even operate on cars.

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It is never that difficult to use a hammer. Even after ensuring the protection of your body parts, you can easily use a hammer. Follow the above instructions and start performing your work using the right hammer. One thing to remember, before you start using a hammer, you have to protect yourself from any injury and ensure the safety of your body parts first.