7 Things You didn’t Know about Rowing Machines: Read the Amazing Facts

By Payal


A rowing machine, also known as ergometer, helps you with indoor rowing exercises. By using a rowing machine at home, you can get a toned lower body and improve your overall body posture. It is one of the most popular home gymming equipment that fitness freaks swear by.

There are many benefits of using the rowing machine at home. It helps you with various resistance training, and is used for building your stamina and increasing your endurance. In other words, with a rower you can expect full body workouts.

In this article, we will discuss 7 amazing facts about rowing machines that you probably did not know. If you are skeptical about buying a rower for your home gym, these facts might prove encouraging for you.

Amazing Facts about Rowing machine

Fact 1: Rowing machine offers high impact workouts with lowest impact on the body


One of the biggest advantages offered by rowing machines is that you can expect high intensity workouts with it, without much impact on your body. High intensity workouts generally involve a lot of pain and it can cause injuries too. But when you are working with a rowing machine, nothing like that is likely to happen.

If you love running, then adding workouts with a rowing machine would be a great thing to do. It will increase your cardio fitness without giving much impact to your body.

Fact 2: Rowing Machine will help you to lose weight without getting sore muscles


We all know how challenging it is to lose weight. Cardio and strength training exercises are no joke, once you start doing them, it will leave your muscles sore. Exercising with a rowing machine can yield you the same results, minus the side effects.

It means, you will be able to lose weight without the pain. Exercising with a rowing machine involves movement of the concentric muscles, which is less painful. Exercises like squats involve the movement of the eccentric muscles, which causes the sore

Fact 3: You postures can improve working with the rowing machine


Round the clock desk work has resulted in poor posture for both men and women. It can affect their upper body and make them look older. When rowing exercises done correctly, without slouching, it improves your posture. Just think about it, working with a rowing machine will require you to be upright throughout.

Fact 4: Experience versatile workouts with rowing machine

Contrary to popular belief, rowing machines can offer you with different types of exercises. From high intensity training to the low intensity ones, a rowing machine is a perfect equipment to do it all. Depending on your body goals and preferences, you can combine these exercises and customize a workout plan.

For example, high intensity training is great for losing weight. Low intensity training, however, can help you to build your aerobic capacity. This helps you to do high intensity training better.

Fact 5: Customizing the rowing machine is an easy task


Like your favorite treadmill, you can customize the rowing machine just the way you want. Its settings can easily be tweaked and made to fit your capacity. If you are a beginner, do not opt for high resistance initially. Doing so will strain your back and you will end up getting hurt.

Instead, increase the resistance gradually as you cope with the existing one. The ideal drag factor for a woman weighing 61 kgs is 120-130. You should adjust yours accordingly.

Fact 6: Exercising with a rowing machine is great for your heart and lungs


Just like the cardio exercises, exercises done on rowing machines help to improve your cardiovascular health. It improves the blood flow in the heart. Also, it helps in transportation of essential nutrients like oxygen, throughout the body.

Exercising with a rowing machine increases your heart rate. When your heart beats faster, it transports more blood to your entire body. This helps in improving your heart strength. Rowing exercises are great for people who are at a risk of heart issues.

Fact 7: Rowing machines offer two-in-one workout

When you use a rowing machine to workout regularly, it offers you dual benefits. Firstly, it will help you to lose weight. Secondly, it assists in muscle building at the same time. You should formulate a workout plan and include both strength and cardio training in it.

When you workout with a rowing machine continuously for an hour, you can burn upto 400-500 calories. Of course, the amount of calories will depend on the intensity of your exercises.


Working out on a row machine, even for 15 minutes, can yield great results. Incorporate a high intensity regime in your workout plan with a rowing machine to witness its most effectiveness. With this equipment you will be able to lose weight, build muscles and tone your body minus the pain.