5 Best Wireless Photo Printer of 2024

By Lisa S

We all adore making memories. Many of us are fans of keeping these memories around us in pictures. A wireless photo printer is all you need to get instant copies of your photos. These are portable and easy to use.

Best Photo Printer- Canon Photo Printer

Outstanding for printing a few pictures at home

Best Model- Epson Wireless Photo Printer

Epson XP6100 fits my daughter’s needs perfectly. For the price, I’d recommend it

Most Versatile- Liene Wireless Photo Printer

This little photo printer is super impressive for the price

Best Quality- Kodak Wireless Photo Printer

The printer works great and the picture quality is awesome

Most Affordable- Zink Wireless Photo Printer

Nice design, an easy-to-use app, and the printer work quickly when it does work

Why wait in a queue to print your photos? You can do it anytime, anywhere without waiting. A wireless photo printer gives you colorful and black and white photographs in no time. This also is a cost-effective and time-saving method.

We have a compilation of 5 Best Wireless Photo Printers for you. Choose the one you would like to buy.

Item 1- Canon Photo Printer

Canon Photo Printer

This wireless photo printer uses dye-sub technology. This dries the photo instantly and the print lasts up to 100 years.

If you want to purchase a well-known brand, you should go for this one. The accessories that you get along with the printer include optional battery backup.

It also includes 5 ink paper/sheets, and a microfiber cloth. In a 12” hard case you can fit all these accessories and thus make your travel kit.

What We Like

  • 2 colors – Black & White available
  • It prints on fabric as well as glossy photo paper
  • You get a hard case along with the printer and accessories
  • Many customers say the photo print quality is amazing

What We Don’t Like

  • It has an iOS controller type only
  • You need to buy a USB printer cable separately
  • Some users have issues with the poor WiFi connectivity

Item 2- Epson Wireless Photo Printer

Epson Wireless Photo Printer

Epson is another popular brand in photo printers. This one is smarter than many other brands available in the market. It comes with hands-free/ voice-activated printing technology. For color printouts this wireless printer is the best.

It comes with 5 cartridges for various colors and 1 cartridge for black & white printouts. For the best results, the company advises using Epson cartridges only. Any other brand cartridge may damage the printer.

What We Like

  • It comes in 3 different styles
  • It has 3 built-in memory card slots and a USB
  • It allows auto 2-sided printing
  • It is compatible with iOS and android both

What We Don’t Like

  • Some buyers say that this wireless printer cannot handle the heavy volume of work
  • The touch screen needs improvement as per the users
  • The paper tray does not go too well with the printer

Item 3- Liene Wireless Photo Printer

Liene Wireless Photo Printer

This wireless photo printer has the most unique technology. It supports the dye sublimation technique. In this technique, 3 basic colors penetrate the paper layer by layer deeply.

These layers make the image quality better and more vibrant. The last layer works as a protectant. Once you charge it fully, it can print up to 40 photos.

It comes with a rechargeable battery. You can also use it while it is in charge. You can place the photo cassette/tray on the top of the printer when not in use.

What We Like

  • You get to choose from 2 different styles
  • You get 20 photo paper sheets in the package
  • Users appreciate the great photo quality

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users find this wireless printer a little slow
  • Some Apple mac users say they face issues with security verification

Item 4- Kodak Wireless Photo Printer

Kodak Wireless Photo Printer

Kodak has always been popular for photos. Now it has come with its mini printer. And it costs under $100. You can download the Kodak app to edit your pictures before printing. The app also allows you to make collages.

This one is super tiny and cute. It measures the size of your palm. A fascinating thing is that it comes with Zink technology. The sticky-back papers have dye-embedded crystals.

These crystals enhance the overall photograph. Thus, you get high-quality and durable pictures from this printer.

What We Like

  • This portable photo printer comes in 4 exciting colors
  • It supports Bluetooth connectivity
  • This is convenient for anyone to set up and use

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not support WiFi connectivity
  • Some buyers say the colors are off in the print
  • Some users also say the app does not work too well

Item 5- Zink Wireless Photo Printer

Zink Wireless Photo Printer

Looking for a low-cost wireless photo printer? Check out Zink Wireless Photo Printer. The portable wireless photo printer prints colorful as well as black-and-white pictures. It uses innovative 4 PASS D2T2 transfer methods to print photos.

The company suggests using refills in increments of 20, 30, or 49. It has an all-in-one cartridge with an 8-photo capacity. The wireless printer takes around 1.5 hours to charge completely.

For any editing, you can use the KODAK app. You can add borders, stickers, etc. to your photos through the app.

What We Like

  • It comes in 2 colors – white & sky blue
  • It supports 2 printing technologies – dye sublimation and thermal
  • You can print photos from your phone directly without cables
  • This printer is also compatible with Bluetooth

What We Don’t Like

  • Filling in the new cartridges creates problems in the printer
  • Some customers are not too happy with the printer quality

Our Winner

Our top 2 picks are Canon Photo Printer and Kodak Wireless Photo Printer. The first one is brilliant in overall quality and durability. You get a complete portable travel kit.

The second one is very affordable and also supports Bluetooth connectivity. The crystal method is something unique and thus, you will get amazing picture prints.

Wireless Photo Printer Buying Guide

Printer Accessories

  • Mini printers need a different set and size of accessories. It is going to be difficult to find cables and printing papers that fit the criteria. Thus, we suggest you buy the wireless photo printers that come with the equipment.
  • The accessories include photo papers, USB cables, a travel case, and cartridge/ink.

  • Having all these along with the printer is better as you need not wait for all the parcels to come on different days. Also, setting up the printer becomes easy with the necessary items.

Photo Print Quality

  • What is the use of a printer if it cannot print good-quality photos? Some printers saturate the pictures too much. But many end up printing darker photos. Hence, make sure you buy a portable printer that first of all allows you to edit pictures.
  • A good quality printer will definitely give you good-quality pictures. So, select the best wireless printer. Bad-quality pictures leave you in a bad mood for sure. Here is the proof.

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Connecting the Printer

  • Wireless printers do not seem fun when they are a big challenge to connect. You can connect your wireless printer either through WiFi or Bluetooth. Many brands provide a cable for scenarios when none of these work.

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  • But wait, who is going to carry all such cable on a trip? That is why you need to check the connectivity of the wireless printer before buying one. Another pro tip we have for you is to check for compatible products.
  • Many wireless printers connect only to Apple products like an iPhone or an iPad. Always buy wireless items that can easily connect to iOS, android, or windows.

Other Aspects

In terms of tech gadgets, you need to look for various features. When talking about a wireless printer the 3 things that can be a problem are –

The noise of the Printer

  • Have you ever seen a noisy mini printer? Well, many have. It is not a pleasant experience, right? A noisy printer may interrupt your communication, or even disturb your sleeping kids.

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Printing Speed

  • We feel sorry for this poor person. Imagine the kind of embarrassment and annoyance at the moment. Her photo booth idea was an epic fail just because of her wrong printer choice. Stop yourself from facing any such issues.

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  • This should be a good reason for you to invest in better-quality wireless printers. Slow printers are a pain while you are in a hurry. Thus, always check for the printing speed.


  • Your printer will run out of ink and you will have to change the cartridge in most cases. What if the cartridge does not support the wireless mini printer? The cartridge may jam and the photo paper is going to be a waste.

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  • Check if the wireless portable photo printer is compatible with other brand cartridges. This will save you from rough cartridge times.


Print your memories and store them forever. These portable wireless printers are lightweight. And thus you can carry these on your trips. These are also good ideas for gifting purposes.

We came up with such top 5 suggestions for you. Our blogs have Buying Guides to simplify your shopping. Visit our website for more such item reviews.