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7 Best Storage Cabinet: Getting Properly Organized is a Life Changer

By Lisa S

As we approach 2023, many of us are considering a “new start” and that often means getting organized. Out with the old and in with the new, right? Adequate storage is a common problem and ReviewRoller is here to help you choose the best storage cabinet.

After careful research, we have compiled a list of the top 7 best storage cabinets. We’ve found one for every possible location and every budget. We’ve also included a handy Buying Guide to help you make the smart choice.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Homestyles Nantucket Storage Cabinet
“We are very pleased with the unit we ended up with: good fit, good finish, easy assembly, good capacity!”
BEST FOR GARAGE: Seville Ultra HD Mega Storage Cabinet – Stainless Steel
“Great quality hardware. An exceptional product, and very pleased in every respect. Highly recommended.”
BEST FOR PANTRY: SystemBuild Kendall 2 Door/2 Drawer Storage Cabinet 36″
“I’m seriously obsessed with this pantry.”
BEST FOR ART STUDIO: INTERGREAT Metal Storage Cabinet Locking Storage Cabinet
“Quality item, quick shipping.”
BEST FOR CLASSROOM: Fedmax Metal Garage Storage Cabinet
“They were exactly what I needed. I highly recommend them!”
BEST FOR LAUNDRY ROOM: Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet
“I would buy these again probably without even shopping around.”
BEST FOR LIVING SPACES: USIKEY Floor Storage Cabinet with 2 Doors
“Good value for the price.”

Let’s face it. Getting organized just feels good. It can be a real life-changer and proper organization, believe it or not, means freeing up your time so you are able to enjoy more of what you love to do.

Let’s take a look at the details of each of our choices!

Item 1: Homestyles Nantucket Storage Cabinet

Homestyles Nantucket

This is a gorgeous storage cabinet that could easily work in any room of your home. It’s available in a walnut finish as well as off-white. The product dimensions are 16″D x 30″W x 72″H. White tall, it’s unobtrusive and fits nicely into narrow spaces.

It features a center drawer with shelves above and below. It is built of hardwood solids and veneers, with engineered wood, and has antique brushed nickel hardware.


  • It’s easy to assemble; clear instructions
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Durable; no worry of it falling over
  • Packaging is done exceptionally well; no worry of damage during shipping


  • Customers noted that when they purchased more than once in the same finish, the colors we slightly off and didn’t match
  • If you prefer all hardwood, this cabinet might disappoint
  • The locking screws are a bit fussy

Item 2: Seville Ultra HD Mega Storage Cabinet – Stainless Steel

Seville Ultra HD

Seville has crafted an attractive storage cabinet that would look great even in a garage. Keep your tools and miscellaneous items neatly stored away in this 47.99″D x 23.98″W x 72.01″H cabinet with a powder-coated steel frame and stainless steel doors.

4 shelves are included and they are adjustable. This cabinet is part of an entire storage system created by Seville so make sure you explore all possibilities!


  • It does have a key lock
  • All tools needed for assembly are included
  • Nicely packaged for shipping to prevent damage
  • These have a really nice finish


  • Instructions are clear with the exception of the back panels; these might be a bit tricky
  • It does take some time to assemble
  • Careful with the styrofoam when unpacking – it’s messy

Item 3: SystemBuild Kendall 2 Door/2 Drawer Storage Cabinet 36″


ReviewRoller chose this as best for a pantry but the truth is it’d fit nicely in just about any room. Consider it for a den, children’s playroom, or even a bathroom. The product dimensions for this 2 drawer/2 door storage cabinet are 15.38″D x 35.69″W x 74.31″H.

Customization is easy due to the 2 adjustable and 1 fixed shelf. This storage cabinet is part of a full storage system so you might want to check out the additional options from SystemBuild.


  • It has adjustable feet; helpful if you have uneven flooring.
  • Assembles easily and fairly quickly
  • Strong and solid construction
  • If you order multiples, the finish is consistent; no worry of cabinets not matching


  • Back assembly caution: it’s cardboard and requires many tiny nails!
  • Some customers complained that screws weren’t labeled
  • Packaging for shipping isn’t great; you may encounter loose parts

Item 4: INTERGREAT Metal Storage Cabinet Locking Storage Cabinet


ReviewRoller chose this cabinet for an art studio due to its simplicity. You’ve got a blank canvas upon which to create! Hang your art on the doors of this 18″D x 36″W x 72″H cabinet or paint it fun colors. Either way, you’ve got 4 adjustable shelves to suit your needs.

This cabinet is grey metal with 2 wing doors with a 180°opening angle. It also has a load capacity of up to 180-lbs. per shelf. Great for storing paints, supplies, and even art books.


  • It has a lock for safety
  • Feels quite sturdy and durable once assembled
  • Can be mounted against the wall if needed; you’ll need to buy supplies for it
  • Assembly takes time but it’s relatively easy


  • The included key lock can’t be duplicated so don’t lose it!
  • Customers complained about how poorly it was packaged for shipping
  • Customer service has a lot to be desired

Item 5: Fedmax Metal Garage Storage Cabinet


Any teachers in our audience? If so, give this cabinet a try in your classroom! Measuring 15.75″D x 31.5″W x 70.86″H, this storage cabinet features 4 adjustable shelves and a pre-installed lockset.

Each of the shelves can hold up to 180-lbs. The cabinet is made of alloy steel which makes it incredibly durable.


  • You can level the legs if you have uneven flooring
  • It comes with two keys instead of one like most cabinets
  • You have options! This cabinet also comes in grey and white/silver
  • Quite sturdy once assembled


  • Instructions could be a lot better
  • There have been complaints about the packaging for shipping
  • The shelf retaining clips are a bit fussy

Item 6: Prepac Elite Storage Cabinet


Laundry can be such a chore, can’t it? Having your supplies neatly organized will make a difference! You’ll certainly have plenty of space with this 16″D x 32″W x 65″H white cabinet.

We appreciate the soft corners on this particular cabinet. It does have adjustable shelving and is part of a whole organizational system created by Prepac.


  • Multiple finishes are available making it easy to fit any decor
  • Nice quality metal 6-way hinges and all-metal handles on doors
  • Clear instructions and easy assembly
  • Prepac has great customer service


  • Can be mounted on the wall but materials are not included for this; contact the seller
  • Some of the hardware is well-hidden so be sure you carefully look for it
  • Shipping packaging could be better

Item 7: USIKEY Floor Storage Cabinet with 2 Doors


It’s advertised as industrial but look how beautiful it is! This would be a gorgeous addition to your dining or living space. The dimensions are 35.43” L x 11.81” W x 31.50” H which is plenty of room to store and display your items.

The finish is rustic brown. It features a spacious tabletop, 1 large open shelf, 2 doors, and 2 adjustable shelves hidden behind 2 classic louvered doors.


  • It’s easy to clean and maintain with a dry, soft rag
  • It’s nice for areas with limited space
  • Although it is plywood, it’s very sturdy once assembled


  • Oddly, there are a lot of pieces with this storage cabinet so be aware
  • Instructions don’t make assembly very easy
  • Be prepared to assemble by hand; can’t use any type of drill or power tool

To answer the most frequently asked consumer questions, we’ve created this Buying Guide just for you! We certainly hope it helps.



I’m having some difficulty deciding on which storage cabinet to choose. What should I consider?

You’d think organizing would be a straightforward process but there are variables that will influence your decision. Before you buy, consider the following:

  • Budget: organizing isn’t always cheap so make sure you have a budget in mind before making a purchase.
  • Measure: the worst feeling is buying a storage cabinet then getting it home only to realize it is the wrong size. Make sure to carefully measure your space.
  • Your needs: what will you be storing? Will you need locks? Will the items be heavy? All of these things will influence your purchase.
  • Decor: if aesthetics matter, and for most of us it does, make sure the storage cabinet you choose fits your style and home.
  • Additions: are you considering a whole storage system or think you may upgrade at a later date? If so, make sure you have plenty of space for additions.
Are there different ways to organize a storage cabinet?

There are lots of fun and decorative ways! Think about pretty baskets or special organizers for storing cans or dishes. Organizing spices? There are a lot of nice expandable spice racks available.

Don’t be afraid to be as creative as you want to be. You certainly don’t have to go to any trouble to organize the inside of your cabinet but think about how nice it’d be to open it and see the results of your creativity!

How do I store clothes in a cabinet?

Our clothes are an item with which we want to take great care. To safely store your clothes, try these tips:

  • If you are a person who rotates clothes seasonally, be sure you wash everything before storing.
  • Use baskets or see-through containers to store shoes and small items.
  • Remember the Marie Kondo craze? She recommends you store your clothing items vertically instead of stacked on top of each other. Think filing for your clothes!
  • If your cabinet has the space, try using hooks on the inside of the doors for belts, scarves, and even jewelry.
  • Use decorative mothball sachets to keep away pests.
  • Consider organizing by color so you can easily find what you need.

Our Winner

We’d like to invite you to take a close look at the Homestyles Nantucket Storage Cabinet. We love its versatility and ease of assembly. The style and finish would look fabulous in any room!


Organizing can be difficult. What to keep, what to toss can be hard decisions. We hope our list of the best storage cabinets and our buyer’s guide has at least made buying a bit easier for you. Important reminder! Give the Homestyles Nantucket Storage Cabinet consideration if you appreciate flexibility and style the way we do!