5 Best Silk Bedding Set of 2024 (Plus Buyer’s Guide)

By Lisa S

Make yourself feel luxurious and sleep well with the best Silk Bedding Set.

Using silk bed sheets improves your sleep and enhances your beauty. Want to know how?

Keep reading.

The Best Silk Sheet- Colorado Home Co Silk Bedding Set

It’s like sleeping on cool butter. That’s the best way to describe these sheets.

Most Luxurious- LilySilk Mulberry Silk Bedding Set

Very Smooth, beautiful, and high quality

Best Splurge- Zimasilk Momme Silk Bedding Set

I love silk sheets in general and these are very good ones.

Most Comfortable- Mulberry Park Silks Pure Silk Bedding Set

These sheets are amazing, and I love them so much.

Best Value- THXSilk Ultra Soft Silk Bedding Set

Extremely satisfied with this product. Quality procurement and expert weaving of the silk make this a trustworthy brand

Silk is popular for being expensive. It falls in the category of rich materials. Silk and luxury go hand in hand. Make your bedroom look expensive with the Best Silk Bedding Set.

Go through the 5 best silk bedding sets that help you have a quality sleep and do not harm your skin.

Item 1- Colorado Home Co Silk Bedding Set

Colorado Home Co Silk Bedding Set

This bedding set includes 4 pieces. It has a flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, and 2 pillowcases. These sheets have a certification from OEKO-TEX (Standard 100). The certificate assures the bed sheet does not contain harmful substances.

The Mulberry silk regulates the temperature in all seasons. This feature improves your sleep efficiency.

What We Like

  • The bed sheet has 18 AMINO Acids to improve your sleep.
  • It has Glycine that boosts collagen and increases serotonin levels in your body
  • Alanine improves immunity and serine metabolizes fats
  • The bed sheet is so soft that it prevents hair breakage and reduces acne breakouts
  • The company provides a 12-month warranty

What We Don’t Like

  • Users say the pillow cases are smaller
  • Only 2 sizes are available – king size and a queen size

Item 2- LilySilk Mulberry Silk Bedding Set

LilySilk Mulberry Silk Bedding Set

This silk bedding set uses Grade 6A 100% Mulberry silk. The silk allows your skin to retain moisture. And thus, keeping your skin wrinkle-free. The 19 Momme line layers make the bedding set seamless.

This makes your silk sheets durable and strong to handle the machine wash. If you are willing to experience the luxury, get your hands on this silk bedding set.

What We Like

  • 5 different sizes to choose from – Twin, Full, King, Queen, & California King
  • You can choose from 10 color variants
  • The quality of the material is really good

What We Don’t Like

  • The company offers only a 30-day free exchange or return. There is no warranty available
  • Users think the bedding set did not help them with the temperature regulation
  • The size measurement is not accurate

Item 3- Zimasilk Momme Silk Bedding Set

Zimasilk Momme Silk Bedding Set

The most lustrous and smoothest silk material is 19 Momme. With a thread count of 600, the silk sheet provides softness and comfort. This particular bed sheet is shrink-proof and retains shape over time.

Waking up with hair tangles is annoying. Detangling the hair consumes a lot of time. Zimasilk Momme Silk Bedding Set has 2 pieces of silk pillow covers.

These covers prevent your hair from tangling. Less tangling leads to lesser hair damage.

What We Like

  • 13 color variants are available. Most of them are pastel colors which are currently in trend
  • If you do not wish to buy a complete bedding set, you can choose a fitted sheet only
  • The sheets do not contain chemical substances. Hence does not cause skin irritation

What We Don’t Like

  • The brand does not entertain any warranty, return, or exchange
  • The fittings of the sheet are not proper with the measurements
  • The material is not long-lasting

Item 4- Mulberry Park Silk Bedding Set

Mulberry Park Silk Bedding Set

For those who cannot compromise comfort, this silk bedding set is the right choice. If you have sensitive skin, this sheet will not cause any itching or irritation. It is as soft as butter.

It comes in standard colors. If you love all things neutral, maybe these colors will impress you.

Here is what else you need to know before you buy this one –

What We Like

  • The bedding set has a natural dying
  • The good quality dye does not shade or fade away
  • The corners of the fit sheet have strong elasticity so your sheet does not wrinkle while you use it

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 3 colors are available – Black, Ivory, and White
  • The 2 sizes available are – 16-inch pocket Queen and King sizes

Item 5- THXSilk Ultra Soft Silk Bedding Set

THXSilk Ultra Soft Silk Bedding Set

This company has been on the list of the top 10 best silk brands. They deal with natural protein fibers and have been in this industry for 17 years. The brand claims they use healthy and natural materials for silk sheets.

Sometimes, the pillow covers do not have a proper closing. It causes the pillow to slide out of the cover. THXSilk makes sure the pillow covers have envelope closing. The closure keeps the pillow in place.

envelope closing

What We Like

  • 10 royal colors to select from
  • You can choose out of the 4-bed sheet sizes
  • The set is light-weight but durable

What We Don’t Like

  • The pillowcases are too slippery and customers do not appreciate it
  • According to some users, the sheets wrinkle too fast
  • The sheets are not very comfortable in terms of temperature adjustment

Our Winner

Nothing beats a perfect combo. Here, the combination is of great price, quality, and luxurious silk bedding set. On the top of our list is Colorado Home Co Silk Bedding Set.

Colorado Home Co Silk Bedding Set

It is the only brand that provides a warranty. Overall, the quality of the sheet is sturdy and soft. If you want to buy something royal, choose the LilySilk Mulberry Silk Bedding Set.

LilySilk Mulberry Silk Bedding Set

Buying Guide For The Best Silk Bedding Set

Type of Silk and Durability

  • There are many silk varieties. Mulberry silk is of the highest quality. It is commonly used in manufacturing bedding sets. The use of 19 Momme line layers makes the sheets seamless.
  • The sheets also have various thread counts that determine whether the sheet is thin or thick. Zimasilk Momme Silk Bedding Set uses 600 threads.
  • This assures that the bed sheet is thick and durable. Momme is a measuring unit for silk.
  • Thin sheets do not last long. A single machine wash can rip the silk bed sheet. Hence, having a thicker material is always a better option.

  • The above review shows that spending too much on silk bedding sets does not make them durable.
  • To increase the durability of the silk, you should wash it in cold water only. Some silk sheets are not washable in machines. Even if you wash them once, they can rip apart.

  • To make sure that your Silk bedding set lasts longer, choose quality silk.

The Standard Certification

  • The textile industry uses a lot of chemicals. Dying of the material, adding designs, etc. is dependent on harsh chemicals.
  • These chemicals are responsible for skin irritation. The dyes also do not stay for a longer period. After one wash, the dye fades away.
  • OEKO-TEX (Standard 100) provides a certificate to brands with chemical-free textile manufacturing. This certificate gives an assurance that your material is not harmful to the skin.
  • All the 5 Silk Bedding Sets in this article have an OEKO-TEX (Standard 100) certificate. That means all the sheets are hypoallergenic.

Warranty from the Brand

  • Buying a product at risk is of no use. Imagine buying an expensive item and being unable to return it. It is not necessary that the expensive items will be of good quality. The same goes with the bedding set.
  • Sometimes the sizes are not accurate, or even the quality is not up to the mark. Silk bedding sets are costly. If you do not like what you get, you have the right to return it. But this is a drawback of many brands.
  • The textile material loses color after the wash. Many companies deny an exchange or return if the color of the material fades away after a single wash.
  • This is why, before you pay, check if the warranty is available or not. And if it is, then make sure it is available for more than 6 months.
  • Colorado Home Co gives you a warranty of 12 months.

Identifying Real Silk

  • Companies scam people in the name of silk. They use cheap or thin satin and declare that it is silk.

  • Here is how you can identify the real silk –
  1. The smell of the Material
  • The original silk smells like burning hair. If you smell dye, understand it has harmful chemicals.
  1. Burning the Silk
  • When you burn the silk, it takes no time to burn. Even the flame disappears quickly.
  1. Silk After Burning
  • After burning, the original silk will turn into ashes. If the silk is fake, the silk remains solid.


The silk material is not only breathable but is extremely soft on the skin. According to experts, silk has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. This is due to an enzyme present in the silkworms.

Explore more options before buying one. Our Buying Guide will help you choose the best one.

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