Foxemart Rollaway Beds

Top 5 Rollaway Beds in 2024

By Naba Kumar

A rollaway bed is a great idea when your guests come home to stay. You can reuse your space for other purposes after folding it.

These beds not only offer you an overnight rest but also save your money on furniture. Here is the guide for you about the top 5 best quality rollaway beds.

Our Top Picks

Space Saving: Portable Homieasy Rollaway Bed
“This bed is a portable, foldable, space-saving for less spacious homes”
Super Sturdy: Foxemart Foldable Luxurious Rollaway Beds
“These super sturdy beds offer a very classy feel”
Dust Free: Karcog Rollaway Bed
“Very easy to transport along with movable wheels”
Ideal Fold Out: LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed
“High-density foam mattress with the foldable feature, and good for office and guest nap”
Max Weight Capacity: Quictent Heavy Duty Rollaway Beds
“Durable with high weight capacity with the center belts”

These heavy-duty foldable design rollaway beds are comfortable for use. It is a very unique and trending space-savvy alternative to traditional wooden beds.

These easy-to-assemble beds fulfill the comforts with extra bedding requirements. These portable rollaway beds are affordable and fashionable designs for the best home office furniture.

1. Portable HomieEasy Rollaway Bed

Portable HomieEasy Rollaway Bed

Homieasy multipurpose foldable and the easy-to-transport bed is very convenient for any room. These beds are a good choice for rooms with small spaces.

Rollaway foldable design beds are easy to assemble within a short period. What are the perks of these rollaway beds that make them a top choice?


  • Easy to assemble within 15-20 min.
  • Space-saving and foldable design
  • Offers luxurious and comfy feel mattress
  • Sturdy steel bed with wheel alignment
  • Easy to transport
  • Dust-free bed due to storage cover
  • Easy cleaning
  • Not noisy or creaky


  • Have weight limit
  • No storage space required

2. Foxemart Rollaway Beds

Foxemart Rollaway Beds

Foxemart rollaway bed has a super sturdy steel frame that sustains at high weight. These beds offer two velcro straps that avoid the movability of the mattress. The comfortable memory foam mattress with zippered cover keeps it dust-free.

This modern rollaway bed is a very comfortable and soft touch feel with a foam mattress. It is easy to assemble within several minutes.


  • Manual and effortless assembling of 5-15min
  • Cost savvy
  • Super sturdy and stable metal frame
  • Comfort mattress bed with zippered cover
  • High-density memory foam mattress
  • Velcro straps


  • Weight limits up to 300 lbs
  • Velcro mesh loses firmness after long term

3. Karcog Rollaway Bed

Karcog Rollaway Bed

Karcog rollaway beds get easily folded in half, so no extra space is required to maintain them. It is suitable for limited space when an extra bed is needed. It is perfect for your living room or office nap.

The dual locking feature makes it one of the safest rollaway beds, as it avoids slipping of bed from the frame. This easy-to-assemble bed provides professional service with a two-year warranty.


  • Dual locking feature
  • Dustproof cover
  • Easy to assemble and transport
  • Metal Hook closing strap
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Washable mattress cover
  • Non-slip protect circle


  • Customer complaints about the weight capacity
  • Some customers complaints about the discomfort due to their height(6ft+)

4. LEISUIT Rollaway Guest Bed


LEISUIT rollaway guest bed offers a quality product for long-term use with an ideal fold-out design. This super comfortable bed of high-density cloth gives a soft touch feel.

This rollaway bed assembling is possible without any extra tools. Along with easy transportation, it has many perks that make it a convenient choice.


  • Space Savvy
  • Reasonable rate
  • Strong support spring
  • 600D oxford high-density cloth
  • Non-slip-back fabric


  • Customer complaints about the weight limit
  • Some complaints about the sturdiness and not enough comfort

5. Quictent Heavy Duty Rollaway Beds


Quictent heavy-duty rollaway beds designed with the two center support belt ascent ensure stability that covers enough friction to the bed frame.

After the usage, you can store it in a bag to keep it dust-free. It offers sustainable friction to make it soft skin touch and comfortable sleep.


  • Avoid structural twisting offers a safer and firmer design
  • High-density bed base pad
  • Safe to use as it reinforced with two support belt
  • Two years warranty
  • Easy to assemble


  • Some customer complaints as not heavy duty as it has a weight limit
  • Some customers asked for after sale-support from the manufacturer

Our Winner

By considering the operating conditions and the after-sales reviews the suggested brand is Quictent Heavy Duty Rollaway Beds


So go with your needs and priorities as there are many alternatives available online for you. Hope this guide will help you to select a quality product for yourself. Every product has its special parameters that will be helpful to make a buying decision.

You can check all reviews so that you will get an idea about buying the product of your choice based on priorities. Hope this buying guide will be a great reference and help you to get your best product.