5 Best Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

By Lisa S

A fire pit keeps you warm and also lets you cook food. If you camp on a regular basis, you might need a Portable outdoor fire pit. But, before you buy one, check out the 5 best outdoor fire pits. Also, take help from our buying guide and save yourself some money.

Most Perfect- Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

It burns so efficiently that it leaves only fine white ash.

Most Functional- Sanauvulcan Portable Fire Pit

This fire pit is very easy to assemble, only requiring you to attach the fire pit to the base and the handle to the lid.

Most Stylish- Kohree Outdoor Fire Pit

Used for camping. The only size that would fit in our camper’s storage hold. Decent size for 4 people to sit around

Most Compact- Flame King Portable Fire Pit

This is a great firepit if you live in areas that have regular campfire bans.

Most Affordable- Kampkeeper Outdoor Fire Pit

It is lightweight. It folds up small and is easy to assemble. It is very well made.

A Portable outdoor fire pit serves various purposes. You can keep it in your backyard or the patio. When you wish to go camping, you can carry the fire pit with you.

These portable outdoor fire pits are reliable and sturdy. If you are searching for the best outdoor fire pit, we have got your back.

Item 1- Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Looking for a large Portable outdoor fire pit? Check out the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit. This 19.5-inch bonfire fire pit is perfect for your outdoors. If you are against using gas or propane, you need to buy this one.

This Bonfire Fire Pit allows you to use natural wood rather than gas. The double wall design provides proper airflow and enhances the burning process. The holes in the bottom provide oxygen to the fire.

What We Like

  • The overall structure is good
  • The company provides a carry case for free
  • The fire pit gives a great heat output
  • Handling this fire pit is too easy

What We Don’t Like

  • According to some users, removing the ash from the fire pit is challenging
  • The stainless steel material rusts too soon
  • The ring of the fire pit bends in no time as per some buyers

Item 2- Sanauvulcan Portable Fire Pit

Sanauvulcan Portable Fire Pit

With 58,000 BTU, this fire pit works on Propane. The basic materials of this portable fire pit are iron and stone. This no-spark fire pit is friendly and also assures environmental protection.

The Sanauvulcan Portable Fire Pit gives a clean and smokeless flame. Also, when you want to shut it off, you just need to switch the knob. You need not wait for the fire to die down.

What We Like

  • The portable fire pit has a pre-attached 10-ft hose. It is for the Propane cylinder connection
  • The fire pit has a temperature adjustment regulator
  • The quality of this portable fire pit is amazing
  • The company provides after-sale services. This is not the same with all the brands

What We Don’t Like

  • Customers say the burner of the fire pit is loud
  • The igniter does not work well. You will have to ignite the fire pit manually
  • The lid scratches very early

Item 3- Kohree Outdoor Fire Pit

Kohree Outdoor Fire Pit

The Kohree Stainless Steel Outdoor Fire Pit works on Propane Gas. If your aim is to add a stylish fire pit to your patio, this is it. This mid-sized portable fire pit has a metal lid and the overall body material is steel.

This portable outdoor fire pit is great for camping and the backyard. It serves the purpose of providing a lot of heat. You can also cook your barbeque with the help of this fire pit.

What We Like

  • This portable fire pit is rust-proof and water-resistant
  • It has an auto-ignition feature and thus you need not need any lighter
  • The package includes a 10-ft hose
  • It also includes natural lava stones for a better flickering effect

What We Don’t Like

  • As per the users, the heat straps often fall off
  • Customers also have complaints about the lid and its handle

Item 4- Flame King Portable Fire Pit

Flame King Portable Fire Pit

This portable fire pit is for those who want smaller fire pits. This easy-to-set-up portable fire pit is compact and sturdy. It is also lighter in weight. If you camp regularly or have an RV, invest in this fire pit.

The transport and store cover make it convenient to carry the fire pit. Another fact to consider is that this fire pit leaves a smokeless flame. If you live in an area with bonfire restrictions, this may help you. For the budget, the size of this fire pit is perfect.

What We Like

  • The company assures 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • This portable outdoor fire pit is weather-resistant
  • The package includes a propane tank stabilizer ring. This keeps the tank in place

What We Don’t Like

  • The package does not have enough lava rocks
  • The carry straps have a fabric material

Item 5- Kampkeeper Outdoor Fire Pit

Kampkeeper Outdoor Fire Pit

This 18-inch portable fire pit is perfect for beach parties. The design of this fire pit is unique and classy. The material of this outdoor fire pit is hard-anodized aluminum. But, it has a stainless steel finish.

What We Like

  • It has a heat shield to prevent ashes from falling off. It also has the effect of heat insulation
  • The brand provides after-sales service for 1 year. Free replacement and refund are available for quality issues
  • The fire pit stove has a 3.9-inch baffle plate on each side. This helps in fire-resistance

What We Don’t Like

  • Removing the ash bag is difficult
  • The mesh grates have metal rings. The attachment between all of them does not keep the grate sturdy
  • The frames are sharp and you need to take care with it

The Best Portable Outdoor Fire Pit

A perfect Portable outdoor fire pit has to be easy to use. It has to be sturdy and travel-friendly. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit fulfils all these expectations. The size is big enough and even the heat output is great.

Best Portable Outdoor Fire Pit: Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

You do not have a big budget? No worries. Kampkeeper Outdoor Fire Pit comes at pocket-friendly prices. The size is compact and fits perfectly in an RV.

Kampkeeper Outdoor Fire Pit

Best Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Buying Guide

Fire Pit Material

We find various elements in our surroundings. Many of these are useful in manufacturing fire pits. When it comes to portable fire pits, lightweight materials are a priority preference. Here are the most common materials you will find in fire pits –

  • Stainless Steel – This material is in demand due to its anti-corrosion properties. The material is lightweight and thus easy to carry. Stainless steel is durable and requires no maintenance. The only drawback is that the entire fire pit stove gets hot.
  • Aluminum – This is also light in weight. It is easily available and is very cost-effective. The durability and sturdiness make it popular among fire pit materials. But, it is a heat conductor and requires maintenance.

Size of the Outdoor Fire Pit

  • The fire pits come in varied sizes. Some are too big while some small. If you are buying a fire pit for your home (backyard) or RV, choose a smaller size. Size ranges from 60 inches to 19.5 inches are perfect for home and camping.
  • If you want a little bigger size, 19.5 inches works great. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit is of the same size. For a compact size, Kampkeeper Outdoor Fire Pit is a good option.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

Type of Fuel Source

Fire pits require a source of fuel to work. The fuel sources vary from one pit to another. Some use wood as the main source while some work on propane gas.

  • Wood – This is the most common fuel source. Wood is easily available and produces more heat. But, using wood for fire pits is not sustainable. Using wood ends up in tree destruction. Also, it creates a lot of smoke that is not good for nature.

  • Natural Gas – You can’t use a ready-made fire pit stove if you use natural gas. You need to build a fire pit in your home according to the natural gas connection. This is not for those who are looking for a portable fire pit.
  • Propane – You can attach propane tanks to portable outdoor fire pits. Propane allows you to control fire more easily than wood or natural gas. Though propane does not produce a lot of heat, it is sustainable.

Other Features

Warranty, auto-induction, and no spark features are a must when you buy a portable outdoor fire pit. Auto-induction is helpful as you need not carry a lighter with you. No spark feature makes sure there is no fire accident while you ignite the fire pit.


This was it for our 5 best Portable outdoor fire pits. Don’t forget to refer to our Buying Guide if you plan to buy something else. The guide will help you decide on the features and price range.

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