4 Best Monocular Microscope of 2024

By Lisa S

Are you a microscopy beginner? We suggest you go ahead with a monocular microscope first. It serves its use in many applications. These include studying blood cells, viewing microbes, and even smaller insects.

The monocular microscope recommendations here come with a full kit. They also come along with a digital screen.

Best Overall- Walter Products Monocular Microscope

This is a great microscope! Similar models were more than double the price but so glad we went with this one.

Most Advanced- Edkkie Monocular Microscope

The microscope is great – the pictures on the screen are awesome. Would definitely purchase

Best Microscope Kit- AmScope Monocular Microscope

The image quality is simply brilliant. Much, much better than anticipated.

Most Affordable- Generic Hayear Monocular Microscope

When all put together this makes some great pictures. At its price point, it’s a great starting point.

You might know that a microscope either has a single eyepiece or two eyepieces. The one that has a single piece is a monocular microscope. This type of microscope is popular in schools and for basic microscopy.

Have a look at the 4 best monocular microscopes available online.

Item 1- Walter Products Monocular Microscope

Walter Products Monocular Microscope

This is the most basic microscope that you will ever find in a school or a lab. We all have experienced using this one at least once in our lives. It uses an achromatic objective lens with a LED light source. It supports a real angle view of 45 degrees.

It uses metal as the main material. It supports corded electric power sources. The reverse nosepiece is retractable. It has 3 achromatic, color-coded objectives. You can retract it by 4X, 10X, & 40XR.

What We Like

  • It is basic and easy to use
  • The coaxial course allows fine focus controls
  • The angular inclined head rotates 360 degrees
  • The calibrated pointer locks the eyepiece at 10X width

What We Don’t Like

  • This one is not suitable for students studying below class 11
  • You will have to buy the glass slides yourself

Item 2- Edkkie Monocular Microscope

Edkkie Monocular Microscope

If you are looking for multiple features in a microscope, this is it. The compound monocular microscope by Edkkie is best for adults. It comes with a 7” LCD screen and a built-in 5 MP camera.

The design allows you to adjust the thermostat’s mechanical stage. It allows the magnification from 40X to 2500X. This one is popular for its dual-view feature. You can incline the angle up to 30 degrees and it rotates 360 degrees.

You get 4 objective lenses in a nosepiece. These achromatic objectives are of copper 195. These produce a better and clear image quality.

What We Like

  • You get an Aluminum suitcase along with the microscope
  • The kit includes 50 pieces of slides & 100 glass covers
  • The microscope has 4 objective lenses
  • It has a stable mechanical slide holder for easy slide handling

What We Don’t Like

  • The LCD screen does not support output record
  • This is a bit heavy than many other monocular microscopes

Item 3- AmScope Monocular Microscope

AmScope Monocular Microscope

The AmScope Monocular Microscope is famous for its kit. The kit includes a ‘world of microscope’ book. This book is enough to guide you about microscopes. You get an optical glass cleaner, glass slides, and glass covers in the package.

The other items in the kit are a blue stain, a red stain, a dropper, and a small test tube. Forceps and a needle are also available. The monocular microscope uses a corded electric power source.

What We Like

  • It has 5 wide-field magnification settings from 40X to 2500X
  • The monocular head swivels 360 degrees and inclines up to 30 degrees
  • The sturdy framework allows 3D double-layer mechanical stage
  • This M620 model is ideal for schools and basic lab applications

What We Don’t Like

  • The overall material is optical glass so it needs high maintenance

Item 4- Generic Hayear Monocular Microscope

Generic Hayear Monocular Microscope

If your priority is to have a good camera in a microscope, you can choose this. This one comes with a 14MP camera. This microscope comes with a unique design. It has a zoom C-mount lens with 144 LED lights.

The inclination angle is 45 degrees. You can adjust various settings through the remote control that comes in the package. You cannot adjust the white balance and color for USB output. These are automatic.

What We Like

  • Many buyers are happy with the image quality of the camera
  • The zoom range is great according to the users
  • 2 options for zoom lenses are available
  • You get a camera stand in the kit
  • A software disc is also available in the package

What We Don’t Like

  • Some users say the focus rack is not too smooth
  • The remote is tough to use
  • Assembling the lens is challenging

The Best Monocular Microscope

Out of the 4, Edkkie Monocular Microscope is so far the best. The features are great. The screen display is clear and the image quality is also outstanding.

But, if you do not want to spend much, go for Generic Hayear Monocular Microscope. The best thing is its 14MP camera. You can zoom it 5 times. It also has 144 LED lights.

Monocular Microscope Buying Guide

Types of Microscopes

  • Depending on your requirement you have to select the type of microscope. In terms of lenses, there are 2 types of microscopes –
  1. Monocular- this one has a single eyepiece. It means that you need to look at the slide through one eye only.
  2. Binocular- this one has 2 eyepieces. You can look at the slide by placing both your eyes at the 2 eyepieces.

Types of Microscope

  • Monocular microscopes are compound microscopes. These are useful in schools and labs for basic applications. Apart from the compound, there are electron microscopes. The latter one is popular because you can zoom the lens 20,000 times.
  • Though there are many advanced types of microscopes as well. But, the monocular compound microscope is the most basic.

Applications or Use of the Microscope

  • Now that you are aware of the types of microscopes, understand why you need one. If you want to buy a microscope for school or basic lab activities, choose a compound one.
  • You can use a monocular compound microscope for –
  1. Studying microorganisms
  2. Viewing Animal Blood cells
  3. Viewing Plant Cells
  • An electron microscope is useful to obtain high-resolution images. You can use this for biological and non-biological structures.
  • There are many benefits of using a monocular microscope. The first is that it is simple to use. Other microscopes may be a little hard to use for students. Also, these are more cost-effective than stereo microscopes.
  • Monocular microscopes are light in weight and thus portable. This serves as the biggest advantage for schools and labs.

Lens and Zooming

  • To see the minute organisms you will need proper lenses. Another factor to consider is zooming the lens. Better zooming can help in the better study of the organism.

  • Zoom feature depends on the brand. Some microscopes zoom the lens up to 20X only. All 4 microscopes that we suggest have a zoom capacity of up to 40X.

Screen Display

  • The microscopes come with a digital screen. The camera captures the image and then shows it on the screen. A smaller display may hamper your study or viewing of the image. The cheap quality screen may not show proper resolution.

Amazon review

  • Make sure you buy a microscope that has a screen size from 5” to 12”. These are the standard sizes. Also, pay attention to the image resolution quality that the screen supports.

  • You can purchase screen displays separately as well. But you will have to check if the screen is compatible with the microscope. You will need to check how you can connect the screen to the microscope’s camera.

Microscope Accessories

  • Fundamental accessories of a microscope include glass slides and covers. You also require stains of either blue or red color.
  • It is a better idea to buy a microscope that comes with a complete kit. All 4 monocular microscopes in this list come in a kit. You need not worry about buying various items individually. Forceps, needles, etc. are the items that you need in a dissection box.

  • You may also purchase a microscope and dissection box combo. Here, check if the dissection box items are compatible with the microscope model.

Quality of the Microscope

  • Why buy a low-quality microscope when you can buy a good one? Microscopes that use metal as the main material are durable. Optical glass microscopes are good but they need a lot of care.
  • A strong stand supports the other parts of the microscope. Hence, safe and strong support is a must. The lens clamp has to be firm. A cheap quality clamp will not hold the lens and the lens may fall off.

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  • Also, the camera stand has to be sturdy. Thus, you cannot compromise on the quality of the monocular microscope.


These were our 4 best recommendations. Share our Buying Guide with those who are about to buy a new microscope. If you want a perfect monocular microscope, here it is. Walter Products Monocular Microscope serves all the best deals.

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