5 Best Memory Foam Mattress of 2024 (Plus Buyer’s Guide)

By Lisa S

A sound sleep is a way to a happy and cheerful life. Sleep well with the Best Memory Foam Mattress.

Perfect Overall- Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

This is a great mattress. There is very little transfer of movement with this type of foam.

Most Comfortable- IYEE Nature Memory Foam Mattress

This mattress is so comfortable that we have 4 different sizes of this brand.

Most unique- Irvine Home Collection Mattress

This mattress provided good support to every inch of the body. It is very good in terms of stiffness.

Best Quality- Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Very comfortable, just the right support for me. As good as, or better than any mattress I have purchased.

Value for Money- Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

It’s comfortable and appears well made. Good value for the money.

Do you know that most back pains and neck stiffness are caused because of a bad mattress? A Memory Foam Mattress relieves your pain by providing firmness. It also supports you while you sleep.

We recommend the 5 Best Memory Foam Mattresses to enhance your sleep and reduce back pain.

Item 1- Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress

Sometimes we all sleep in weird positions. And then we wake up with body aches. A simple solution to get rid of the ache is a comfortable mattress. This 14-inch queen-size mattress supports your body with proper alignment.

The mattress has a breathable fabric. It provides motion isolation and edge support. The only advice here is not to remove the cover of the mattress. Once you remove it, you cannot claim the warranty.

What We Like

  • The company gives you a 10-year warranty
  • The SureTemp feature gives you comfort regardless of your room temperature
  • The design is specific to relieve your pressure points

What We Don’t Like

  • Only 2 sizes are available – 12-inch and 14-inch
  • The mattress is very heavy and you would need 2-3 people to shift it on the bed

Item 2- IYEE Nature Memory Foam Mattress

IYEE Nature Memory Foam Mattress

Many people are allergic to certain types of materials. In mattresses, the use of fiberglass is common. This fiberglass acts as a thermal barrier. But it is also because of the fiberglass that we suffer from many skin infections.

IYEE Nature designs foam mattresses without using fiberglass. They use the gel memory foam of 4 layers for your ultimate comfort. The airflow allows your skin to breathe and saves you from any infections.

What We Like

  • Available sizes – 8, 10, 12, and 14 inches
  • The mattress fits all types of beds – box springs, adjustable, bunk beds, etc.
  • The brand has many certifications including ISPA and Oeko-Tex

What We Don’t Like

  • It takes around 72 hours to eliminate the smell and get into its size. Other brands take less than 72 hours.
  • Customers say the mattress is not comfortable for long-term use. This is because the mattress is too stiff.

Item 3- Irvine Home Collection Mattress

Irvine Home Collection Mattress

This mattress variant is 10 inches. You can find Irvine Home Collection Mattress in 8-inch and 12-inch sizes as well.

The cover and base material is Polyester. Polyester is popular for being wrinkle-free. But, it can be sensitive to the skin. This wrinkle-free mattress will provide the utmost comfort to you.

What We Like

  • Many styles are available in comparison to other brand mattresses. The styles include Twin XL and Split King apart from Queen, King, and a Full-size mattress
  • The brand gives you a 20-year limited warranty
  • It adjusts according to your body’s natural curvature

What We Don’t Like

  • Many users say that the size is not proper
  • According to buyers, the mattress is not very firm and sinks in
  • The gel layer in the top is minimal quantity adding to the lesser comfort

Item 4- Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress

What makes Olee Mattress unique is the i-Gel cool quality. The high-density support mattress has many layers of deluxe foam. The convolution foam provides good airflow and allows you to feel cool.

The even dispersion of your body weight on the mattress gives you a comfortable sleep. The weight dispersion minimizes your body pressure. This allows the body to relax and gives you a peaceful sleep.

What We Like

  • The mattress recovers in 48 hours only once you open it
  • It eliminates the motion disturbance

What We Don’t Like

  • It comes only in a 9-inch variant
  • The brand uses glass fiber and it is not safe
  • As per the buyers, washing the outer cover of the mattress is a challenge
  • Customers say their mattress sinks in and is not suitable for heavyweight

Item 5- Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

Lucid Memory Foam Mattress

Want to keep the mattress fresh always? Try out Lucid Memory Foam Mattress. The Bamboo charcoal base of 6.5 inches reduces odor and maintains freshness. The Bamboo Charcoal base bestows sturdy support.

This particular mattress is better for children. The size tells us that adults will find it difficult to sleep well on it. But, we got you covered. For adults, bigger sizes are available which are also cost-effective.

The sizes include- Twin and Twin XL; California King and Split King. The other sizes are King, Queen, and Full-size mattresses.

What We Like

  • The mattress takes only 24-48 hours to expand
  • The mattress is light-weight and easy to move
  • The price of the mattress is pocket-friendly
  • You can choose between a plush mattress and a firm mattress

What We Don’t Like

  • The size is convenient for adults but good for children
  • Customers mention that the mattress is extremely soft
  • It is not durable at all

The Best memory foam mattress

We hope our comparison of the 5 best memory foam mattresses is helpful. Sleep Innovations Memory Foam Mattress is the best in our opinion. The brand offers various sizes and styles.

You can choose from the size most convenient to you.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

For an affordable option, you can buy the Lucid Memory Foam Mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Buying Guide for the Best Memory Foam Mattress

Check the Certification

  • All 5 memory foam mattresses in this article have a certification. The certificate makes it clear that the mattresses do not have any harmful substance.
  • The certification is from Certi-PUR-US. But what is this certificate?
  • The admin of this certificate is Certi-PUR, a not-for-profit organization. It provides the certificate to foams that are –
  • Made without Ozone depleters
  • Made without Formaldehyde, Mercury, Lead, or heavy metals
  • Low in Volatile Organic Compound emissions (less than 0.5 parts per million). Low VOC ensures good indoor air quality.

IYEE Nature Memory Foam Mattress has certifications from ISPA (International Sleep Products Association). It also has recognition from Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex.

Confirm the size you need

  • The mattress sizes vary from Twin to full-size mattresses. If you live alone, a queen-size or twin XL mattress is enough for you.

  • But, the mattress size differs from one brand to another. Mark the dimensions and then decide the size.

Type of Foam

  • Memory foam, gel foam, convoluted foam, latex rubber foam, etc. are some types of mattress foams.
  • These days, a combination of memory plus gel foam is common. Memory foam keeps our body in alignment while we are in deep sleep. And gel foam traps the heat. It always remains cool no matter what the room temperature is.
  • Convoluted foam distributes the body weight evenly. It also provides a thicker layer to the mattress.
  • Wouldn’t it be great to have a combination of all the 3 types? Of course, you can have it. A combination of Gel, Memory and Convoluted layers is Olee Sleep Memory Foam Mattress.

Firm mattress or soft mattress

  • First of all, you need to know the difference between a firm and a soft mattress.
  • A Firm Mattress- This basically is a hard mattress. You do not sink in the mattress and can get up easily. Breathing gets easier as your body is in alignment.
  • If you always face mobility issues, try this mattress.
  • A Soft Mattress- you may popularly know it as a Plush mattress. These mattresses provide a cushiony feeling. These are extra-soft. You can compare it to the mattresses in a hotel room.
  • A soft mattress offers support but it has drawbacks too. It is not good for people with body aches. If you find it difficult to get up from your bed or chair, these mattresses are not for you.


  • Not all mattresses are durable. Some firm mattresses may sink in a few months. A warranty is an assurance of replacement and refund.
  • The warranty may defer between 12 months to 20 years. Irvine Home Collection offers a maximum warranty of 20 years.
  • To attain the most out of your mattress, make sure your brand provides you with a good-term warranty.


A comfortable mattress provides good sleep. And good sleep is the secret to good skin and great health.

Enjoy the best sleeping experience without disturbing your body. The best memory foam mattress relaxes your body and gives a good sleep.

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