5 Best Foot Spa Machines of 2024

By Lisa S

Relax your feet with the best foot spa machine in the comfort of your home.

Our Choice- Foot Cure Electric Foot massager with heat and bubbles
Happy feet and no more pain from long hours walking and climbing ladders on the job.
Best Quality- Ovitus Foot spa with 16 Pedicure Spa Motorized Shiatsu Roller
I mostly like that it keeps the water heated and does a thorough massage
Most Stylish- Misiki Foot Spa Massager with Heat & 3 Automatic Modes
No complaints Great job.
Most Versatile- Acevivi Pedicure Foot spa with temperature control
This is a very nice foot massager with great temperature control and massage motion.
Very Quirky- Acevivi Auto Foot spa with an Acupressure massage point
Felt wonderful on my feet and gave my toes and heels such a lovely soak.

The body’s foundation is the feet. Your feet need care as much as your hands and face. A foot spa helps your feet de-stress.

If you wear footwear throughout the day or even stand/walk for long hours, it has a negative impact on the feet. Ill-fit shoes cause damage too.

Item 1- Foot Cure Electric Foot massager with heat and bubbles

Foot Cure Electric Foot massager with heat and bubbles1

The pedicure spa from Foot Cure is the most affordable available online. It is best to use for swollen, sore feet as it has the soaking feature. With its simple setup and cleanup, the foot massager is easy to handle.

The foot spa from Foot Cure gives you a luxurious and relaxing massage. It has two water jets and an oxygen bubble massage. The device has various modes to select as per your convenience.


  • It is Pocket-friendly
  • You get 3 automatic roller massage modes
  • It has a spinning Callus remover
  • It has a convenient drain hole to remove water
  • Comes with an infrared heat preservation
  • You get extra tools
  • Relieves Plantar Fasciitis


  • The water gets too hot as mentioned by buyers
  • The device is compact in size

Item 2- Ovitus Foot spa

Ovitus Foot spa with 16 Pedicure Spa Motorized Shiatsu Rollers2

Ovitus’s All in One Foot Spa helps you customize your foot massage. It has different options like heat change and frequency conversion. It makes the massage more comfortable. A portable handle and dustproof cover add the cherry to the cake.

To remove the hard skin from your feet, side and sole scrapping are available. It does not consume much electricity and thus, helps in energy saving. To store the foot spa you get a storage box along with the device.


  • There are 16 motorized rollers for automatic massage of the feet
  • It provides hydrotherapy
  • The massager has powerful bubble vibration
  • The device makes no noise while using
  • It has attached four wheels for portable use
  • The foot spa is spacious


  • Customers have complaint of low performance
  • Rollers are a little rough
  • Temperature control needs improvement

Item 3- Misiki Foot Spa Massager with Heat & 3 Automatic Modes

Misiki Foot Spa Massager with Heat & 3 Automatic Modes3

The rotating pedicure stone is a unique feature of MISIKI Foot massager. The rotating stone relieves foot pressure. The automatic massage mode includes Shiatsu massage.

It comes along with a portable hand. The portability allows you to carry the massager with you wherever you want. To avoid dust, the foot massager has a cover lid as well. Here are some more reasons why you should choose the MISIKI Foot spa massager.


  • Pressing and Kneading give more comfort
  • It stimulates dredge meridians to improve your metabolism and sleep
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • Pedicure stone removes dead skin
  • 6 rotatable mini gears provide deep massage
  • Available in different colors
  • The foot spa maintains the water temperature throughout the soak period


  • A few customers say that massage is a bit slow.
  • As per some reviews, the display stopped working

Item 4- Acevivi Pedicure Foot spa with temperature control

Acevivi Pedicure Foot spa with temperature control4

If you have had a long day at work, your feet definitely need some rest. To rejuvenate your feet, you can use Acevivi Pedicure spa massager. If you are looking for a luxury spa at home, this foot massager is for you.

Want to gift something amazing to your loved one? Gift a foot massager that relieves all the stress.


  • The foot spa has four Motorized massage balls
  • It has four rotating massage wheels
  • It consists of Acupressure points
  • The heating takes less than 10 minutes
  • Oxygen bubbles pamper your feet
  • The basin cover is detachable
  • It has wheels that allow you to move the massager and these wheels are detachable


  • Buyers feel that the massager is bulky
  • The foot spa may make a loud noise
  • Display buttons are hard to read due to the dark color

Item 5- Acevivi Auto Foot spa with an Acupressure massage point

Acevivi Auto Foot spa with an Acupressure massage point5

A foot massager with artistic design and luxurious massage is all you need. The auto foot spa from Acevivi comes with an acupressure massage point. To ensure safety, the massager has a feature of hydroelectricity separation.

The multi-function design helps you to adjust the facilities. A plus point is that in case you face any problem, the email service of the company is always ready for your help.


  • Comes with a timer that makes your massage more relaxing
  • It has an automatic pumice stone
  • It comes with a cobblestone simulated basin
  • Overload protection assisted
  • Many colors and designs to choose from


  • The Foot spa is expensive as compared to other such devices
  • The design is for smaller feet sizes (may not fit feet size 14/16)
  • The inside edge is not smooth
  • Temperature is in Celcius

Buyer’s Guide:

1. Picking the correct Model
  • Each company designs foot massagers of different shapes and sizes. The size generally depends on your shoe size. Make sure to check the size before you buy any foot spa.
  • Pay attention to the size of the basin. Some basins are too high that you may need to sit on a higher chair.buyer-guide1
  • Not sitting on a bed or sofa can sometimes get inconvenient while enjoying a massage. Higher chairs are generally uncomfortable. Thus, a foot massage may not be a smooth experience.
  • If you are too tall, you may find it difficult to fit your feet in the basin. Some basin sizes are made according to the foot size. So it is always advised to check the size before buying any foot massager.
  • Here’s a simple trick to know the size. The details of the product added by the seller or manufacturer are in the description. You can check the size of the basin through the description. If the details are not available, make sure to check the customer reviews.buyerbuyer guide2
  • The incorrect size of the massager may not give you the desired relaxation. The balls and rollers attached may end up causing damage to your skin.
2. Features to note
  • An important point is to check for the display. The buttons and the letters on the display should be visible to you. Sometimes the color of the massager is black and the letters are dark red. You would need to focus a lot while reading. To avoid such inconvenience, go for lighter colors.feature
  • Temperature adjustment is another feature to look for. The water on such devices heats up and thus it is necessary to have adjustment options. Some devices show the temperature in Celcius and not in Fahrenheit. Choose the foot massagers that show the temperature in a unit that you are aware of.buyer3
  • There are many foot spas that come with a different number of rollers and balls. Depending on your need, you must check for the rollers you need.For example, Ovitus manufactures a Foot spa with 16 Pedicure Spa Motorized Shiatsu Rollers. If 16 is a bigger quantity of rollers for you, you may go with massagers that have 6 rollers. There are companies that manufacture foot spas with 3 rollers. Less number of rollers is the best for the ones who have smaller feet.
  • You can buy the foot massagers that come with portable wheels. Portability allows you to carry the foot spa wherever you need it. People of any age group can drag the wheeled spa box and move accordingly.
3. Other points to remember
  • Minute details like the handle of the spa box play a role. Imagine buying a foot spa with a stiff handle. A lot of your time and energy will be wasted in opening up the handle. Stiff handles make it hard to carry the massage box.
  • The foot spas come with a pumice stone. Do you know that pumice stone affects sensitive skin? It is essential to buy a foot massager that comes with a removable pumice stone. If anyone with sensitive skin is about to use the foot spa, remove the stone.


In short, the best foot spa that you can ever own is the Foot Cure Electric Foot massager with heat and bubbles.

You can always go ahead with the foot spa that fulfills all your requirements. You will find many good foot massagers out there. But make sure to check our buying guide to simplify your buying.

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