5 Best File Cabinets With Lock of 2024

By Lisa S

A File cabinet with lock makes organizing easy and keeps your documents safe. For the office or your study room, such file cabinets are a better option. These add a perfect look to your working space.

Before you buy these file cabinets you need to focus on various points. Some of these features include the size of the cabinet, lock, and design. We recommend the 5 Best File cabinets with locks for you.

Best Overall- Soohow Drawers File Cabinet

This is the best cabinet and for me works really well.

Most Stylish- Devaise Drawers File Cabinet

This file cabinet and drawer stack are perfect for my needs.

Best Splurge- Lucypal Drawers File Cabinet

Very happy with the purchase and will likely buy another in the future.

Most Spacious- Panana 2 Drawers File Cabinet

The filing cabinet has wheels, so moving the cabinet around your office or bedroom is easy.

Most Affordable- GreenForest 2 Drawers File Cabinet

The filing cabinet is a good product overall. It is sturdy, functions well

All documents are important but some are more than necessary. We all have such papers that we cannot find when we need them the most. Why not keep those papers in a separate cabinet? A File cabinet with lock serves the same purpose.

The cabinets with 2 to 3 drawers help in organizing important documents. The lock allows you to keep them safe. Refer to the Buying Guide at the end of this article to get more clarity.

Item 1- Soohow 3 Drawers File Cabinet

Soohow 3 Drawers File Cabinet

This one has 3 drawers. The last drawer is wide and comes with a removable hanging bar. You can hang your files in this one. You get the file cabinet ready but all you have to do is to assemble the wheels.

The tabletop is spacious and thus you can utilize that space as well. It comes with an interlocking system. Though the lock is available on the top drawer only, it locks the other 2 drawers as well. It can hold papers of A4, legal, and letter size.

What We Like

  • You get to choose from 4 colors and 2 styles
  • The material is waterproof and scratch-free
  • You get it ready-made and hence it saves your time

What We Don’t Like

  • The plastic keys may not be sturdy

Item 2- Devaise 3 Drawers File Cabinet

Devaise 3 Drawers File Cabinet

The Devaise cabinet has the best design. It adds an aesthetic finish to your décor. The size is so compact that you can easily fit this under your desk. It has 3 drawers out of which 2 are stationery drawers. It has a pencil tray as well.

It has 5 wheels or casters. 4 of these are in each corner while 1 is in the center. The front casters have a braking system. This allows you to move the file cabinet without any hassle.

What We Like

  • The main material is alloy steel hence the file cabinet is sturdy
  • It comes in 2 colors
  • The edges are not sharp and hence will not give you cuts
  • Buyers are praising the overall quality of this file cabinet

What We Don’t Like

  • As per some customers, the keys are of cheap quality
  • The quality of the casters needs improvement according to some users

Item 3- Lucypal 3 Drawers File Cabinet

Lucypal 3 Drawers File Cabinet

Here’s another black file cabinet for you. This vertical file cabinet uses cold-rolled steel material. It extends the life of all the 3 drawers more than regular steel. The phosphorus-free powder protects the cabinet from scratches.

It comes with an interlocking system and 5 casters. The middle caster prevents tipping and the 2 front casters have brakes. The wide drawers hold different sizes of paper sizes like A4 and legal.

What We Like

  • 2 colors are available
  • The first drawer comes with a removable stationery tray
  • You can keep the printer or lamp on the top of the drawer
  • The company offers 24 hours customer service

What We Don’t Like

  • The cabinet comes with plastic keys and these are not durable

Item 4- Panana 2 Drawers File Cabinet

Panana 2 Drawers File Cabinet

If you want a smaller file cabinet, check this out. The company uses an 18mm environmental protection honeycomb board to manufacture this one. Therefore, it is sustainable and helps in achieving net-zero carbon emissions.

Both the drawers are large and have bar hangings. The top of the file cabinet is spacious enough to place a printer on it. The package comes with all the parts and instructions. You will have to build the cabinet by yourself.

What We Like

  • 2 colors are available
  • Customers appreciate the material and quality of this file cabinet
  • The drawers have full extensions and so open completely

What We Don’t Like

  • Some buyers say that assembling the cabinet is time-consuming
  • You can only lock the top drawer and not the bottom one
  • The anti-tilt mechanism does not work well according to some users
  • Some customers say the drilling position of holes is incorrect

Item 5- GreenForest 2 Drawers File Cabinet

GreenForest 2 Drawers File Cabinet

Do you want a good quality cabinet but an affordable one? Check out the one by GreenForest. It comes in a wooden design that adds a unique touch to your office or home.

The 2 wide drawers have bar hangings to hang the files. Both the drawers are removable. The stainless steel handle allows you to pull the drawer easily. The cabinet has 4 rolling wheels/casters. The casters rotate 360 degrees and have in-built brakes.

What We Like

  • You get to choose from 2 colors
  • The material is scratch-resistant and waterproof
  • You can place your printer or computer on the spacious top of the cabinet
  • Customers appreciate the sturdy quality of this file cabinet

What We Don’t Like

  • You will have to install the cabinet by yourself which is challenging
  • Only 1 drawer has the lock
  • The drawers can store A4 size papers only
  • The wheels are not removable

The Best File Cabinet with a lock

Out of the 5, 3 cabinets have 3 drawers while the last 2 have 2 drawers. Out of all the 5, the best one so far is Soohow 3 Drawers File Cabinet. It comes with waterproof and scratch-free material.

For a pocket-friendly option, you can check GreenForest 2 Drawers File Cabinet. The look of the cabinet is unique and the material is sturdy. The carters move 360 degrees and have brakes too.

Buying Guide For File Cabinet with lock

The Quality of the Drawers and Key

  • The flexibility of the drawers is important. No one wants a mess while searching for urgent papers. To avoid such hassle, make sure you buy a sturdy file cabinet. The cushioned locks are of great support and thus, these are essential.

  • But, only a good lock is not enough. You need better key quality as well. Plastic keys are not long-lasting. Such keys break while they are inside the lock. These locks are of no use then. Therefore, the quality of the drawers, locks, and keys is equally important.

Assembling the Cabinet

  • Installing the cabinets is a tedious task. You get ready to assemble already assembled cabinets in the market. The readymade cabinets save you time and energy. But, when you get to install the cabinets, you can make the changes.

  • You can drill holes as per your need. You can also set the trays the way you want. Some of the cabinets come with full installation but you have to attach the wheels. The nuts on these wheels are too small. Assure to get the perfect nut size.

Hanging Bars of the File Cabinet

  • Hanging bars allow you to hang your files. Once you hang them you can pull out the file easily. The other files don’t go all over the place while removing either of those. Thus, you need not organize the files and documents every time.
  • Make sure that you check the quality of the hangers. Weak hangers may not handle the weight of the file. Also, the holes in the cabinets have to be at equal distances. It is only due to proper holes that the files and hangers will stay in place.

Adjustments of the File Cabinet

  • Some cabinets have drawers with full extensions. You can open these drawers completely. Opening these drawers fully helps you in taking out the items smoothly. You need not shuffle all the items in search of one document.

  • The drawers are removable in some cabinets. Removable cabinets allow deeper and proper cleaning of the cabinet. The hanging bars have to be adjustable. The adjustments allow you to set the bar as per the paper size.

  • You can set the bar as per the A4, legal, and letter paper size. If you only keep a particular paper type you can fix the adjustments accordingly.


Buying a File Cabinet with lock organizes your files in one place and also offers security. You can arrange all your important documents in these file cabinets. Refer to the Buying Guide to know more about purchasing a perfect File Cabinet.

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