EMKK 2-seater couch

5 Best Couches for Small Space (2024)

By Lisa S

Have you been looking for the best couches for a small space? Let us help you out.

Best All-inclusive- Lokatse Home Indoor Modern Couch (Beige)
“Great sofa for my new home, it took about 10 minutes to assemble with 2 people”
Best for the price- EMKK 2-seater couch
“We absolutely love it. It is everything we expected and more”
Most Stylish- Vonanda Leather Striped Seat couch
“This is a very good quality sofa and the surface is very smooth.”
Elegant Design- Lokatse Home Dark Gray Mordent Sofa
“This loveseat is really cute. It was quite easy to assemble.”
Antique Piece- Christopher Knight Home Resaca Charcoal Couch
“Delivery was accurate and fast. It’s easy to assemble, but it’s comfortable to sit on”

Decorating a small room can sometimes become challenging. It is not easy to find items that fit well in a small area. Couches for small spaces add a new look to your place.

Here are some outstanding suggestions to buy a comfortable couch for your home or office.

#1- Lokatse Home Indoor Modern Couch (Beige)

Lokatse: Best Couches

Lokatse Loveseat couch is one of the best couches that you may ever find. The sofa is convenient for home as well as office use. If you want to buy a stylish and comfortable couch; then move ahead with Lokatse loveseat Upholstered sofa.


  • It is made using a Pine wood frame for its durability.
  • Linen Fabrics make the loveseat comfortable to sit for long hours
  • Thick cushions are extra soft and resilient. They provide relaxation to the body
  • Armrests are ergonomic and supportive
  • Colors available- Dark Gray, Bluish Green, Beige, and Gray


  • Some users have complained about the rivets design on the armrest falling off
  • It is on an expensive side

#2- EMKK 2-seater couch

EMKK 2-seater Best Couches

If you have been eyeing a budget-friendly couch that also looks great, then go for EMKK 2 Seater Couch. The brand is known for manufacturing neutral-colored sofas. Such couches go well with any kind of wall paint.

A neutral 2-seater couch will enhance the look of your smaller space. Another benefit of a neutral couch is that it looks good with furniture of other colors as well.


  • The design is stylish
  • The sofa is value for money
  • It will fit well in a dorm room/office
  • Various colors including black are available
  • You may choose for 2 or 3 seater sofas
  • It supports a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • You can assemble it in less than 20 minutes


  • Leg material is of Plastic

#3- Vonanda Leather Striped Seat couch

Vonanda Leather Striped Best Couches

Classic pieces are a visual treat to the eyes. If you are a fan of classic timeless items, Vonanda striped couch design will suit your choice.

Vonanda couches are spacious. The striped couch is for two people but four can sit on it. The couch is designed using hardwood making it strong and enduring.


  • Legs are made of metal. This makes the sofa sturdy and long-lasting
  • The look is unique and attractive
  • The sofa is easy to put together
  • Cleaning faux leather is easy


  • Armrests are narrow and thus do not give support or comfort to arms
  • Few customers had a complaint with the color they ordered and received
  • The leather material may not be comfortable during summers

Best Couches #4- Lokatse Home Dark Gray Mordent Sofa

Lokatse Home Dark Gray Mordent Sofa

For lovers of traditional style, this couch is perfect. The sofa is manufactured using 90% fabric and 10% wood. The color is perfect for office spaces. If you want a simple couch for your living room, dark gray proves to be a pretty color.

Invisible stitched lines/ tailored lines add as an additional feature. The rivets attached to the bottom of the armrest give a retro look.


  • Armrests are perfectly designed
  • The seat is thicker and long hours of sitting won’t hurt
  • Leg material is of pine wood


  • The length is short and may not be comfortable for people with long legs
  • Cushions are too firm and not soft
  • The seat is narrow

Best Couches #5- Christopher Knight Charcoal Couch

Christopher Knight Home Resaca Charcoal Couch

Some people love to add aesthetic pieces to their places. One such contemporary and aesthetic item is the Christopher Charcoal couch. The shade of the fabric gives an antique touch.

Through rating, it seems buyers are happy with the couch. This sofa acts as a statement piece to decorate the interiors of your home or office.


  • Cushioned armrests provide the best support to your arms. You can also rest your head on it
  • The legs of the couch are made using Birchwood
  • The backrest has a button-tufted design to make a plush look
  • The finishing of the sofa is gorgeous


  • The material is grainy and so it is hard to clean well
  • Distressed structure does not offer a pleasing look in modern spaces
  • The sofa may take some extra space

Which is the Best Couch for Small Spaces?

Lokatse Home Indoor Modern Couch is our preferred choice. For the price range, it is the best buy. The design looks amazing. This sofa can be used in the office or at home.

Lokatse Home Indoor Modern Couch

Buyer’s Guide for Best Couches for Small Spaces

1. Pick the right size

  • Couches come in various sizes. Common sizes of a couch range from 52 to 80 inches. Some are narrow while some are wide. Narrow couches are uncomfortable to sit on. Wide sofas being spacious provide comfort for long hours.
  • Some sofas are low in height. Their legs are too small and the couch almost touches the ground. Such sofas make floor cleaning difficult. Apart from cleaning, sofas of lower height add discomfort for taller people. Here’s a tip- always measure the height of a couch from its back. It gives you an appropriate measurement.Review
  • Hence, it is necessary to buy a size that fits well in your area and provides relief to anyone who sits/rests. After checking the dimensions you should proceed with buying the sofa.
  • The size also depends on the area of your room. Either your office or living room needs to be measured before you invest in a couch. Note that the couch does not need more than half of the space.

2. Pick the right material

  • From linen to leather, many types of fabrics and materials are used to manufacture a couch. The material type of your sofa should depend on the climate of your city. Leather is not good for hot places. But it benefits the ones who live in cold areas.
  • If you are someone who spends most of their time on the couch then always prefer linen or cotton. Make sure to stay away from grainy material. Such materials are not preferred for sitting for a long time.
  • Polyester and nylon are the materials that are widely used as sofa fabrics. Avoid such materials as they harm the skin.
  • Cleaning the sofa is time-consuming. To save time while cleaning your couch, it is better to invest in a sofa with such materials. Micro-fiber material is kid and pet-friendly.

3. Armrest type

  • A couch is meant to relax your entire body. Thin or narrow armrests end up giving you pain. If the sofa has a thick and wide armrest, you get to relax your arms. Thick armrests support your arms and also save you from shoulder pain.
  • The armrests should not be too hard. Like your back, your arms need some soft base to rest on.
  • There are many other types of armrests. You can see the picture below to understand.Armrest type
  • Buying couches with specific armrest designs depends on the people who are going to use them. If you have children or aged people at home, pleated or padded armrests give safety and comfort.
  • For those who sit on the couch and work on laptops, the best armrests are key or track types.

4. A little more to look for

  • The sofa frame is important. Frames define the overall look of your sofa. If the frame is too big, the couch takes up a lot of space. Sometimes, the frames are too huge but the seat is narrow. Such couches are pain givers.
  • Frames can have attached cushions too. Avoid buying such sofas as cleaning cushions is a task. Detachable cushions give extra space when needed.


Let us accept that a couch can make or break the look of your space. Expensive sofas can hurt your pocket. So, to get a perfect piece on a budget, our choice is to buy Lokatse Home Indoor Modern Couch (Beige). For the best price, get the best design.Want us to help you more? check our buyer’s guide for other items.