5 Best Cashmere Blankets of 2024 (Buyer’s Guide Included)

By Lisa S

Do you know that the Cashmere Blankets provide eight times more warmth than sheep’s wool? These fibers come from goats of Asia’s higher plateaus. Check out the 5 Best Cashmere Blankets that are soft, luxurious, and warm.

The Best Cashmere Blanket- State Cashmere Throw Blanket

I have owned this for about 4 months. I use it as a lap robe at my desk and to date is very satisfactory.

The Softest Blanket- Cuddle Dreams Cashmere Blanket

They’re wonderful to wrap up in on a cold rainy day.

Best Splurge- Handicraft Mart Himalayan Cashmere Blanket

This blanket is positively beautiful. The weight is nice and the length is amazing.

Best Look- Lalifit Cashmere Blanket

A soft blanket, with great fall colors!

Most Cost-Efficient- Bourina Cashmere Blanket

I love this throw blanket so much that I ordered a third one for my sectional couch.

The market consists of various blanket varieties. There are different types of blankets and materials. Sheep wool is a common material for blanket weaving. But because you are searching for a throw blanket, there is no better option than the Cashmere Blankets.

Add these Throw Blankets and amp up your couch with colors and warmth. Get your hands on the best Cashmere Blanket that is warm, comfy, and royal.

Item 1- State Cashmere Throw Blanket

State Cashmere Throw Blanket

Go with the ‘State’ to add a statement to your couch. This Cashmere blanket comes from Inner Mongolia. This place is home to one of the world’s oldest domesticated livestock – the Cashmere Goat.

The overall look, colors, and softness will be a talk between your friends. And that the blanket has come from such a historic place will surely bring you more compliments.

If you are a fan of high-end luxury brands, State Cashmere should be in your cart.


  • The blanket comes in 5 aesthetic colors
  • The quality is long-lasting
  • It is thick and warmer
  • The brand focuses on sustainability. They have a commitment to no blends and excess packaging
  • You can use this Cashmere Blanket from either side


  • Customers find the smell musty and off-putting
  • The edges of the throw blanket are wavy and may unravel

Item 2- Cuddle Dreams Cashmere Blanket

Cuddle Dreams Cashmere Blanket

Want to get cozy in the softest throw blanket ever? Choose the Cashmere throw blanket from Cuddle Dreams. For supreme warmth, the blanket has a blend of fine merino wool. It gives you the coziest feeling ever.

If you are specific about the décor of your bed or sofa, you can surely consider this throw blanket. The texture adds to luxury and color options allow you to follow a color theme.


  • 10 pastel and soft colors are available
  • The blanket is light-weight
  • The throw blanket comes in 2 sizes – 50” W x 73” L and 48” W x 79” L


  • This is a faux Cashmere blanket. It has 75% Cashmere and 25% wool
  • You can only dry clean it
  • The users feel quality needs a little upgrade

Item 3- Handicraft Mart Cashmere Blanket

Handicraft Himalayan Cashmere Blanket

This throw blanket comes from the Himalayan goat Capra Hircus. The blanket has Herringbone print all over it. If you like simple print styles and themes, you may like this one.

This Cashmere throw blanket is soft. But the material is thin and breathable. A hand-made piece with a chic accent definitely is a must-buy.

For those who admire plain and print-less blankets, this may not be perfect for you. If you are a pet owner or have a toddler at home, this blanket might need extra care.


  • The Handicraft Mart blankets are hand-made
  • You can choose from 6 basic colors
  • The throw blanket is comfortable and is good for sensitive skin as well


  • Users say the blanket is not too warm
  • The material has a slight odor
  • It snags easily so it needs extra care

Item 4- Lalifit Cashmere Blanket

Lalifit Cashmere Blanket

This too is a faux Cashmere Blanket. The blanket is a blend of 50% Polyester, 30% Acrylic, and 20% Nylon. But the print is something you cannot miss.

Either for Halloween or for a little touch to plain couches, this printed blanket is worth your money.

If the plaid design is your type, the Lalifit Cashmere Blanket will suit your purpose. Adding such prints to a plain sofa looks classy. It also adds a pop of color to your simple couches.


  • You can wash the blanket in the Washing Machine
  • This is a multi-purpose blanket. You can use it as a scarf and as a throw blanket as well
  • The blanket is anti-pilling
  • The blanket is available in 5 different colors with a checkered print


  • The blanket fiber sheds a lot
  • This throw blanket is thinner than other brand blankets
  • The size of the throw blanket is small

Item 5- Bourina Cashmere Blanket

Bourina Cashmere Blanket

Don’t wish to spend much on a throw blanket? No worries. Get your hands on the Bourina Cashmere Blanket. This lightweight throw blanket but a warmer one.

The blanket material is 100% premium Acrylic with a slight blend of Cashmere. The material is skin-friendly. The colors are subtle and too light.

So, if you want to give a hint of color to the room or couch, this blanket may not fit well.


  • One of the low-priced blankets you can ever have
  • 9 cool colors to select from
  • The brand gives you a 30-day free return for faulty products while other brands do not
  • You can wash it in the machine
  • You can iron the throw blanket on the lowest setting


  • Users say the blanket pills are too fast
  • The customers did not receive the exact colors as shown in the image
  • The size of the blanket is smaller

The Best Cashmere Blanket

If you are looking to buy a 100% original Cashmere Blanket, pick up the State Cashmere Throw Blanket. Cashmere comes directly from the shepherds of Inner Mongolia, so it is a little pricey.

Best Cashmere Blanket

If you want to compromise with originality, you can buy the faux Cashmere Blanket with a woolen blend. Lalifit Cashmere Blanket is a good option for the same. The faux Cashmere blankets are affordable options.

Best Cashmere Blanket Buying Guide

Real VS Faux Cashmere Blanket

  • Real Cashmere – This comes from the High-Plateau Asian Goats. The texture is fine yet strong. The extremely soft material provides proper insulation. In comparison with sheep wool, Cashmere shows luxury. This is perfect for very cold regions.
  • Faux Cashmere– Faux Cashmere is a mixture of types of threads/ fabrics. Cashmere gets a blend of these threads. These threads or fabrics include nylon, cotton, wool, or polyester. The common name for this type of material is synthetic Cashmere.

  • Depending on where you live, you can choose between either of the above. If you are okay with paying a little more but want something luxurious, choose real Cashmere. State Cashmere Throw Blanket has real Cashmere.
  • If you wish to buy something cozy for rainy days, faux Cashmere will comfort you and your pockets.

Pilling and Shedding

  • We need to understand that it is common for sweater/blanket materials to pill or shed. Of course, quality matters. The cheap quality material will start shedding within weeks or months. A good quality throw blanket will shed too but after years of use.

  • There are blankets that start losing threads just after a single wash. Hence, remember that these fabrics need special care and wash techniques.

Type of Wash

  • Delicate fabrics like Cashmere are not machine-friendly. You cannot even wash it with hot water. The throw blankets come with washing advice. You must follow them.
  • Synthetic throw blankets are compatible with machine wash. Synthetic Blankets are better if you are dependent on the machine for the wash.
  • Whenever you wash the blanket material, make sure to use shampoo. Washing detergents are harsh on such fabrics. To be precise, use baby shampoo.
  • Some brands like Cuddle Dreams advise only dry cleaning their Cashmere Throw Blankets. Thus, do not forget to read the label to know about the washing directions.
  • 4 simple steps for easy Cashmere wash –

4 simple steps for easy Cashmere wash

Print and Design

  • Most of the Cashmere blankets are plain but you may find some with prints too.The Handicraft Mart brings forth some exciting prints.
  • These Cashmere Throw Blankets have a texture on them. This adds to the unique look of the throw blanket.

  • Such printed throw blankets do not come in vibrant colors. Hence, this can only add a print detail to your plain couch or bed.
  • To add some color to your home décor, invest in a plain throw blanket. Plain Cashmere Blanket comes in bright colors. Thus, if your décor or couch has dull colors, such throw blankets look cheerful.
  • You will find tassels and fringes in almost all original and faux Cashmere blankets. These fringes enhance the overall look of the throw blanket.


The real Cashmere is very warm and yet cozy. This fabric from the Asian Plateaus is popular for its royalty and fine threads.

There are brands that make faux Cashmere blankets using a blend of various fabrics. These fabrics include wool, polyester, etc.

Want to see more blanket options? Visit our website to read about it.